Striata is a global eDocuments, eBilling and eMarketing software application developer and services specialist.

Striata's Secure eDocument Delivery and Email Bill Presentment & Payment (EBPP) are solution sets that deliver an enhanced customer experience, rapid reduction in operational costs and quicker payments.

Striata revolutionizes the way bills, statements, policies, collection notices, letters, paystubs and other high volume system-generated documents are delivered and paid. Registration requirements are eliminated by emailing feature rich, interactive, encrypted documents directly to the inbox and enabling innovative 1-click electronic payment from within the document itself.

Direct email delivery of bills and statements dramatically increases customer adoption of electronic documents, paper turn off and ePayments. This enables Striata's clients to achieve rapid ROI; complement their existing self-service and e-communication strategies; significantly reduce paper output and to meet their carbon footprint/environmental impact targets.

Striata's eMarketing platform provides a comprehensive solution for the creation and distribution of customized electronic marketing campaigns. Backed by more than a decade of expertise in digital marketing, our eMarketing solutions combine multi-medium electronic messaging capability with proprietary customer profiling technology to enable targeted delivery, high response rates and advanced customer insight reporting.

As a leading international provider of electronic messaging since 1999 with more than 200 blue chip customers, Striata has operations in New York, London, Sydney, Hong Kong, Johannesburg and partners in North, Central & South America, Europe and across Asia Pacific.

Our solution

Whether you need to distribute confidential customer information, send invoices, accept electronic payment, personalise electronic marketing or respond electronically to customer queries, Striata has the skills, solutions and experience required to enable you to develop effective electronic relationships.

Striata combines superior electronic messaging capabilities with advanced email deliverability services and dedicated account specialists with the aim of maximising client revenues, improving brand awareness, optimising business efficiencies and providing you with a rapid, measurable return on investment.

Our products

The Striata eBilling Suite - Provides secure Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP); enables delivery of encrypted feature-rich PDF or HTML documents directly into the recipient's email inbox.

The Striata eMarketing Suite - Enables companies to deliver and track targeted, profiled, two-way marketing messages across a range of electronic communication channels such as email, text messaging (SMS) and the web.

The Striata eContact Suite - Handles inbound messages to drive consistent, intelligent interactions between a company and its customers across multiple channels including email, SMS and fax centre.

In support of our products, Striata offers a full range of professional services including: project management, data conversion, email address acquisition, customer service support, training and consulting services.