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Is your organisation's content inconsistent, badly written, or just plain wrong? Using our experience in content strategy, plain language and simplified communications, Simplified can help your organisation to get to grips with the issues, and develop concrete strategies to get your content back on track. 13 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Although more than five large organisations have asked Simplified to certify thousands of documents as plain language, so far Simplified has awarded its plain-language stamp to only a handful. 2 Nov 2011 Read more >>

South African plain language training and consulting firm Simplified and Lisbon-based Português Claro have teamed up to create a set of plain Portuguese consulting and training services for companies operating in Mozambique and Angola. 12 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Plain language company, Simplified, is sponsoring a competition for bloggers. The winning blog post will be the one that best educates South Africans about their right to understand and inspires consumers to demand their right to plain language from the companies they deal with. 7 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Much has been made of the new plain-language requirements of the Consumer Protection Act, National Credit Act, Companies Act, and other laws and regulations. However, we have not yet seen any rulings on cases specifically involving plain language. It remains to be seen whether these laws will have the desired effect of empowering ordinary South African consumers and citizens to understand the information that businesses and Government give to them. 4 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Over 3 000 South African professionals have learnt how to write in plain language by attending a Simplified course. 24 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Strategic companies are focusing on plain language, not only as part of complying with the Consumer Protection Act, but also as core to their Treat Customers Fairly programmes. 16 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Or is it the News of the World's demise that was so shocking? This is just one example of how poor grammar and spelling can change meaning and make your documents imprecise and confusing. 25 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Telecoms companies in South Africa must write contracts that comply with the Consumer Protection Act, according to a Fin24 article that appeared on 18 July. Essential to compliance is plain language. 18 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Do you know your affect from your effect, your practice from your practise and your that from your which? Inquisitive about it's versus its? Have you had it with choosing between having and have? Does tense make you tense? Do you know if a preposition is something you can end a sentence with? 15 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Organisations are scrambling to rewrite their documents in plain language so that they can meet the plain-language requirements of various laws, including the Consumer Protection Act, National Credit act and Treating Customers Fairly Roadmap. 14 Jul 2011 Read more >>

New laws mean that consumers have the right to plain language in many financial and legal documents. Of particular importance are these laws and regulations: 5 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Here are three objections to plain language that I've come across in marketing departments. I'll give a response to each one. 10 May 2010 Read more >>

A two-day workshop on 12 and 13 May will give you the skills you need to write documents in plain language, according to the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act and other relevant legislation. 7 May 2010 Read more >>

Marketers will find a useful guide to the new Consumer Protection Act in a new book by Neville Melville, a consumer law specialist and a past Ombud for Banking Services. 14 Apr 2010 Read more >>

A lot happened in the plain language world in March; this article summarises important events, including a new plain language law in the US and interesting court rulings back home. There are more guides to the Consumer Protection Act available, including a new book by Advocate Neville Melville. Simplified also launched a plain language certification system to help companies to comply with plain language requirements. 8 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Banks, insurance companies first in line to apply for plain language stamps - SimplifiedNew plain language requirements outlined in laws such as the Consumer Protection Act demand that almost every document companies provide to consumers must written be in plain language. According to South Africa's only dedicated plain language company, Simplified, South African banks and insurance companies are among the first to express interest in plain language certification for their documents. 7 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Plain language certification stamp to launch - SimplifiedPlain language consulting and training firm, Simplified, has launched a ‘seal of approval' for documents that comply with new plain language laws in South Africa. 5 Mar 2010 Read more >>

Frances Gordon and Candice Burt, founding partners at plain language training and consulting firm, Simplified, presented papers and seminars at the plain language conference held in Sydney, Australia, in October 2009. 5 Nov 2009 Read more >>

Plain-language consulting and training firm, Simplified, has launched an online grammar training course designed for South African organisations that want to improve business writing skills among their employees. 3 Sep 2009 Read more >>

A recent legal dispute between US financial guru, Suze Orman, and the family of a consumer who bought a long-term insurance policy from her company highlights the pitfalls of financial services companies producing two sets of documents for their customers: legally binding contracts and user-friendly marketing documents. 12 Jun 2009 Read more >>

South African plain-language consulting and training firm, Simplified, has launched its simplified communications course in Portugal in partnership with Português Claro. 26 May 2009 Read more >>

South African businesses still have time to align themselves with the plain language provisions of the new Consumer Protection Act before the law comes into full effect, but should act now to avoid a last-minute rush in 2010. 26 May 2009 Read more >>

