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Only 28% of SA businesses help employees build their skillsGlobally the world is moving towards more web-based digital learning and yet in South Africa companies are lagging behind in terms of human capital growth and upskilling their staff. 14 Dec 2017 Continue Reading

Data analysis is one of the most lucrative skills to haveData analysis is rated as one of the most sort-after and lucrative skills to have and represents a great career opportunity for anyone with the right aptitude. 20 Nov 2017 Continue Reading

Overcoming the digital skills gap with social media educationWith 13 million South Africans on Facebook, 2.68 million on Instagram and 7.4 million users on Twitter, social media marketing is a key tool for reaching new audiences and boosting sales for any business. 10 Nov 2017 Continue Reading

Major edtech recruitment drive happening in Cape TownCape Town-based online education company GetSmarter is embarking on a major recruitment drive, hot on the heels of its R1.4bn acquisition by US-based 2U. 17 Oct 2017 Continue Reading

Conclusion of 2U's R1.4bn buyout of GetSmarter puts Cape Town in the spotlightUS based 2U Inc., NASDAQ (TWOU), has concluded its $103m (R1.4bn) acquisition of online education company GetSmarter. The deal, which is believed to be the biggest ever for a South African edtech company, further bolsters Cape Town's position as a technology hub. 6 Oct 2017 Continue Reading

Is the future of MBA online?Global MBA applications are on the rise for the first time in five years. International accreditation body, the Association of MBAs (AMBA), reported a five percent growth in applications from 2014 to 2015.1 This increased demand is creating fierce competition for traditional MBA acceptance as more students turn to online MBA courses and bridging programmes. 29 Mar 2017 Continue Reading

New year, new you: Reinvent yourself as a New ProfessionalGetSmarter's 2017 Career Guide is here: download it today and learn all you need to know about this year's most disruptive workplace trends; managing an evermore multigenerational workforce; and bridging your own skills gaps to ensure you use this year to carve out a career path you'll love. 18 Jan 2017 Continue Reading

GetSmarter's Freelance Starter KitEver wanted to earn a little extra income on the side, without quitting your job? Millions of people already do - by taking on part-time freelance gigs. And you can too. 17 May 2016 Continue Reading

Strategic is the new stylishThe GetSmarter Project Manager's Playbook is filled with tips and tricks. 15 Apr 2016 Continue Reading

Are you the right person to close SA's project management skills gap?Today, project management is globally recognised as an essential function when it comes to safeguarding the success business endeavours across the board. All organisations implement projects of some kind: you're probably managing projects in your current role, whether you realise that or not. 2 Nov 2015 Continue Reading

Why marketers in SA are making time to study furtherThe global economic climate is still on the upswing following 2008's recession, triggering an aggressive appetite for growth across industries. Organisations across the board are once again looking for highly skilled human capital to take their businesses to the next level, and lucrative opportunities for promising graduates are abundant. 26 Oct 2015 Continue Reading

The top six marketing industry trends to keep an eye on right nowThe rise of the socially empowered consumer has modern marketers scrambling for novel ways to attract and retain the attention of increasingly discerning audiences. Coupled with the rapid rate of technological innovation, this megatrend demands that ambitious marketing professionals step up to the plate to develop a multi-disciplinary skill set in order to progress to high-level management positions. 19 Oct 2015 Continue Reading

Recognition of Prior Learning: opening the doors to higher educationOnline Postgraduate programmes are, thanks to UCT and GetSmarter, SA's leader in online education, no longer reserved only for those fortunate enough to have had access to undergraduate studies. 15 Sep 2015 Continue Reading

2016 set to be the year for online tertiary education in AfricaIt's an exciting time for online tertiary education as Africa's top university, the University of Cape Town, endeavours to make more opportunities for lifelong learning available to working professionals. 31 Aug 2015 Continue Reading

