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We create, refresh and invigorate brands. We believe that original, conceptual and inspiring ideas, which are well executed and relevant, will always create value. What the world needs are brands that really mean something.
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#HopeJoanna, 'When we have hope, we have everything'We are pleased to announce the launch of #HopeJoanna, a social movement that taps into and reflects the renewed sense of hope and optimism amongst South Africans. Hope Joanna draws on the historic song by Eddy Grant to tell the story of how South Africans know how to face tough odds and come out triumphant. 30 Apr 2018 Read more

Grid Worldwide - How to trade in culture currencyIf you are wondering what the term 'culture currency' means, it is a tangible manifestation of cultural appeal or of the vast return on investment a company gets when it understands that culture is indeed currency. 12 Apr 2018 Read more

Grid drives brand culture with G in CultureIt's noisy out there. So much happening, in such a huge world; so much news, information, data, content, always on, 24/7. So much stuff fighting for our attention, every second, every minute, every hour, of every day... And that's without the ad breaks. 19 Mar 2018 Read more

Grid Worldwide at the Design Indaba 2018The world does not need another brand - it is for this reason that Grid Worldwide; South Africa's top ranked brand specialist agency continues to find value in attending the Design Indaba that has been in the agency activity calendar for 10 years. The forum is an all-round inspirational space that gives a perspective on the design and overall creative economy and how it can disrupt normal ways of doing things to change the world for the better. 19 Feb 2018 Read more

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