Earlier this year, Facebook was rocked by controversy when it tried to change its terms of use without sending its users as much as an online alert. Users were expected to accept the important changes without even having read them. 5 May 2009 Read more >>

Leading business writing consultancy, Simplified, is discounting its April workshops to fast-track your staff to writing effectively. 15 Apr 2009 Read more >>

Simplified partner and plain-language expert, Frances Gordon, lists eight success factors for plain-language programmes: 20 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Simplified, a plain language consulting and training firm, has launched a 'trust gap' audit service. The audit measures the gap between what companies promise in their pre-sale documents and what they deliver in their post-sale documents. 10 Mar 2009 Read more >>

South African banks are coming under increasing pressure to communicate with their customers using documents that are transparent, easy to understand and free from jargon and 'small print'. That's according to Simplified, a Johannesburg-based plain-language training and consultancy firm. 5 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Plain language consulting and training firm, Simplified, has helped equip Allan Gray staff with the plain English skills necessary to make the investment firm's documents and communications more accessible to its investors. 27 Feb 2009 Read more >>

South African telecom service providers and operators should look at embracing plain language in their functional documents - including pre-sales, post-sales and contracts - as a means both of improving their relationships with their subscribers, and building their brands. 28 Jul 2008 Read more >>

The Consumer Protection Bill is expected to change what most South African companies say to their customers and the way they say it. It obliges companies to communicate with consumers in a way that is fair and easy to understand. 20 May 2008 Read more >>

Companies that want to drive the maximum benefit from their plain language programmes must conduct user testing to ensure that their documents meet the goal of presenting information in a way that the intended readers will find easy to understand. 17 Jan 2008 Read more >>

The National Credit Act (NCA) is a recent addition to the arsenal of increasingly protectionist legislation in South Africa. By regulating the credit industry, this Act aims to ensure that consumers do not fall prey to unscrupulous moneylenders. 7 Jan 2008 Read more >>

A lack of objective standards for plain language poses challenges for South African companies who are driving plain-language programmes to meet the demands of new laws and regulations. 9 Oct 2007 Read more >>

South African companies may be missing out on the benefits of plain language. This is according to Frances Gordon, a partner at plain-language consulting and training company, Simplified. Gordon was speaking at the Education and Simplification of Complex Financial Products conference held at the Park Hyatt last week. 3 Jul 2007 Read more >>

New and pending legislation such as the National Credit Act (NCA) and the Consumer Protection Bill (CPB) has set out obligations for South African businesses to produce their customer documents in plain language. The new legislation aims to stamp out unfair consumer practices and signals the beginning of a new era of consumer protection in South Africa, says Candice Burt, a founding partner of plain language consulting and training company, Simplified. 21 Jun 2007 Read more >>

South African financial services companies are legally obliged to communicate with their customers using documents that are transparent, easy to understand and free from jargon and ‘small print'. That's according to Candice Burt, a partner at plain language consulting and training firm, Simplified. 15 Jun 2007 Read more >>

This May, Simplified opens its business-writing programme to individuals, so a wider group of people can access the advantages of the Simplified approach. Until now, the highly acclaimed course has been available exclusively to those in large organisations. 17 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Marketing and legal departments in financial services firms need to work closely together to produce documents that meet the plain language demands of new and pending legislation such as the National Credit Act and the Consumer Bill. That's according to Frances Gordon, a partner at plain language training and consulting firm, Simplified. 2 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Simplified, a plain language training and consulting firm, has developed a set of objective criteria that companies can use to benchmark the readability of their documents. 23 Feb 2007 Read more >>

From May 2007, Simplified will offer its business writing courses to the public. In the past two years, Simplified has run in-house courses for over 500 people in leading companies such as Liberty, Discovery, Deutsche Bank and Bond Exchange of South Africa. Over 90% of delegates rated the Simplified writing course five out of five for usefulness and relevance. 20 Feb 2007 Read more >>

Training and consulting firm, Simplified, has completed more than 100 plain language training courses for more than 1000 people working at some of South Africa's largest companies. The company has found strong demand for business writing training in a market where organisations are adopting plain language principles to enhance their brands, as well as ensure compliance with legislation.  13 Oct 2006 Read more >>

Do your customers read the letters, bills and contracts you send them? The newly-launched consulting and training firm, Simplified, helps organisations to create documents that are read, understood and acted on - and that serve as brand-building tools. Simplified communications is a new concept in South Africa, particularly relevant to financial services and technology brands. 10 Jul 2006 Read more >>