Raising the bar: UCT Advanced courses are setting students a part from the restThe new advanced course portfolio presented by The University of Cape Town in partnership with GetSmarter, is enabling workers to take big leaps in their careers. 21 Aug 2015 Continue Reading

An exciting new partnership is revolutionising access to innovative teacher training methodsOnline education company, GetSmarter and the University of Witwatersrand School of Education (WSoE) have announced that they have partnered to offer a new online short course in the educational sphere: Strategic Implementation of ICT Integration in Education. This course is part of an initiative to develop the technology skills of teachers in classrooms across South Africa. 22 Jul 2015 Continue Reading

First mid-year intake of students at UCTThe University of Cape Town, through its "Across Africa" partnership with the leading online education company, GetSmarter, has announced that it will offer a mid-year intake in their online Advanced Diploma. 4 May 2015 Continue Reading

The value of online short courses for working professionalsWe're living in an online world: it's time to start learning at an online speed 29 Apr 2015 Continue Reading

Four hot digital marketing skills to master in 2015A new year brings a new set of opportunities, but only if you're prepared to identify where they live and have the tools to grab them. Are you ready? 19 Jan 2015 Continue Reading

Is your website 'sticky' enough? Tips to DIY your SEOMore than 80% of today's consumers use Google Search to inform their purchasing decisions. Ranking near the top of a Google search should therefore be a priority for businesses, in order to reach a broader audience. But, how can you ensure that people are able to find your website on Google? More importantly, how can you make your website 'sticky'- so that new visitors find your website and stick around? 13 Oct 2014 Continue Reading

Six million people worldwide are pursuing a qualification onlineNow you too, can join the revolution. UCT is pioneering the online learning revolution with the continent's first two part-time postgraduate diplomas to be delivered in blended learning mode, across Africa, in 2015. That means you are now empowered to pursue a top-tier qualification from Africa's number one University, while you work full-time and balance your professional aspirations with a busy life. 6 Oct 2014 Continue Reading

Spending the day with Nic Groom, WP rugby player and GetSmarter learnerAside from the glamorous public image, professional sports players face the difficult challenge of dedicating their attention to their sports career, while ensuring they are prepared for their future, when their sports career comes to an end. 29 Sep 2014 Continue Reading

How to survive the early start-up yearsAny entrepreneur knows that the first few years of starting a business are the toughest. But if you can weather the storm, the rewards and opportunities that await are endless. Gareth Cotten, Course Instructor of the UCT Start and Manage a Small Business short course provides some tips for how to survive the early start-up years. 8 Sep 2014 Continue Reading

UCT broadens access, across Africa - thousands more opportunities for postgraduate diplomasThe University of Cape Town (UCT) has announced that it has launched a suite of online postgraduate diplomas, as part of a strategic initiative that will enable students across South Africa and the rest of the African continent to study with high-touch interactive support - anytime, anywhere. 1 Sep 2014 Continue Reading

Finding your competitive career advantageYou have unique features, benefits, assets and liabilities: all of which need to be upgraded every year as you work to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive talent market. 25 Aug 2014 Continue Reading

Everything you need to know about starting an NPO in SA [Infographic]One of the biggest challenges facing non-profit organisations in South Africa today is that many lack accountability and transparency, which makes it more difficult to procure funding and remain sustainable in today's economy. 30 Jul 2014 Continue Reading

Four principles for success as a modern marketerCapturing the hearts (and pockets) of the modern consumer is no easy feat. Marketing is becoming ever more complex, and the marketing professional needs to have an integrated approach, combining various skills to attract, engage and convince their target audience. 22 Jul 2014 Continue Reading

10 steps to your career makeover [Slideshare]Career envy. It's that feeling that creeps up when you hear of someone who has taken the leap you're too scared to take, or grabbed the opportunity you've always wanted. It's the feeling you get when you hear of the colleague who left a secure job and successfully started his own business; or the friend who followed her passion for design into a booming career. You start to question your own career, and your potential. You may want to make a change too, but feel daunted by the prospect of it. The good news is; you're not alone. 16 Jul 2014 Continue Reading

