On the Dot is the most significant multichannel media logistics company in South Africa.

Our footprint reach includes exports to 58 African countries on a monthly basis. We currently operate from over 30 premises throughout South Africa and one in Windhoek, Namibia. On the Dot enjoys a customer base of over 200 outsourced partnerships ranging from large to small publishers and media owners.

We take care of more than 59% of all magazine distribution; 36% of newspaper distribution; almost 21% of book distribution; a growing share of consumer electronic products; and over 50% of leaflet distribution in South Africa. Plus we still have capacity to grow.

Our subscription management expertise service around 35 million magazine and newspaper subscription deliveries per year. On the Dot distribute around 65 million pamphlets and 7 million community newspapers per month. On the Dot is also involved in the logistics of consumer electronic products which complement the content creation industry as media consumption devices.

On the Dot delivers products to 22 000 outlets, 6 000 bookshops, distributors, educational departments, and millions of home addresses per year - just to mention some of the distribution markets we service.

We continue to enjoy a substantial share of the market.
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