Mitigate Millennial mishapsIn the face of post-demographic consumerism, advertising agencies have invested heavily in research and focus groups to ensure they deliver brand strategies that hit the mark and meet briefs from clients. Supporting brand disciplines have done the same and it was only last year that it became evident which brands had included tactical campaigns to communicate directly with the Millennial market. And as the number of big brands that are embracing post-demographic consumerism increase, we ask the question – should your PR agency be embracing this shift in consumerism? 1 Feb 2017 Read more >>

SMMEs get access to sought-after brand counselSMME entrepreneurial ecosystems in South Africa offer a diverse range of support services for the SMME sector, but the one service that has historically been lacking is much needed and sought-after brand counsel. This has seen many new entrepreneurs turn to the internet in the hope of finding the clues to navigate the brand-building gauntlet to grow their businesses. But very few have had success with this approach. Now for the first time, SMME entrepreneurs have access to a team of brand experts that can advise and support them on their venture and assist taking their businesses to the next level. 8 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Innovation for a post-demographic age of consumerismThe shift from traditional to post-demographic consumerism turns old ideas of consumption patterns on their head so that age, gender, location, income and family status now make way for individual expression and interest-based segments. This very shift has many marketers looking at their agencies for answers and solutions. 24 Oct 2016 Read more >>