The need for skilled project managers in SA [Infographic]Project management is a practice that is being widely employed across almost all industries, both locally and internationally, and is a satisfying and exciting field in which to work. In an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment, organisational projectisation has become an absolutely indispensible business function across large corporations to small organisations. As such, the demand for skilled project managers in South Africa has skyrocketed. Scrutinise the stats for yourself in our infographic around the increasing need for skilled project managers in South Africa. 7 Jul 2014 Continue Reading

Bridging the gap from entry-level marketing to managementSuccess in the marketing industry often comes down to an aptitude for exploiting ongoing technological advances, and gritty resourcefulness in the face of unexpected economic challenges. 24 Jun 2014 Continue Reading

Applications now open for online University of Cape Town postgraduate programmesThe University of Cape Town (UCT), in partnership with online education company, GetSmarter, has launched the continent's first two postgraduate diplomas to be delivered online, in blended learning format. The official launch will exponentially increase access to these prestigious qualifications presented by one of South Africa's most respected universities. 18 Jun 2014 Continue Reading

Achieving the three pillars of project managementContinuously increasing profits is one of the key objectives of any business. While many might turn to increasing marketing expenditure or pushing sales to make this happen, the successful business will be the one that focuses on employing effective organisation-wide project management techniques to achieve this objective. Having a clear connection between overall strategy and day-to-day operations within clearly defined project plans will ensure time is not wasted, budgets are not exceeded, and quality is delivered - all of which will contribute to a rewarding bottom-line for any business. 10 Jun 2014 Continue Reading

The key to finding a job in digital marketingWhen it comes to breaking into digital marketing as a career, two things are clear: candidates who are able to demonstrate the right attitude and who take the time to invest in skills development stand out. In this digital day and age, it is impossible to make an impression in the field of marketing without showing a range of skills in the different platforms of digital marketing. 9 Jun 2014 Continue Reading

Working for a start-up vs working for a big company: which is better?Job-hunting - the bane of almost every professional's life, and a stressful experience in itself, without the vast range of choices available in company characteristics. But selecting the best company type for you is key to launching a fulfilling career. Discovering your perfect work environment is just as important as finding the best company to work for. 27 May 2014 Continue Reading

Data: the content marketing silver bulletSmartphones, tablets, PDAs - almost everyone, everywhere, has access to online content. Besides by-the-minute status updates, this access also means data - lots of it. Data that reveals exactly what people love, hate, love to hate and the channels they use to feed their entertainment. In 2012, 2 million searches were posted on Google, 48 hours of video content was posted onto YouTube, and 100,000 tweets were sent every second. That's not even the shocking part - this amount of data doubles every two years. This makes it a potential goldmine for content marketers who can translate the numbers into insights about their audience. 19 May 2014 Continue Reading

Digital marketing technologies that you should know aboutIn this digital day and age, it is impossible to make an impression in the field of marketing without leveraging the many benefits of digital marketing technologies. As the way of the future, marketers should be aware of essential technologies that'll be useful in 2014. 13 May 2014 Continue Reading

Why marketers need content marketing skillsThese days, marketing is about telling your brand's story and engaging and responding to your consumer's needs - a far fetch from what it was when the Mad Men were around. Brands are beginning to delve deeper into consumer behaviours and buyer personas in order to fully understand which content will drive positive engagement between their brand and prospective leads. Thus, marketers with up-to-date content marketing skills are fast becoming a high demand entity within small to large organisations. 5 May 2014 Continue Reading

Boxes you need to tick for a career in SEOSearch Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an ever-changing, ever-expanding industry, and careers in this field can be very lucrative and rewarding. There are, however, many misconceptions around the practice of SEO. As an ongoing process, SEO requires an excellent strategy, implemented by skilled professionals. Are you cut out for a career in 2014's most relevant career? Use the following checklist to see if this is the career path for you. 30 Apr 2014 Continue Reading

