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Online marketing: Going beyond the click with programmatic buyingProgrammatic buying is showing phenomenal growth both locally, and abroad. How can you ensure that your business is getting the most value out of using relatively new tool? 30 Nov 2016 read more

SA set for bumper Black Friday if social media is anything to go bySouth Africa is set for a bumper Black Friday this year if social media is anything to go by, says online marketing agency, 25AM. In fact, social media conversation around this event has almost tripled in comparison to the same period last year. In the days leading up to Black Friday 2015 social media saw around 4719 mentions, whereas 2016 has already surpassed the 15,500 mark. 24 Nov 2016 read more

Joburg tweets its way through the 20th 947 Cycle Challenge 2016 and Telkom ups the social media anteJohannesburg was a-twitter today with not only the sounds of thousands of bicycles, but a buzz in the social media sphere too. Who says you need to be on the road to enjoy the vibe! 20 Nov 2016 read more

#PovertyPorn or #SympathySleepout?#CEOSleepout2016 draws heavy flak from social media users 4 Aug 2016 read more

Social media, the voice behind #67MinutesForMadibaForget the cynicism about "slacktivism" - South Africans are using social media as a tool for real social good, with online activity on Mandela Day (18 July) showing thousands of people nationwide rallying behind their favourite causes and sharing how they spent their #67MinutesForMadiba. 22 Jul 2016 read more

Social media applauds SABC's local music quotasSouth African social media users have applauded the announcement that the SABC is committing to playing 90% local music across 18 of its radio stations as of 12 May 2016. Data extracted from Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio following the announcement and analysed by 25AM indicates that nearly 90% of the conversation was positive in sentiment. 17 May 2016 read more

25AM adds SharpSpring marketing automation software to product portfolioOnline media agency 25AM has been appointed as a reseller for the SharpSpring marketing automation software in South Africa, offering brands and agencies a simple and affordable solution that enables them to drive more leads, capture more sales and optimise their marketing. 19 Apr 2016 read more

Holistic view key to maximising sport sponsorship talkability on social mediaIconic sports events are often viewed as a sure sponsorship bet. The Comrades Marathon, the Cape Town Cycle Tour, the Two Oceans Marathon and the ABSA Currie Cup, among others, are annual South African institutions with a history that seems guaranteed to resonate with the public. Lay the sponsorship money down, so the thinking goes, and social media talkability will inevitably follow. 7 Apr 2016 read more

Budget conversation on social media doubles over last yearSouth Africa's social media conversation surrounding the 2016 Budget Speech was twice as high as it was for the 2015 Budget Speech, demonstrating the high level of interest in this year's budget proposal as well as continued growth in social media usage in the country. This is one of the key findings from social media data gathered and analysed in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio software by 25AM. 1 Mar 2016 read more

South African Twitter users respond to President's offer to #PayBackTheMoneyDespite the growing penetration of smartphones in South Africa, the country's social media users still seem to be using their office computers and connectivity to discuss burning issues such as whether President Jacob Zuma should and will #PayBackTheMoney. And the Economic Freedom Front's (EFF's) ability to mobilise supporters on the streets is helping it to dominate the social conversations about Nkandla. 15 Feb 2016 read more

Andre SteenekampMentions of Black Friday among South African social media users leapt by more than 300% this year compared to 2014, with Checkers, Dionwired and Pick n Pay ranking as the most talked-about brands on the day. That's according to data collected from the Social Studio media monitoring platform that was analysed by digital customer engagement agency, 25AM. 2 Dec 2015 read more

Time for bold digital innovation in South AfricaThe digital marketing world is moving forward at a rapid pace and South Africa risks falling behind if we don't focus more on user-centered innovation. For me, this was one of the key insights to emerge from Google's All Star Summit in San Francisco, attended by 500-plus representatives from Google business partners from more than 50 countries. 29 Oct 2015 read more

Johan WaltersReal-time bidding (RTB), a type of programmatic buying, is rapidly gaining currency in South Africa's digital media landscape. A growing number of brands are using it to improve customer engagement, enhance media buying efficiency, and achieve better performance from their digital campaigns. 17 Sep 2015 read more

Andre SteenekampProgrammatic buying is becoming a big business as advertisers work to drive more value from their ad spending and leverage customer data more effectively. 21 Aug 2015 read more

