3D Deco Christmas is at homeThe season of celebrations is soon to be upon us. Festivities are already happening, Christmas trees are taking root and end-of-year parties are on the agenda. The question now remains, what is on your wishlist for Christmas décor this year? 11 Nov 2016 Read more++

Stretching your limitsIf you are in the industry of creativity, you will be forgiven for feeling (at times) that your office is a playground and the people or objects around you, your tools for play. Just as Einstein imagined himself riding a ray of light before realising his theory of relativity, so too, the boffins of the design world use colour, sound and many of the other sensory factors to bring to life a clients brief. The end result can be breath taking and from the outside, onlookers may wonder, 'How did they do that?' 2 Nov 2016 Read more++

Attract the customers you deserveIf you have been to an exhibition
you will know that the most popular stand size is...
3x3xm. It is also the smallest and thus the cheapest.
 24 Feb 2015 Read more++

Summer, summer, summertimeShall I compare thee, o' 3D swirling stretch, to a summer's day? 29 Oct 2014 Read more++

Trendy tension fabric structures by 3D Deco3D Deco is a trend-setting décor company specialising in interior and exterior tension fabric structures. Whether your needs are to rent wall and ceiling stretch décor or to install a permanent divider or tailor make an eye-catching exhibition stand, transforming a venue with 3D Deco is quick and easy. 8 Oct 2014 Read more++

Innovative decor for your eventWhat makes an event successful? What are the deciding factors that determine a magnificent outcome? What has the power to enhance relationships and build your brand? 23 Sep 2014 Read more++

How 3D Deco startedWhat do toothpicks and polystyrene balls have in common? Besides the fact that they're cheap and not thought about much (except if you're a crafty person or a relentless toothpicker) these two items are the foundation of 3D Deco. Are those murmurs of "crazy" I hear? I must agree that to remain in the events as well as design industry one needs to be able to converse with Ian Sane every so often, for the sake of getting the job done, of course. But back to picks and balls... 19 Aug 2013 Read more++

Stylish deco designs for you3D Deco's sacred geometry came alive last week during Markex at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. While dancers morphed with stretch fabric, life-size geometric patterns flowed like liquid. Incorporate this new experience into your next event for an instant buzz creation. 4 Jul 2013 Read more++

3D Deco team resculpting office space!Your existing working environment could be resculpted into an uplifting and inspiring space, literally overnight. Bring color and shape into your work or home to increase staff productivity and well-being. 24 Apr 2013 Read more++

It's official, 3D Deco loves PolokwaneFrom the Premier's awards to memorable weddings, 3D Deco has had more than enough reason to fall in love with this beautiful place. We keep being invited back to create the backdrop to ceremonies of magnificence. 19 Mar 2013 Read more++

3D Deco manifests magic for M-NetThe 3D Deco team joined forces with the popular M-Net TV series "The Wild" in order to create a spectacular setting for the dramatic end of this series. This finale would be broadcasted during March 2013. 1 Feb 2013 Read more++

3D Deco does Charlie and the Chocolate FountainDelicious eye candy that oozes with sweetness. Splashes of colourful delights to tantalise your cravings. Top this with loads of slinky, sexy, stretch fabric and you have the best of 3D Deco's latest creations. 28 Nov 2012 Read more++

3D Deco does COP17Since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change entered into force in 1995, the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC have been meeting annually to assess progress in dealing with climate change. The 17th COP is proudly held in the sunny SA city of Durban from 28 November - 9 December 2011. 1 Dec 2011 Read more++

Alosha of 3D Deco on SABC1 - making the eco lifestyle possibleBy now we all know that the Geodesic Dome is a great mobile venue for events of all kinds. What else can this amazing nature-inspired structure be used for? 21 Nov 2011 Read more++

3D Deco gets busyLast week was a busy one for 3D Deco. We created magic for: 10 Nov 2011 Read more++

Breaking news from 3D DecoLatest report from the Events Industry is that 3D Deco, the leader in hi-tech event décor, is slashing its season prices. 25 Oct 2011 Read more++

3D Expo Domes will activate your brandActivate your brand with an attention-grabbing exhibition stand: the Expo Dome. 30 Sep 2011 Read more++

Flower Power is back!Flower Power is back ... with a twist! 3D Deco was rocking their daisies at the Sandton Convention Centre last week with the South African Council Shopping Centre Congress Dinner for 700 pax, organized by 24 Carrots Events. 20 Sep 2011 Read more++

