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Frieze Films is a South African production company, representing commercials directors Tony Baggott, Malo 8, Rob Malpage, Ian Mason and Jonty Fine. We also facilitate international productions within South Africa and into Africa.

Director Tony's original passion was photography. He studied film at the Royal College of Art in London and then moved to Hollywood where he worked in various technical camera capacities on many feature films. His route to directing commercials was through camerawork, working his way through the camera team to become a camera operator in Los Angeles. Family commitments took him to Johannesburg where he moved on to become one of theSouth Africa's premier cameramen. He has shot more than 300 commercials in a 15 year career as director and won numerous awards in his own country and internationally, including a Grand Prix at the New York Festival and a Gold, Silver and 2 Bronze Lions at Cannes. The latest was a Bronze at Cannes for a cinema commercial for Audi. Tony enjoys performance directing and his work could be described as 'Performance with a strong look'. His performance direction brings believable characters to the screen, while at the same time satisfying the demands of succinct storytelling that commercials require. He places great importance on how the viewer relates to the tone of his work. Tony has worked with the premier South African agencies on car commercials and big brands and is a firm favourite with the top creative directors. In addition, Tony has worked all over the worldfrom Europe to Asia and the Middle East and he enjoys the challenge of working in foreign countries and climates. Frieze Films, the production company that he co-founded in 1998, has a roster of 5 directors.

MALO 8: Director
Production house Frieze Films has represented the highly acclaimed Soweto-born television and film director, Malo 8, since 2008. In this time a strong commercials career has developed for Malo who is shooting both locally and internationally. Malo has built up a reputation as a strong performance director and his range accommodates humour as well as a deft hand at more emotional pieces. His visual authenticity completes the package. His clients include all the major agencies across South Africa, Europe & Africa. Malo is very active in the art community with a passion for purchasing as well as owning a stake in a local gallery. With this prolific activity in the South African filmmaking and cultural landscape, Malo has a unique voice that is recognised by both agencies and clients. He is a valuable creative and strategic asset.

IAN MASON: Director
Ian was born and educated in Johannesburg, South Africa. After studying GraphicDesign and Photography he embarked on a successful career in advertising spanning some fifteen years. Ian worked for several of South Africa's top agencies and received many advertising awards, both locally and internationally, including a Loerie Grand Prix. Fulfilling his enduring ambition to work in film, Ian enjoyed immediate success as a director, winning a Campaign Gold Award at the New York Festival with his debut commercials. Ian's work has a distinctive visual quality and he is also recognized as a strong performance director and integration of concept. Moving to Frieze Films as an established director, he is ready to extend his range and reel with new challenges. Home is Cape Town, on the doorstep of South Africa's coolest film industry. Internationally, he has worked extensively throughout his home continent as well as in the Middle East.

JONTY FINE: Director
2011 silver Cannes winner Jonty Fine studied cinematography at AFDA and then became an editor for 2 years before starting his career in directing. Jonty has an interest in edgy, post driven commercials. His vision is to strike the fine balance between the visual effect and the emotional content. His experience as an editor and directing commercials with extensive post techniques has created a unique body of work. The best word to describe Jonty is adaptable. Idea is king and the direction supports it. Based in LA now, Jonty commutes between Johannesburg & LA.

Shooting for Africa Over the past ten years Frieze Films has focused on growing its reach into Africa. Our director talent has shot many commercials for the continent and Frieze has also extensively serviced commercials for Africa. A key understanding of locations, art department, wardrobe and cultural nuance has been developed through this experience. Shooting for Africa in South Africa is a viable and positive solution for clients looking to create commercials or content for African regions. South Africa has vast casting and versatile locations as well as the benefit of an established and thriving film industry. Johannesburg, where Frieze has its head office, is a particularly strong choice to base Africanwork from.

Production Services
Frieze Films provides a full service division for international clients. Over the past 10 years Frieze has offered service to international production companies as well as working with agencies using local or international directing talent. We offer a high level of production value streamlined to creative results. Ourexperience is based in long standing crew relationships, a full understanding of the local film system and fast and astute bidding. South Africa is a popular shooting destination thanks to film friendly cities, a vast selection of locations and competitive rates on cast. Frieze is a member of the Commercial Producers Association of South Africa and as such upholds the values of a sustainable production offering while staying competitive. Our portfolio includes large-scale technical productions to cast heavy performances pieces. Our producers are skilled in artist contract negotiation and will manage the process with a 360 degree perspective.