Andre SteenekampOver the past couple of years, the digital landscape in South Africa has shifted dramatically. We've seen international advertising players invest in the market, snapping up many of our leading digital marketing agencies and consulting firms to strengthen their presence in Africa. 5 Aug 2015 read more

It's time for SA's digital media industry to have a serious conversation about ad viewabilitySouth African marketers, agencies and publishers that are serious about helping to grow the accountability of digital advertising should embrace a shift in the international market from served ad impressions to viewable impressions. 16 Jul 2015 read more

Why SA companies must start focusing on social media as a service channelA growing number of consumers are turning to social media as their first point of contact when they have a question or complaint for a brand with which they do business. Yet, too few companies have yet started to think about social media as a customer service tool - and the result is that they are missing out on some golden opportunities to build better relationships with their customers. 11 Mar 2015 read more

Michael WalkerIn a world of digital advertising clutter, brands are always looking for new ways to set their messaging apart from the competition. One exciting possibility lies in a Google feature called Engagement Ads, a range of creative ad formats that captivate consumers with rich, creative messages. 6 Feb 2015 read more

Chanel MacKayDigital channels are constantly evolving, and in ways that seem to make it even harder for marketers to make themselves heard through the noise and clutter. 4 Nov 2014 read more

Digital marketing strategies for a mobile-first, multi-screen worldIn today's digital world, your customer is more likely to be engaging with your content using a mobile device than from a traditional PC. 3 Oct 2014 read more

Michael WalkerAs your online platforms mature and expand, you'll inevitably arrive at a point when you will want to implement a web analytics solution that is richer in functionality than the free Google Analytics toolset. 25 Sep 2014 read more

Andre SteenekampFor a business that is so driven by its people, the digital agency environment is one characterised by high levels of staff turnover and burn-out. What's more, many agencies are also finding it difficult to keep their skills bases up to date with an ever-evolving landscape. 29 Aug 2014 read more

Tallying the cost of World Cup social mentionsWe all know the saying that 'talk is cheap', but the World Cup is proving that for some companies, talk might be very expensive. 14 Jul 2014 read more

Leading social media strategy from the top with a listening command centreOne of the themes that keeps recurring in social media projects for 25AM's clients is that social media is no longer simply about public relations, customer engagement and marketing - today it reaches nearly every element of the business from product development to human resources to customer service. 9 Jun 2014 read more

In the second part of a two-article series exploring the digital customer journey, 25AM's Johan Walters offers some tips and techniques for optimising the purchasing funnel. 12 May 2014 read more

Chanel MacKayDigital media planning is an art and a science, an arcane discipline that relies on gut instinct, hard numbers, and perhaps, most importantly, a lot of patience and hard work. 20 Mar 2014 read more

In the first part of a two-article series exploring the digital customer journey, Acceleration Media's Johan Walters explores the reporting infrastructure companies need to put in place to track their customers. 11 Feb 2014 read more

Michael WalkerThe automotive sector is already one of the world's biggest spenders on digital marketing and advertising, with motor manufacturers and dealers worldwide constantly increasing the portion of their budgets they allocate to digital channels. In South Africa, we are lagging behind in terms of international trends, but are catching up steadily. 17 Jan 2014 read more

Chanel MacKayIn a world where consumer behaviour is changing and evolving at a rapid rate in response to new technology trends, savvy brands need to constantly adapt and refine the ways they communicate with their target audiences. The result is that we as marketers are faced with a growing toolkit of digital marketing options and ever more confusion about how and when best to use them. 6 Dec 2013 read more

Media veteran Andre Steenekamp to head up Acceleration MediaAndre Steenekamp, a media veteran with more than a dozen years of digital experience, has been appointed as the new CEO of strategic digital media consultancy, Acceleration Media. This follows the acquisition of a 50% stake in the business by Times Media Limited subsidiary, Amorphous New Media. 28 Nov 2013 read more

Why digital marketers should pay more attention to link shorteningBy now, most web-savvy marketers and consumers are familiar with link shortening to compress website addresses. It's a handy way to post links that look tidy and to save characters when you're working within a limitation such as Twitter's 140 character limit. 14 Nov 2013 read more

South African brands are using a wider mix of digital marketing channels than ever before, and in more sophisticated ways. 20 Sep 2013 read more

