Whether its strategic marketing, brand and communication development, research, creative design and production or meticulous implementation, add icandiCQ for a fresh, intelligent and creative result.

Why icandiCQ?
Because CQ is the CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE we bring to any marketing, brand or communication challenge. CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE is the ability to combine imaginative, inventive and inspiring thoughts. It's not about thinking outside the box - it's about breaking the box and moulding a new shape so that our creative thinking aligns to your changing business needs.

Our clients feel confident in the hands of an experienced, intelligent and creative agency that cares about the success of their brand, while delivering relevant but challenging marketing solutions.
We have been providing CQ to our clients since 1998 and have a dedicated team with years of experience.

With icandiCQ you get...
  • A team of strategists who craft smart ideas and plans to help you deliver on your business strategy.
  • A team of creatives comprising copywriters, designers (print and web), animators and video producers, who translate these clever ideas into beautiful and effective campaigns that deliver the right message.
  • A team of project managers who make sure these ideas and creative are meticulously implemented on time and within budget.

Add icandiCQ for imaginative innovative inspiration.