Do you have a five-year career plan?Planning five years into your future may seem overwhelming and time-consuming. Few people actually plan their careers, despite the fact that we spend most of our adult lives at work. A well thought-out career plan is a fundamental tool if you are wanting to strategically advance your career, especially in today's volatile economic and business environment. 22 Apr 2014 Continue Reading

Marketing careers of the futureAccording to Forbes, the outlook is rosy for marketing professionals working in the industry as marketing managers, advertising and sales representatives, marketing film and video editors, graphic designers, and market research analysts. These role players, as well as many others, are essential in bringing together the vibrant marketing content found on television and in print. However, although marketing careers are expected to stay strong, there are a number of changes predicted for the future that could affect your skill set. 9 Apr 2014 Continue Reading

Free webinar on using a projectised approach to your day-to-day operations for better performance at workOur career success is dependent on our performance at work. So how do you out-perform your peers and truly take your career to the next level? 3 Apr 2014 Continue Reading

Five reasons why SEO can help grow your small businessLet's face it. Getting your website to rank on Google is no easy feat and can seem very daunting, especially for small business owners. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that is loaded with a lot of uncertainty, and smaller businesses may shy away from the topic. But, any business that ranks top in a Google search has a competitive advantage to those that don't. And, there is no denying that SEO has the highest return on investment of all online marketing techniques, and is by far the safest and best investment (with little risk) you can make in your website. So, what are you waiting for? 19 Mar 2014 Continue Reading

Why marketers are crushing on dataBig data is just beginning to hit its stride. 2013 was all about defining exactly what big data is and how best to use it. Now, in 2014, marketers are starting to ride the big data wave and are turning its potential into real revenue. The marketing industry has welcomed data anaylsis with open arms for good reasons, using it as a tool to define their target markets, track their exposure success and determine worthwhile arrangements. 10 Mar 2014 Continue Reading

The 2014/15 National Budget: What does it mean for you?It's budget time again, and the National Treasury has announced its plans for the 2014/15 financial year. What does this mean for you? 28 Feb 2014 Continue Reading

Top-notch copy is a marketer's most powerful toolMarketing budgets are always tight, and most brands are moving towards minimum resources working for maximum impact. Easy to achieve with the right skills, powerful copywriting is the key to ensuring cost-effective optimisation of your marketing campaign. 26 Feb 2014 Continue Reading

UCT and GetSmarter launch an Advanced Project Management short courseAlthough project management has been recognised as a necessary skill set for many years, more and more organisations have identified the need for advanced project management skills and practices in order to meet the increasing demands for speed and quality in the execution of projects. 13 Feb 2014 Continue Reading

Demand for skilled project managers as high as the expectationsProject management has become an increasingly popular career choice for marketing, advertising and media professionals in recent years. Yet the high demand comes with equally high expectations. Click here for an infographic on the current demand for project management skills in South Africa. 12 Feb 2014 Continue Reading

2014 brings new rules for career successRecent studies indicate that the average South African holds 13.5 jobs over a lifetime. This means that whatever you are currently doing should be aimed at preparing you for what is to come next. This is especially relevant in the marketing and advertising industry, where new skills are constantly required to keep up with trends, and to effectively execute ever-changing strategies. 29 Jan 2014 Continue Reading

Innovative sales managers in high demandThe digital era has brought about significant changes in the sales funnel. Modern consumers demand information online, and often 60% of the buying decision is made even before the prospect engages with a salesperson. 20 Jan 2014 Continue Reading

The key to navigating the modern career landscape in 2014Online education company, GetSmarter, has launched its 2014 Career Guide. This annual publication is a practical guide in support of life-long learning and career growth, available for free download at The guide aims to help South African working professionals successfully navigate the changing modern career landscape, through the provision of an easy-to-follow, action-oriented process. 18 Dec 2013 Continue Reading