Google has made many sweeping changes to how Google Adwords works since it was launched in 2000. But the introduction of "enhanced campaigns" is one of the largest and most significant changes to the platform we have seen in a number of years. 2 Aug 2013 read more

A centralised, top-down model of marketing no longer works in today's fragmented, consumer-driven brandscape. 9 Jul 2013 read more

In a competitive landscape where the consumer is king, it's more important than ever to understand how people move from knowing nothing or little about your brand, to becoming engaged prospects, and finally, converting into customers. 21 Jun 2013 read more

It's time for social media strategies to grow upMost brands still suck at managing social media, writes Acceleration Media's Digital Strategist, Melody Maker. Better measurement of ROI is the key to turning it all around. 21 May 2013 read more

The rise of clear models and tools for measuring return on investment for social media will help to mature the channel and grow its value to brands in South Africa. 26 Apr 2013 read more

Argyle Social has appointed digital media consultancy Acceleration Media as its exclusive South African implementation partner and reseller of its social media measurement solution. This expands the range of best of breed tools and technologies Acceleration Media offers clients who want to maximise the returns on their investments in digital marketing. 19 Mar 2013 read more

The world of media is changing at an unprecedented rate as technology disrupts the established business models for publishing and advertising, and as consumers change the ways in which they consume information, services and entertainment. Perhaps the most significant change that we are seeing is the fragmentation of the media landscape and its audience, compared to the mass market paradigm that held sway throughout most of the 20th century. 27 Feb 2013 read more

Six business trends that will shape the world in 2013Making predictions in a world that moves as quickly as the one we live in today is brave and perhaps even a little foolish. But based on the way the world evolved last year, here are a few trends I expect to play out in 2013 and beyond. At the centre of these trends is the way that technology is giving the consumer more power to shape brands than ever before. 22 Jan 2013 read more

Companies that want to evolve into truly social enterprises must look beyond tracking keywords and towards building a deeper understanding of the meaning and tone of social conversations in their online reputation management (ORM) strategies. 22 Nov 2012 read more

Social networking - including services such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and BBM - looks like a whole brave new world to those of us who grew up without it. For the generation that is growing up with mobile phones and the Internet, it is simply a fact of life. Whichever side of the age divide you are on, the one certainty is that social networks will change life as much as television did several decades ago. 7 Nov 2012 read more

Google's announcement just a few weeks ago that it is has added some nifty remarketing functionality to Google Analytics means that it is simpler than ever before for marketers to use remarketing to improve their return on investment from their digital budgets. 26 Sep 2012 read more

With stats from Nielsen revealing that nearly four in five active Internet users visit social media sites or blogs, social media is a channel that few organisations feel they can completely ignore. Yet few companies have grasped just how fundamentally social media will transform their relationships with their clients over the next few years. 11 Jul 2012 read more

South African Tourism (SAT) has embraced social media as an important part of its marketing mix as it seeks to entice international tourists to the country. Tourism's direct and indirect contribution to the country's gross domestic product is estimated to be around R200 billion a year or about 7.5% of GDP. 4 May 2012 read more

Most companies understand that reputation is an intangible business asset that needs to be nurtured, defended and protected to ensure that it maintains and grows in value. That is why we have seen the traditional disciplines of media and public relations morph into a field called 'reputation management'. 12 Apr 2012 read more

Recently, Google slipped a small change into its Google Analytics software without much fanfare, despite the fact that it will deliver richer and more accurate data about how visitors eventually arrive at your conversion points. 19 Oct 2011 read more

Too many brands embark on social media campaigns with the idea that drumming up Twitter followers or Facebook fans is the single largest, perhaps even the only real, metric for success. 11 Oct 2011 read more

The gap between the online environment and the physical retail landscape is narrowing rapidly, a trend that holds some major implications for companies that still think of them as completely separate worlds. 23 Sep 2011 read more

Just about everything that you do in your online marketing and advertising will create a wealth of data about the way that your business is interacting with its customers and prospects. 15 Sep 2011 read more

Technology companies and financial institutions are busy piloting the next-generation of mobile payment solutions in the form of near-field communications (NFC), but don't expect to be using the technology in the real-world any time soon. 9 Sep 2011 read more

South Africa enjoys a positive online reputation among international internet users, with many of the online conversations about the country reflecting a highly positive tone. 6 Sep 2011 read more

