Who are we?
Openfield is a sponsorship marketing consultancy which focuses on providing strategic expertise on sponsorship matters to key corporates, as well as assisting clients with the implementation of these strategies. This provides an opportunity for brands to engage with consumers in realistic ways that highlight brand values and at the same time provide memorable experiences.

What we do
Sponsorship Property Creation & Management

Creating desirable and sustainable sponsorship properties with the right mix of elements to appeal to audiences / participants as well as to potential sponsors.

Rights Packaging, Sales & Servicing
Understanding what is required to make a sponsorship platform sustainable as well as attractive to potential sponsors. Our services include developing a commercial programme around a marketing asset and packaging and selling rights to relevant brands and then following this up with sponsor servicing.

Strategic Sponsorship Consulting
Helping brands to identify a clear role for sponsorship within their marketing mix and integrating multiple objectives into a coherent, innovative and measurable sponsorship strategy grounded in consumer insights and brand needs and creating the springboard for impactful and positive interactions with target.

Sponsorship Research & Evaluation
We use independent 3rd party research agencies and then convert the data provided by them into actionable and insightful information that drives sponsorship choices and management. We put measures in place to choose the most appropriate sponsorship platforms for brands and accurately monitor a sponsorship's ROO.

Sponsorship Media and PR
Leveraging a sponsorship via PR including media strategy development, negotiating media deals with broadcasters and other media partners to ensure positive exposure for brands, media liaison, launch events, PR exposure measurement.