UCT and GetSmarter launch Web Development short courseOur real and online worlds continue to merge as we increasingly shop, communicate, conduct business, and learn online. Having a strong and active online presence is crucial for the success of any business in 2014, regardless of the size or industry. A strong online presence requires an attractive and user-friendly website, making use of responsive web design to provide users with content that is easily accessible across all digital devices. 17 Dec 2013 Continue Reading

Your complimentary copy of the GetSmarter 2014 Career GuideAs 2013 draws to a close, it is time to take stock of what we achieved this year, and start looking towards the future. 25 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

New Training and Development short course: People are priority in 2014According to The Wynhurst Group, 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment, and Leadership IQ found that 45% of new employees resign within their first 18 months. Additionally, companies without a structured on-boarding procedure fail to retain 50% of their talent (Egon Zehnder International). These statistics explain why training and development has evolved into a substantial career in its own right, as organisations are investing even more time and money in this area. 18 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

Online education company looking to expand Sales ManagementThe search is on for a Sales and Enrolments Manager to head up the full GetSmarter product portfolio, offering the opportunity to work and grow with South Africa's leading online education company. Competency across lead conversion, sales strategy optimisation, and team management will secure your application for consideration in heading up a team of 15 dedicated and target-driven course consultants. To apply, click here. 14 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

Just launched: UCT Training and Development short courseIn order to stay competitive and on top of today's economy, employers are putting more time and effort into developing their primary resource - people. As a result, the University of Cape Town (UCT), in partnership with online education company GetSmarter, is proud to announce the launch of the UCT Training and Development short course. This highly practical 10-week course is presented part-time and entirely online throughout South Africa. 13 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

UCT and GetSmarter introduce Human Resource Management short courseMany of the world's top performing organisations recognise that employee engagement is the primary force that drives performance outcomes. Research indicates that engaged employees work harder, serve the customer better, and stay at the same company for longer. 7 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

Incorporate events into your 2014 marketing strategyEvent marketing is one of the fastest growing industries today and is a key component in every good and effective marketing strategy. They create the opportunity for a full-sensory brand experience, where consumers can feel, touch and smell everything that fits in with your brand. 6 Nov 2013 Continue Reading

UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management specialising in Marketing - Give your career the big boostThe marketing industry is thriving, as brands are under increasing pressure to efficiently connect with their target market for greater personalisation, relevancy, and improved customer experiences. While other industries have suffered greatly from economic downturn, it seems the field of Marketing is presenting even more exciting opportunities for professionals, both locally and internationally. 28 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

Consolidate your marketing: UCT Project Administration short courseEnsuring a company's resources are utilised to maximise efficiency is critical to its success and profitability under today's challenging market conditions. Project management has thus become an invaluable tool for managing business operations across many fields, and in particular the marketing industry. 23 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

Back to basics with your marketing strategyThe modern advertising landscape, and the wealth of opportunities that come through combining traditional and digital marketing platforms, can seem overwhelming at times. 19th century British industrialist, Lord Leverhulme once said "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, and the problem is I don't know which half." Every business, no matter the size, needs a clear-cut marketing strategy to effectively reach its target audience. 9 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

High touch online learning platform provides countrywide access to SA's leading universityThe University of Cape Town (UCT) is piloting online programmes as part of its Across Africa initiative, offering business professionals nationwide access to part-time, credit-bearing courses with South Africa's leading university. The Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) is the first to be presented in blended learning format in partnership with premier online education company GetSmarter, whose innovative high touch online learning model has enabled this move. 8 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

Advance your career with the online UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing)Marketing has become a popular career choice for many, as the field offers a variety of interesting career opportunities. Over the past few years a number of specialisations have evolved within the industry, from digital marketing and community management to brand management and content marketing. Although each specialisation requires slightly different skills, they all share a common goal: to create, manage, and enhance a brand. 7 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