The violent unrest that rocked Britain last week was one of the major subjects of conversation for South Africans on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, web forums and blogs. That's according to Diane Charton, managing director of Acceleration Media. She says that Twitter was the platform where most of South Africa's web conversations around the riots in the UK took place, followed by web forums and comments on news sites. 29 Aug 2011 read more

"A good reputation is more valuable than money," advised Latin maxim writer Publilius Syrus who was writing a few years before the birth of Christ. His words ring even truer today for companies that are operating in an economy where reputation matters more than ever before. 26 Aug 2011 read more

Mobile marketing has appeared to be on the cusp of major growth for a number of years, but we have not yet seen companies shift as much of their budgets into the channel as expected. However, the pieces are now all in place for mobile to really take off. 23 Aug 2011 read more

The violent unrest that rocked Britain last week was one of the major subjects of conversation for South Africans on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, web forums and blogs. That's according to Diane Charton, managing director of Acceleration Media. She says that Twitter was the platform where most of South Africa's web conversations around the riots in the UK took place, followed by web forums and comments on news sites. 16 Aug 2011 read more

Social media isn't rocket science, but it does demand that you change the way that you think about interacting with your customers and prospects. Too many companies still approach their social media strategies in much the same way as they do other forms of traditional media. 2 Aug 2011 read more

South Africa's digital commerce and advertising market has reached a critical mass over the past two years, and now presents an irresistible opportunity for marketers at companies of all descriptions. 28 Jul 2011 read more

Mobile marketing is becoming increasingly rich, personalised and interactive as marketers find innovative ways of using the smartphone to bridge the physical and online worlds. 19 Jul 2011 read more

As the managing director of one of South Africa's leading digital marketing consulting firms, Diane Charton works in one of the fastest-growing segments of the media and technology worlds. But her high-pressure job hasn't kept her from excelling in the international sporting arena as well as raising her two small daughters aged 3 and 1. 13 Jul 2011 read more

South African companies operate in a changing landscape where consumers have more and more power to shape the fortunes of the businesses they interact with. We used to operate in a brand economy, but we are now increasingly doing business in a reputation economy. 6 Jul 2011 read more

South African companies that want to make the most of the mobile channel for marketing need to shift away from the interruptive tactics they used in the past towards using mobile technologies to interact and engage with customers. 28 Jun 2011 read more

Acceleration Media's managing director Diane Charton and digital marketing consultant Philip Mostert offer some client service 101 tips for online media, marketing and advertising professionals. 24 Jun 2011 read more

Your online reputation - what customers and other stakeholders are saying about your company on the social web - has a real and measurable impact on your business. 15 Jun 2011 read more

Online reputation management (ORM) tools are rapidly moving into the mainstream as companies around the world look for ways to boost their performance and become more responsive to their customers. 7 Jun 2011 read more

Many South African companies looking for new mobile marketing opportunities may benefit from experimenting with the humble .mobi portal before they start investing in mobile applications for the major smartphone platforms. 24 May 2011 read more

The African National Congress (ANC) is the most talked-about political party among South African Internet users in the run-up to the municipal elections on 18 May this year, with the Democratic Alliance (DA) in a respectable second place. 11 May 2011 read more

Content is still king in the online world, but the nature and scope of the content that you need to create a successful website has changed dramatically over the past few years. It's no longer enough to have well-crafted text and appealing visual design to capture the user's attention. You also need to offer high levels of interactivity to create an experience that engages the user. In other words, it's no longer just about broadcasting content to your user. It's also about empowering them to participate in the content process. Here are a few tips on how to create content that engages your customers. 14 Apr 2011 read more

Over the past few years, online search has evolved from a mechanism to bring customers to your website into a powerful tool for researching your customer base's needs. 12 Apr 2011 read more

Today, marketing and advertising professionals have access to an unprecedented selection of tools and technologies they can use to bring their creative concepts to life. These powerful new technologies have created a host of new ways for us to connect with consumers, generate rich content and ultimately win new customers and secure the loyalty of existing ones. 7 Apr 2011 read more

The mobile channel offers a great opportunity for companies to move closer to their customers and communicate with them, provided that they follow the best practices of permission-based marketing. 1 Apr 2011 read more

