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DQ&A Media Group

Since it was founded in 2001, DQ&A Media Group has brought expertise to the online advertising industry by providing Display Engine Marketing services and solutions to Advertisers and Publishers around the globe.

We listen to our clients who constantly look for innovative solutions in this dynamic and rapidly changing online media landscape. We can add hands, tools and brains to our clients' online strategies with our DQ&A Technology and Services division or provide full-service performance-driven marketing with our boutique agency Adsimilis Performance Media.

Two divisions to help our clients, with one single goal: maximum revenue generation.

We deliver performance media and successful display, search, rich media, social media and online video campaigns driven by the most sophisticated technologies and strategies.

DQ&A Media Group has over 100 experts working in its offices worldwide; Cape Town, Milan, Madrid, Hamburg, Sao Paolo, Zurich and its headquarters in the Netherlands.

The DQ&A Media Group includes: DQ&A Technology and Services, Adsimilis Performance Media, admazing AG and AdGibbon.

DQ&A Technology and Services

DQ&A is a Display Engine Marketing Company, passionate about increasing revenues and reducing cost for online publishers and advertisers around the world by using state of the art technologies and over ten years of online marketing expertise.

DQ&A Technology and Services offers solutions designed to continually improve its clients' online marketing performance and competitiveness. Publishers, marketeers and agencies worldwide trust us for creation and management of the most successful campaigns driven by individuals with a love for online advertising.

Adsimilis Performance Media

Through the use of forward thinking technology and a pro-active approach to industry trends and marketing methods, Adsimilis strives to be the target company for advertisers looking to efficiently grow their company through online marketing and publishers looking to maximize their online returns. An ethical business approach, fueled by highly motivated digital marketing experts, will ensure future Adsimilis growth.

Adsimilis Performance Media does not apply any geographical boundaries to its growth, looking into both emerging and developed online markets, with a focus on online economies of scale.


We inspire our clients with all our online advertising products and services being an indispensable partner for advertisers, agencies and publishers. We are passionate about technology enabling our partners to achieve maximum results within their online marketing value chain.


AdGibbon provides a multitude of mobile advertising services most notable the development of Rich Media advertising products, Adserving and Advanced Analytics. We strive to deliver better service and help brands connect with their users through engaging mobile ad formats coupled with an array of advanced targeting capabilities and extensive metric data to improve campaign performance.