Columinate is South Africa's specialist online marketing research company. By uniting collaboration and illumination, the company's boutique research offering gives clients the opportunity to utilize innovative research approaches and gain from fast, cost-effective, superior insights. Our research offering includes full service online qualitative and quantitative marketing research, including innovative Research 2.0 techniques designed to deliver insight.

Columinate pioneered the use of online research communities for consumer and employee research in South Africa and we continue to be the leading provider of the service in the country.

Our quantitative research offering includes online and panel surveys that offer a quick and cost-effective way to solicit quantitative feedback from consumers or employees compared to face-to-face or telephonic research. For quick turnaround times panel surveys allow you to gain insights from our panel of pre-profiled consumers, which is representative of the country's online population, both quickly and cost-effectively.

Our website research offering allows clients to understand how and why online traffic has increased or decreased; what the obstacles are for customers making online purchases; how effective a site is overall; how the website adds or detracts from your brand and how your site's effectiveness can be optimised. Our flagship offering in this regard is SITEisfaction, our website satisfaction model.