'If I had to pick my most memorable and rewarding experience so far, it would have to be our association with Platypus. They deliver the finest product possible.'

- Mekala Krishnaswamy: International Producer

The platypus is extraordinary. It seems to have combined the best bits of many different beasts, resulting in a successful - and rather charming - species.

Platypus is a combination of skilled, talented and creative individuals. As a group, they're obsessed with filmmaking - producing and directing around the world. From television commercials to branded entertainment, live events to mobile clips, they've shot it all.

Over many years, owner-managers Ian Chuter and Stanley Edwards have assembled a flexible, focused team that includes directors, producers, editors, graphic designers and animators. A suite of post-production facilities adds seamlessly to the offering.

There are no egos here. They do what's best for the job.