Nielsen South Africa started operations in 1967, having more than 40 years of experience in the local market. With over 300 full time employees at a national level and 800 in Sub-Saharan Africa, Nielsen is one of the top research companies on the African Continent.
Our Services span Brand Management, Category Management, Sales Management, Consumer Purchasing Dynamics and Strategic Planning.

• Retail Measurement
Retail Measurement Services (RMS) provides continuous tracking of product sales to consumers, based on information gathered at the retail point-of-sale. This includes Retail Key Accounts, Scantrack - measuring brand health and promotional efficiency, Store Observation Services, and micro level store specific data through the 'what's in store' product.

• Consumer Panel
Consumer Panel research tracks the purchasing behavior of consumers in over 175,000 households in 22 countries worldwide, primarily through the use of in-home scanners.

• Customised Research
Our diverse and powerful suite of Customized Research services help clients obtain qualitative and quantitative measures of consumers' attitudes and purchasing behavior, customer satisfaction, brand awareness and equity, advertising effectiveness and other marketing issues.

• Retailer Services
Our services for retailers are designed to help them understand what attracts consumers to their stores. Retailers work with us to evaluate competitive performance, increase traffic and sales, leverage their frequent-shopper data, and build consumer loyalty, improve performance of their private label products and understand their results across all categories they carry.

• Advanced Analytic Consulting
Our Advanced Analytic Consulting Services helps clients address key business issues such as pricing, promotion, marketing mix, assortment and product rationalization, category placement, category structure and in-store, in-market testing.

• Decision Support
We provide clients with a wide range of software tools and delivery methods designed to put the right information on the desks of decision-makers at the moment they need it.

• Nielsen Media Research
Is the global leader in multinational media research and analysis. Active in 40 markets, offering television and radio audience measurement, advertising information services, print readership and customized media research services. In the area of advertising information, Nielsen measures expenditure and creative content in 30 of the world's leading advertising markets.

• Nielsen Online
Delivers comprehensive, independent measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising and video. With high-quality, technology-driven products and services, Nielsen Online enables clients to make informed business decisions regarding their Internet, digital and marketing strategies.

AGB Nielsen South Africa
Since 1989 and the inception of the South African Advertising Research Foundation (SAARF) TAMS® service, AGB Nielsen has been providing the TV ratings in South Africa. During this time the service has moved from a small 400 household panel measuring only a section of the TV viewing population, to a 1650 household panel measuring the entire South African population.

TAM Data
Throughout this period, AGB Nielsen has continued to develop and improve the service by offering 'state-of-the-art' metering solutions together with the best in TAMS® data processing software. This panel conforms to AGB Nielsen 'best practice' producing overnight TV viewing data as well as an independent post transmission broadcast log through the proprietary TV Events system.

AGB Nielsen is a global leader in Television Audience Measurement that dedicates 100% of its resources to the provision of independent, reliable and transparent audience measurement systems. It operates in approximately 40 countries around the world using sophisticated "Peoplemeter" technology and proprietary production software.