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The Newsroom rolls out self-service ad platform for South AfricaThe Newsroom, South Africa's leading native ad platform, opens up the self-service option for any small or medium business looking to advertise, on a pay-per-click basis. 20 Apr 2017 Read more

The Newsroom enters partnership with Independent Media's leading digital platform, IOLThe Newsroom, South Africa's leading native ad marketplace, announces the partnership with Independent Media's leading digital platform, IOL. The agreement allows IOL to bring forward the best-in-class infrastructure for native advertising, audience and content management via an established distribution platform in South Africa. 6 Mar 2017 Read more

The Newsroom launches Amplify - helping brands use the value of their earned mediaThe Newsroom, a global digital experience delivery platform, announces today the launch of NWS Amplify in South Africa, a product that allows brands and advertisers to extend the readership of their earned media - such as positive reviews, user videos or press mentions. 15 Feb 2017 Read more

The Newsroom begins demand operations in South Africa on Native AdvertisingThe Newsroom, South Africa's first Native Ad Marketplace, announces today the start of its demand operations in the market, along with premium publishing partners. 13 Oct 2016 Read more

Help get publishers off the Kool-Aid: Q&A with Mihai Fanache, CEO, ChargeAds.comContent recommendations across the web suffer from a bad reputation. A quick glance across popular publisher sites sees users bombarded with content recommendations ranging from 'Shopping Tricks That Retailers Don't Want You to Find Out About' to '50 Celebrities with Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong'. How can publishers regain control of the content recommendations that appear on their web properties? ExchangeWire speaks with Mihai Fanache (pictured below), founder and CEO,, about how we got ourselves into this situation, and their launch of The Newsroom, a platform to allow publishers to leverage their best content and reduce the quantity of sub-quality content that spans the web. 4 May 2016 Read more

Chargeads introduces programmatic journalism to South AfricaChargeads announces the launch of The Newsroom, the world's first programmatic journalism platform designed to enrich the content journey of millions of users around the web. The Newsroom allows publishers to build an unified view of the data, display, editorial and content recommendations inventory across all properties and devices. 14 Apr 2016 Read more

We are The NewsroomThe future of programmatic trading, today. 19 Feb 2016 Read more