What we're serving up…
While gourmet, speciality coffees are what's on the menu when our mobile coffee service rolls in to a venue, it's the Grind Mobile Coffee Experience which will have you coming back for more.

Our fully mobile, stylish coffee bars, manned by professional baristas trained in the art of coffee making, are becoming a feature at events ranging from business breakfasts to launches, road shows and expos.

The Grind baristas turn a simple order for coffee into an educating and exciting experience, as they chat with guests, teaching them a little more about coffee choices, and tempting them to try something new.

There's a real energy behind the bar, creating a good buzz at an event. And, of course, the Grind baristas make a rocking cup of coffee!

…is more than just coffee.
So there's the superb coffee, menu options to suit any event, the vibe, the buzz, the funky baristas, the unique coffee experience. But Grind is about so much more than that. A Grind mobile coffee experience is also a branding opportunity.

It's a brand builder…
Our mobile coffee bars offer impactful branding opportunities, and are individually customised for each client. Put your brand on our front and back bars, baristas' clothing, and customisable menu boards, to get a dominant presence at any event.

Even more impactful are the brandable “java jackets”, which fit around our cups. We put your brand in their hand, spreading your coverage throughout the event.

And since a Grind coffee experience is so positive and memorable, your brand benefits through association.

…and an ice-breaker.
Great for the palate, great for your brand, and also great for breaking the ice. A Grind coffee bar is a point of engagement, where brand representatives can interact with guests and delegates. A Grind coffee bar also gives guests a comfortable and sociable environment for networking.

So whether you simply need an efficient, high quality and professional coffee service, or a fully branded coffee experience, you'll find the Grind mobile coffee experience is the perfect way to add a buzz to your event.