Business Positioning Systems (BPS) is South Africa's leading location based Media Company. Formed in 2007 to commercialise point of interest data listings on personal navigation devices, the company now has numerous location based media platforms in its armory. Using GPS technology, BPS knows where your customers are, and how to drive them to your locations.

Drive By Media is an innovative location based media platform, developed and launched in South Africa by Business Positioning Systems.

The Drive By platform works on rental GPS devices hired from SA's leading rental car companies. BPS' backend system geo-locates client's locations, and then layers audio and visual content onto the GPS mapping software.

When drivers enter a 300-500m radius of the specific locations, a 15 second 'radio' execution is triggered. Essentially, Drive By Media is location based radio communication that targets the niche traveler market while they're near your business locations.
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Map Embedded POIs
Individuals use their GPS devices or mapping websites (such as Google maps) to find products and services on a daily basis. In fact, it's estimated that by 2015, digital applications will be the primary source of product and service information. Make sure customers find your locations by being embedded in the master mapsets used across all GPS device and online platforms.

BPS verifies, cleans and manages your location data, before inserting the co-ordinates, with rich contact data included, into these digital maps.
Make sure customers find you first!

Location Point Advertising delivers banner adverts on mobile phone applications when the phone user is within a 3km radius of your location. Once the users clicks on the banner they're navigates to a campaign page where the offer is communicated.
LPA lets you to talk to customers when they're near you, allowing for easy take up of offers, coupon redemption, click to call, click to mobi-site and click to navigate options.

Because LPA uses a CPC model, advertisers only pay when their communication works, and BPS' comprehensive reporting ensures your meet your ROI requirements.
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