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Recruitment Advertising Agency of the Year 2016The AMARAs were introduced by the Times Media Group seven years ago on the foundation of the 25-year-old Sunday Times Careers awards to give talented teams in the recruitment industry recognition for their ongoing commitment to finding the perfect match between employer and employee for companies across the board. 22 Nov 2016 Read More

Keeping your career alive in an economic downturnHow do you keep your career alive and well in an economy experiencing tough times? How do you keep your job when people all about you are losing theirs? 24 Oct 2016 Read More

Taking local government to the top in talent resourcingThe August elections have come and gone. Various local government institutions have learnt that the public has a powerful voice - and certainly used it during these elections to make their feelings clear on the need for greater efficiency in service delivery and good governance. 7 Oct 2016 Read More

'Fees Must Fall' campaign: Consequences for the job market"The nostalgic idea of college as an idealized place really has suffered a huge blow because of student debt." ~ Andrew Rossi, maker of the film 'Ivory Tower'. 14 Jul 2016 Read More

Infographics in recruitment advertising: just picture itSeen as the preferred way to receive information, pictures are now everywhere on social media. This is not surprising because there is so much information bandied about on so many platforms that few people have the time to plod through traditional paragraph, line and fullstop. Instead of reading we are given the message in either pictures or coloured blocks of information - or a combination thereof. 13 Jul 2016 Read More

Employer branding: Are you doing it right?Employer branding is the way a company sets out to identify itself as an employer of choice. In competing for top talent, a company needs to not only prove itself notable in its field, but also as a place where talented employees will be valued, nurtured and rewarded. A good employer brand can significantly impact on respondents to recruitment advertising, notably improving your choice of talent. Niche skills are in high demand in competitive sectors and the ability to attract and retain the right talent to successfully drive your business is vital. 20 Jun 2016 Read More

How to create brand advocates with through-the-line advertisingIn the olden days (you know - like ten years ago) advertising was neatly divided into two areas: above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL). The former consisted of television, cinema, radio and print. The latter revolved around direct mail, emails, banner, point-of-sale, leaflets, samples, competitions, telemarketing, etc. If you decided to advertise across the spectrum, you would be going through the divide from top to bottom, so to speak, which we call (with some imaginative verve) through-the-line advertising (TTL). 9 Feb 2016 Read More

Ayanda Mbanga Communications appoints Heleen Lottering to the helm of its Recruitment Advertising businessHeleen Lottering, GM for Ayanda Mbanga Communications Cape Town since 2010, has sat in the driver's seat of many successful print media specialist agencies in South Africa. This, coupled with her passion and commitment plus decades of experience made her recent appointment (effective 1 October 2015) a natural next step for the continued growth of the agency. 7 Oct 2015 Read More

Ethics in business: It's not that difficult"Though providing strong returns for our shareholders remains our prime objective, we do not believe that these can or should be achieved at the expense of social, environmental and moral considerations. Indeed, a long-term business such as ours will only thrive if it also takes into account the needs of other stakeholders such as governments, employees, suppliers, communities and customers." ~ Anglo American 29 Sep 2015 Read More

Rise of the female entrepreneur - vive la difference!"I'd be hard-pressed - and reluctant - to stop this snowball from reaching warp speed."
~ Zoe Barry, Founder and CEO of the Digital Health Startup, ZappRx.
 25 Aug 2015 Read More

Brands versus Lovemarks: Love in the time of loyalty wars"I'm convinced that the spirit of this new millennium is shifting us from consumption powered by transactions and information to emotional connections created by relationships."
~ Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi
 20 Jul 2015 Read More

Corporate identity: Your logo is not your brandNo logo is designed without an enormous amount of thought and creative purpose. It reduces everything about your company into one vital visual, your name. Or in some instances, merely a symbol. And, naturally, it needs to be designed in a way that will make it unique and memorable. 21 May 2015 Read More

Style, in a class of its own"Fashions fade, style is eternal." Yves Saint Laurent 27 Mar 2015 Read More

Career/business evolution: A matter of survival"There's no such thing as a second career, we only have evolving careers."
~ James Marshall Reilly, author of Shake the World: It's Not About Finding a Job, It's About Creating a Life.
 5 Mar 2015 Read More

Recruitment Industry Awards 2014The annual Times Media Recruitment Awards (the AMARAs) recognise the vital role of human resource management on businesses in South Africa, celebrating the individuals and teams that make up the recruitment industry. Since 1999, with the inception of these awards, Ayanda Mbanga Communications (AMComms) has walked away with several of the titles. 28 Nov 2014 Read More

Employer branding: The Miranda Priestly wayI recently had the indulgent pleasure of watching the replay of one of my favorite movies of all time, The Devil Wears Prada - featuring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Other than marveling at the beautiful clothes and attractive people, I'm always fascinated by how the characters in the movie are committed to the seemingly oppressive operating culture at Runway Magazine, as depicted in the movie. 20 Nov 2014 Read More

Three key insights into what makes a top employerI've managed the Top Employers Africa business for six years, and for the past two years had the privilege of managing the Top Employers Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg) operation too. In that time I've had the pleasure of working with leading HR and talent management executives and been privy to some of the most progressive HR policies and practices in the world. 22 Jul 2014 Read More

Recruitment advertising (in the digital age)As a niche communications company in the human resources arena, we are constantly consulting with our clients on the best way to create and communicate engaging internal and external collateral that not only speaks to the calibre of talent they want to employ, but also introduces and boosts their employer brand in the public space. 18 Jul 2014 Read More

Learning to dance on a moving carpetIt's totally unbelievable that Ayanda Mbanga Communications is still here. 15 years ago we took the brave step of opening our doors to a whole new world of doing things for ourselves. This was the brave new world of entrepreneurship. We were armed with enormous amounts of energy and a can-do attitude, all fuelled by the recent changes in the political landscape in South Africa. 18 Jul 2014 Read More


Taking Local Government to the Top in Talent Resourcing

At Ayanda Mbanga Communications we have worked closely with several local governments across South Africa since 1998.

We understand the subtle and powerful mix of cost efficiency, clear communication and creativity. In fact, we know this better than anybody – our various awards and substantial track record attest to this.

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