Trudon (Pty) Ltd (formerly known as TDS Directory Operations (Pty) Ltd) is the market leading company in local commercial search in Southern Africa.

It has local and international share-holding. Trudon is the owner and publisher of the Yellow Pages, the Phone Book, Trudon Mobile, Leisure Pages and the operator assisted 10-11-8 business enquiries. The information is also published online at

We have added the following products: Trudon Portal, based based at The main purpose of this portal is to be the information portal for users to conduct federated searches which will bring back results from multiple portals and sites; Trudon Scholar will be based at and will be aimed at individuals who need the facility for learning or enhancing their knowledge; and Trudon Wiki which is based at This portal will offer the user the ability to conduct quick Wikipedia type searches and will also categorise the information for the user and list any famous people and other useful information related to the search.