Moving Ads South Africa (Pty) Ltd

"Get it out there"


To build brands by offering them a platform to break through media clutter!

Moving Ads South Africa MASA (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned proudly South African company; Registered in 2002, Moving Ads is looking to leave a lasting impression with its unique medium of advertising and dedicated service. In today's volatile media world, Moving Ads through sheer innovation has found a niche that will offer brands a platform to cut through clutter.

The background

Introduced in the French city of Brest, mobile ads concept spread swiftly throughout France and Europe and is today vividly present in 37 countries worldwide. Countries where this means of advertising has been successfully modeled include the United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, Kuwait, and now more recently South Africa. This unmatched concept has received a number of global accolades including the Silver Medal at the 25th International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, Switzerland.

Media concept

As seen around the world, this novel media concept can be summed up in the following words, ‘Outdoor Media Portal'. Marketing communication is conveyed to the target audience through modified Iveco trucks that are fully branded with advertising and promotional messages. The uniqueness of these trucks is found in the three poster image display screens, two at the sides and one at the rear of the trucks. Cutting edge technology then allows for the screens to simultaneously display images, which are programmed into a slide show that displays different images while the truck is moving, and when stationary.

Media offering

Moving Ads South Africa (Pty) Ltd brings this unique advertising media tool to the South African market. Our product offering is simple; we offer a media vehicle that is guaranteed to take any advertising campaign to a new dimension of effectiveness whether as a primary medium or complimentary.

Our fleet of branded trucks carries visual and non-visual messages to any target locations, however remote. And in order to maximize exposure to high traffic volumes of motorists and pedestrians, the trucks are on the road by 6.30am to finish routes at 19.30pm (albeit special arrangements can be made to alter the schedule of the trucks where necessary). In addition, our trucks employ backlight technology that allows total visibility of adverts during periods of darkness or inclement weather.

Each of the three display screens hold as many as 5-poster images (1.9m x 1.2m for the rear window and 2.5m x 1.9m for side windows) - with image slides set at 15-second intervals.

Message display

Number of image display windows per truck 3
Number of poster images per display window 5
Total number of images displayable per truck 15

Given that image slides are set at 15-second intervals, 15 images are displayed and seen by consumers every 1 minute 15 seconds

Total number of times that all images displayable per day 558
That is, the numbers of times that all the images go full circle in a 13 hour day (780 min divided by 1 min 15 seconds)


Moving Ads trucks are slick multi-utility trucks that can be used for various promotional activities:

• Three-sided mobile billboard

• Transit media

• Events, field and Promotional marketing tool

• Branded Mobile Showroom - experiential marketing

• Distribution centre

• Brand Activation instruments

Besides being used as a traditional outdoor medium, trucks can also be turned into showrooms and Events' vehicles. They offer ample storage space and a window ‘showroom' effect through transparent display screens.


Our circuits are carefully planned and researched in order to reach a relevant target audience. Special arrangements can be made to modify truck routes so to reach a specific audience - as per client's request and/or our recommendation.


We offer competitive packages that are relative to industry rates. Our outstanding medium enables marketers to diversify product messages with a cost-effective media tool that yields phenomenal results.


Moving Ads has enjoyed harmonious working relationships with myriad blue chip clients since entering into the market. Thus far, we have delivered for Multichoice Africa, KFC, Parmalett, SABMiller, Samsung and the Council of Geosciences.

Our clientele varies from small to big brands, ATL to BTL; mainstream advertising to brand activation - as well as eventing.

All our clients have renewed contracts with us when campaigns ended - something that testifies of the effectiveness of the medium as well as a sterling culture of excellence that has become synonymous with Moving Ads.