Business strategy and dataOnce the data has been captured, what do we do with it? Luckily, there are some very handy tools to assist with this dilemma. 18 Jan 2017 Read more >>

It's easier to keep up than to catch upGood, bad or indifferent, if you are not investing in new technology, you are going to be left behind. - Philip Green 5 Dec 2016 Read more >>

What is 'transparency in business'?"Transparency in business" is a phrase that is becoming more and more common under managers, owners, and leaders. But, what does all of this actually mean? 28 Oct 2016 Read more >>

The new kid on the block: Sales MobilityMost sales managers dream of a more effective and efficient sales team. Luckily, every now and then a new tool surfaces that has the ability to nudge that team further in the right direction. 14 Jun 2016 Read more >>

APS Studex gets buzzingThe Honeybee-Studex partnership has yielded great results and both companies are very excited about a future of doing business together. See how Honeybee is helping improve APS Studex operations. 29 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Super sweet salesIn a recent case study, Sweets Galore announced a 50% increase in their sales turnaround time with the help of the Honeybee Sales Mobility System! 15 Feb 2016 Read more >>

A day in the life of a sales mobility salesperson in South AfricaWhat I am learning is that the external salesperson is an endangered or extinct species - a Repannosaurus or T-Rep. 18 Nov 2015 Read more >>

The black swan in sales managementThe only constant is change, but, when you least expect it, some black swan event takes place and alters your life. 9 Oct 2015 Read more >>

Four myths of modern sales management softwareAs often happens when big changes occur, misconceptions and myths can prevail. More often than not, we end up wasting valuable time going down the wrong path. So allow me the opportunity to dispel a few myths which have crept into the field of sales management. 10 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Field Office's new Catalogue App set to simplify sales even furtherField Office has officially released an exciting new addition to their popular Sales Management App, Honeybee. The new catalogue plugin has improved the already simple ordering functionality even further! 27 Jan 2015 Read more >>

Mobility, BYOD and Big Data - Making the most of 2015Throughout 2014 you must have heard these terms repeatedly mentioned, and for good reason. The mobility, BYOD and big data trends have reshaped the business landscape, and will continue to do so. With 2014 drawing swiftly to a close, here is what to expect in 2015, with tips on how to approach it. 18 Dec 2014 Read more >>

Duaan DekkerBeing the only non-technical employee in a software development company is interesting, to say the least. There are the heavily involved jokes (where the minimum required qualification to comprehend it is a BEng), the heated arguments about which version of Lotus was better than that version of Office, the rolling eyes when you still write with a pen and paper, and the endless cups of coffee. There is, however, one thing that truly stands out, and that is the technical person's attention to detail. 13 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Bidvest Materials Handling finds a sales solution that works on the movePieter Fourie, Managing Director of Bidvest Materials Handling, the importer and distributer of the Nissan Forklift brand in South Africa, wanted an innovative and user-friendly app for his sales reps that would reduce the hassle of time-consuming admin. The company, which deals with the importing and sale of Nissan industrial forklift, employs sales reps that are constantly on the road meeting with clients. The business needed a sales solution that would allow them to record data and updates while they were on the move. 5 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Duaan DekkerAnother new competitor. Where do they get all these programmers? Why am I only learning about this now? Are they an immediate threat? How is this even possible? These thoughts and more are whizzing through my brain as I glide through the local gym's swimming pool. It has been a long day with quite a few unexpected (and sometimes frustrating) surprises... 28 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Duaan DekkerWe get bombarded with false promises and claims every day. We receive SMSes about 0% interest loans and tons of spam mail about our Irish lottery winnings worth millions of pounds. It is no wonder that people automatically switch off when they hear about the "next big thing that will change your life". 21 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Safe Top, the supplier of fasteners and hardware products, needed a sales management solution that would handle the demands of a company that caters both to trade and DIY users and that would make their work a more smooth and efficient process, without compromising their professionalism. The sales manager, Adele Norman, wanted a simple solution. 29 Sep 2014 Read more >>

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