Strategic PR - University of Cape Town Public Relations short courseWhen most people think of creating a strategic marketing plan, they often overlook the value and importance of public relations. Managing your brand's advertising, marketing, and PR capacities into an integrated business strategy is much more effective than using each one in isolation. It is vitally important not to overlook the fact that successful use of public relations can result in objective and influential media coverage of your brand, often at a lower cost. 2 Oct 2013 Continue Reading

Advance your marketing skills with the UCT Foundations of Graphic Design short courseOne of the results of the Information Age is a huge information overload, resulting in the prominence of visual communication in advertising. Because audiences have grown impatient and no longer want to read long articles, marketers have turned to representing their message through visual means. By using informative infographics or banner advertisements, you can effectively reach your target audience while also cutting down on time and cost. A basic understanding of graphic design, and acquiring basic graphic design skills will have a positive influence on your potential contributions in the workplace. 25 Sep 2013 Continue Reading

Copywriting for online marketing - a covetable skillWords are the most compelling tool for selling a product, service or idea on the internet. Words are also the most likely method at your disposal to convert your online visitors into buyers. 16 Sep 2013 Continue Reading

University of Cape Town Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing) - now available onlineIn an exciting move to keep up with current global education trends, the University of Cape Town (UCT) is piloting part-time online programmes as part of their Across Africa initiative. The first course to feature is the popular UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Marketing). 9 Sep 2013 Continue Reading

Demand for good copy-editors leads to launch of UCT copy-editing short courseThe constant consumption of information is a hallmark of modern-day living. Brands are fast embracing the need for clear, consistent and accurate text. With the increased focus on content marketing, it is not only quality that has to increase but also quantity. As a result, brands have content coming from various sources and consistency and quality control is becoming increasingly difficult to manage without the help of copy-editors. 4 Sep 2013 Continue Reading

Just three days left to register for the UCT Project Administration online short courseThe University of Cape Town's online short course in project management, presented entirely online with leading online education company, GetSmarter, will be presented for the 10th time starting 22 July 2013. 10 Jul 2013 Continue Reading

UCT Digital Animation (2D) short course creates opportunities for innovative marketingAnimation has come a long way in the last century, and is no longer the preserve of the entertainment industry. In today's marketing and advertising world, animation has come to represent an exciting and innovative way of attracting - and keeping - audiences' attention. 9 Jul 2013 Continue Reading

With the rise of content marketing and social media, marketing has become a lot more visual. As such, the ability to create captivating and enticing graphics, and to optimise graphic design within a business context, is now a competitive advantage for almost every business. To meet this need, employees who possess the skills to effectively manage outsourced design projects or complete basic design work on-demand are now favoured. 15 May 2013 Continue Reading

The University of Cape Town and online education company, GetSmarter, are taking the lead in providing media and marketing professionals throughout South Africa with the skills required to remain competitive and advance in their careers in an industry that is undergoing rapid change and constant development. 20 Nov 2012 Continue Reading

The University of Cape Town's Commerce Faculty, in conjunction with its online education partner, GetSmarter, this week made a UCT and South African milestone by launching two of its most important courses in a "blended learning" format, with most components of the student experience going online. 12 Oct 2012 Continue Reading

With South African mobile penetration now at 100% and the rapid adoption of smart phones, the marketing landscape in South Africa is continually evolving to cater for advancements in the realm of digital and traditional mediums. Of course, traditional channels remain the focus of many marketing campaigns, given that the year 2012 saw TV penetration at around 72%, and radio dominate media consumption with 88.5% of the population consuming an average of 3.5 hours of radio per day. 20 Mar 2012 Continue Reading

Job seekers and working professionals are faced with an ever-increasing pace of change, as technological advancements and online innovation continue to shape the current job market. Industries have evolved; presenting career paths that didn't exist just two decades ago. 20 Jan 2012 Continue Reading

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