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NIGHTJAR'S DESTINATION GUIDE Nightjar Travel is an online destination guide that lists almost 1800 things to do and places to go to in South Africa. We cover:

  • Destination towns.
  • Tourist regions.
  • Game and nature reserves.
  • Tourist attractions including shopping, entertainment, art and craft, food and wine, museums, places of historic interest, places of worship and more.
  • Outdoor activities including day walks, trail running, mountain biking, fly fishing, paddling, scuba diving, 4x4 trails, rock climbing and more.

NIGHTJAR'S TRAVEL MAGAZINE Nightjar's travel magazine offers readers a dozen or more travel articles each month as well as an image gallery. In addition to posting our own travel articles, we have persuaded some of the country's top travel and leisure magazines to post monthly articles on our "Magazine Rack". ACCOMMODATION - THE THIRD COMPONENT We are currently working on an accommodation module for Nightjar. The concept is that the magazine will ensure a base of regular readers and the destination listings will act as "magnets" to draw people to specific places. Having an accommodation section will mean that readers will not have to bounce to other sites to plan their accommodation, but will be able to complete their planning on the same site. In essence the three components will be mutually re-enforcing.