3D Deco is rocking the season country wide!3D Deco is taking hi-tec event décor to new heights this season (see gallery below), whilst keeping in mind the black current. Our hi-performance management team is ready to meet with you and turn your ideas into reality. 6 Sep 2011 Read more++

3D Deco Geodesic Domes are a great outdoor feature for any garden, be it at work or at home"Geodesic Dome is the strongest, lightest, and most efficient means of enclosing space yet devised by man." R. Buckminster Fuller 31 Aug 2011 Read more++

3D Deco on SABC 1You can view 3D Deco's creations live on your TV screen by tuning into TOMz, every Monday at 17h00 on SABC 1. Their eye-catching stretch backdrop cannot be missed. Also suppled by 3D Deco is the silver and blue cylinders, table pieces and mobile sphere. 25 Aug 2011 Read more++

Team building with Geodesic domesLast week 3D Deco supplied 20x 6m domes and décor for 'Scatterlings Conference & Events' whose function was a team building event for 'Sandoz', Cape Town. The 3D Deco crew beat their own set-up record of three hours per dome - in less than one hour one dome, including decor, was complete. Twenty domes and decor were complete in fifteen hours. 16 Aug 2011 Read more++

3D Eco Deco Dome at Markex 2011Dear Industry Makers,

Thanks to all the 2,200 guests that visited the 3D DECO dome stand at Markex. I hope you all had as much fun as I did spinning in my flexi-dress! (If you missed it click here.)
 15 Jul 2011 Read more++

Selected 3D Deco available for specialised industry suppliersThis is the year of the Rabbit! The time when you and your company can leap forward, make your mark and leave your competitors gaping behind. 19 Jan 2011 Read more++

3D Deco is making a commitment to be part of the solutionSo, 3D Deco would like to offer real solutions. In a nutshell, we are going Green, which will reduce our costs, which will lead to savings that we will pass onto you - our valued client. We are incorporating natural materials and creating living designs. Our living walls are portable for use in events and can be installed in your garden/home or office space. 4 Oct 2010 Read more++

Best of 3D Deco and 3D Dome for the last 11 yearsDear Friend of Earth

I would like to introduce you to my company that I started while studying at Vega College in 2000.
 2 Aug 2010 Read more++

3D Domes are rounding up the soccer soccerIf you have been to any Fan Fest Park you will have seen our domes housing the SABC broadcasting unit. Our domes were also part of the City of Tswhane's soccer parade, thanks to Pro-Vantage Events. As soccer fans countrywide have experienced, these free-standing structures are eye-catching and trendy. If you haven't had the pleasure of viewing one of our domes firsthand, below are some photos for your perusal. 23 Jul 2010 Read more++

Invitation to 3D Dome on Sandton DriveMedia and Corporations are invited to the promotion of the all-new, must-have 3D Dome. 24 May 2010 Read more++

3D Deco and 3D Dome manifest geodesic fabric architectureIt is here and it's now - the real McCoy! 3D Dome, powered by Pacific Domes, has perfected the function and beauty of portable geodesic domes, bringing 3D Dome to the SA events market. 5 May 2010 Read more++

New curvilinear shell scheme design by 3D DecoTired of that BOXed shell scheme? Try something different this spring from 3D Deco - a curvilinear C-shape expo stand that works like Lego®. 10 Sep 2009 Read more++

New funky video screens and plasma covers from 3D DecoA trendy alternative to spice up an ordinary plasma and to give you a New Age techno look. These cool covers are custom-made to fit your specifications and can be airbrushed and printed on. These symmetrical designs enhance as well as neatly frame any visual presentation. 18 Aug 2009 Read more++

Performance art costumes made from liquid spandex by 3D DecoCheck out our latest innovation in stretch fabric - FuNkY costumes that will leave the audiences enthralled and are sure to inspire a new dance craze. Carefully crafted using sacred geometry to fit the body snugly while providing ample space to flow around, using reflective and metallic lycra with a touch of mirrors, this dress will work symbiotically with intelligent lighting creating an array of special FX and liquid flowing movements. 13 Aug 2009 Read more++

Geodesic domes in South Africa - perfect venue to host 2010 FIFA World Cup events3D Deco's geodesic domes are finally starting to take shape (literally). We are in the process of testing and perfecting its development and design thoroughly to ensure you have a product that is both aesthetically pleasing and of the highest quality. 6m diameter (30 square meters) and 10m diameter (75 square meters) domes are already done and looking great! An enormous 15m diameter (150 Square meter) dome will be ready by end of September 2009. Fully equipped with waterproof covers, branding, and stunning décor... it truly is a transformational space for any event or exhibition. 28 Jul 2009 Read more++

