We are...
a small agency with a big heart...
a young team with loads of experience...
committed to excellence and innovative thinking...
big enough to deliver, small enough to care...
We are more clichés than you can shake a stick at.

So what makes us different?

Etiket isn't just what we call ourselves.
It is who we are and what we do.
We don't cling to conventions and
the "accepted" way of doing things -
we create our own customs in accordance to our clients' needs.

Not only are we constantly looking for
new answers to old questions, we
are looking for pishash answers.

Our services can broadly be classified
into three categories:
  • Investigation & Research
  • Kreativ
  • Execution
IKE is at the core of Etiket and everything we do. (No, really, it's right in
the middle - etIKEt)(Ok, ok, it's a little
off-centre, but so's our approach...
but that doesn't mean our work isn't spot-on)