C-shape screens that can transform the exhibition industry and shell scheme3D Deco's C-shape screens are starting to take shape and form. Please see photos below of an expo stand that was set up in Nairobi, Kenya for Dazzle Events (stand for their client Ilex). 7 Jul 2009 Read more++

Markex 2009 at Sandton Convention foyerWow!!! What a week! With Markex over and plenty of new friends made... think we can safely say it was a huge success! 3D Deco would like to say a huge thank you for making it possible and for coming through our liquid tunnel. 3 Jul 2009 Read more++

New stage concepts from 3D DecoStunning stage designs are without a doubt the focal point of every event and your ‘platform' to really dazzle the guests. Not only does it showcase the splendour of all elements combined, but it also sets the pace for what's to follow. While fad fashion may come and go, it looks like the versatile nature of stretch is here to stay...! 7 May 2009 Read more++

New airbrushed stretch from 3D DecoAirbrushed stretches are the revolutionary new way to spice up your standard stretch décor! 29 Apr 2009 Read more++

New epic stage design from 3D DecoPlaying with a whole new palette of colours and a completely fresh outlook on design, 3D Deco has manifested a truly unique stage concept and materialised it in the form of Christ Embassy's new permanent setup at their church in Kramerville. 26 Mar 2009 Read more++

Noddy Land in Sandton City!The usual hustle and bustle of the Christmas silly season came to stunning standstill at Sandton City last year when 3D Deco together with Deligo Marketing brought Noddy Land to life! 21 Jan 2009 Read more++

3D Deco Middle East3D Deco spreads their magic worldwide! Their branch in Dubai has graced the scenes of very exclusive events in Oman, Doha and Bahrain and have created quite a stir in the international events industry. 24 Nov 2008 Read more++

3D Deco latest eventsWith Christmas at our doorstep and 2008 closing in on us it's not surprising that 3D Deco goes out in style! These flashy displays are the most recent of their brilliant events and expos and prove that some things do get better with time. 18 Nov 2008 Read more++

3D Deco - Expo artExhibition stands have become our favourite challenge now! We've traded in just dressing the run-of-the-mill shell schemes and have opted for more daring renditions of exquisite artwork and absolutely crazy designs... custom made of course! 6 Nov 2008 Read more++

3D Deco - Summer 2008!Just a little 3D Deco update to keep you in the loop and let you know the latest trends and hottest décor! 5 Nov 2008 Read more++

3D Deco - Eco journeyI am writing this article to awaken the corporate sector of the population towards eco sustainable living. Corporates have the ability to transform our planet and all its inhabitants in any direction due to the large funds that are available. 4 Nov 2008 Read more++

Markex 20083D Deco's exhibition stand at Sandton Convention Centre foyer for Markex 2008 was by far the most stunning display of design, creativity and originality the eventing industry has ever seen! 18 Jul 2008 Read more++

Impossible is nothing!3D Deco has once again raised the benchmark for modernism, creativity, and slick décor with yet another one of their hot little numbers winning best stand award! 21 May 2008 Read more++

3D geodesic dome - The future is now756, 755, 754 and counting... With the 2010 FIFA World Cup beckoning and organisers working around the clock to bring this show-stopper to life, 3D Deco forges ahead with a fresh, new and inspiring design. 19 May 2008 Read more++

Permanent installation by 3D DecoEvent décor is fast moving from draping to something more trendy and versatile and once again 3D Deco takes centre stage. 15 May 2008 Read more++

9th Cape Town International Jazz FestivalIn April 3D Deco set out to be part of the production of one of the world's top jazz festivals. With an ambitious and dedicated crew the Cape Town International Convention Centre was transformed into a cascade of alluring shapes and colours. 15 Apr 2008 Read more++

3D Deco – Stretch Activators launch new product – permanent space transformationsThey design customised décor for a complete spatial enhancement of the office environment by incorporating 3D brand-focused solutions for an immersive branding experience, making that first contact with your clients a lasting one. 11 Mar 2008 Read more++

3D Deco has twice been awarded the “Best Stand Award”Founded and established in 2000, 3D Deco is an innovative hi tech, futuristic design studio that delivers a product of highest quality. The novelty of their design is exclusive – making it a rare commodity, giving them a definite edge in the interior design, event décor and alternative branding industry. 15 Jul 2007 Read more++

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