By now, most South African brands that sell products and services to people in the mid to upper LSMs understand that they can no longer ignore social media as a channel. 30 Mar 2011 read more

You may have a friend or two who you can always trust to tell you, with impeccable taste, which new films, albums, gadgets or restaurants are worth your time and money. This information is priceless if you don't have the time or patience to sample everything available to find the good stuff among the many options flooding the market for yourself. 17 Mar 2011 read more

You may have a very clear idea about what the core attributes of your brand are, but can you be sure that the people that use your products and services see your brand in the same way? How do you know whether your brand is living up to its promise in the mind of your customer? This is where social media measurement has an invaluable role to play. 15 Mar 2011 read more

2011 looks set to be an exciting year for the digital marketing world, with a great deal of action likely to take place in the mobile and social media spaces. Here are a few of the trends I expect to see shaping the year ahead. 14 Mar 2011 read more

Imagine if you saw a shopper in your store pick up a widget you sell, scrutinise it longingly and then carefully place it back on the shelf looking at the price tag. The shopper's interest in the product is evident, but he or she decides to walk away from the purchase because there is no money to buy it this week or because it's simply too expensive. 3 Dec 2010 read more

Online sages have foretold the demise of banner advertising (or online display advertising) for more than a decade. As far back as 1999, industry observers have asked whether the banner ad has any life left in it. 4 Nov 2010 read more

The advent of low-cost mobile data services, coupled with the growing affordability of smartphones, is bringing about a demographic shift in the South African online world. 29 Oct 2010 read more

Mobile search is emerging as a major opportunity for South African marketers, provided they take the time to understand the mobile Internet and put the right services in place to serve mobile customers. 27 Sep 2010 read more

Many companies are making extensive investments in search engine optimisation (SEO) without getting the basics right. But there are many simple little tips and tricks that will get your website ready for the search engines and help you to get better natural search results at no cost and with only a small investment in time. 5 Aug 2010 read more

According to Acceleration Media's SEO expert, Michael Walker, two major trends are sweeping across the search market, bringing with them a host of new challenges and opportunities for online marketers. They are the moves towards universal search and personalised search results, and together, they amount to game changers for search engine optimisation (SEO). 5 Aug 2010 read more

The Red & Yellow School of Logic and Magic, a Cape Town-based school of Advertising and Marketing, is set to turn an online marketing and advertising module it developed in partnership with Acceleration Media into a permanent part of its curriculum. 28 Jun 2010 read more

Many South African marketers are still tempted to treat digital and traditional marketing as separate disciplines. The thinking is that traditional, offline media is the mass marketing channel while digital media reaches only a small, rich segment of the population. 4 Jun 2010 read more

Most companies know their online customers are talking about them using social media, from blogs and forums through to Facebook, Twitter and consumer activist sites such as HelloPeter.com. What most of them can't say for sure is what sort of impact these online conversations are having on their brands and reputations, nor do they know how to get involved in the conversation. 26 May 2010 read more

Fiercer competition in the South African telecom market - particularly in the international undersea cable space - continues to drive bandwidth prices down, meaning that it is becoming viable for consumers to spend more time online and do more on the Web. 10 May 2010 read more

Last month, Google added a new capability to the Google South Africa search engine that may turn out to be one of its most important search innovations: the option for users to search for real-time social media content from across the Web. 7 May 2010 read more

One of the most important ways that online marketing and advertising sets itself apart from traditional media is by providing marketers with a wealth of information that they can use to track and measure their campaigns. But all too often, marketers make the mistake of measuring for the sake of measuring, or measuring the wrong metrics. That amounts to squandering all the value that lies trapped in your data. 7 May 2010 read more

The news that MWEB is to offer uncapped ADSL data access from as little as R219 a month will help to spur massive growth in online marketing and advertising in South Africa in the months ahead. 23 Mar 2010 read more

2010 Trends: Online keeps maturingAs we move into 2010, we can look forward to robust growth for the online advertising industry as bandwidth prices keep falling, more consumers join the broadband world, and more companies embrace the benefits of digital. 4 Feb 2010 read more

Acceleration Media has been appointed the exclusive Radian6 strategic partner for South Africa. 10 Dec 2009 read more

Acceleration Media is pioneering a groundbreaking online media and planning methodology called Gross Rating Points (GRPs) in South Africa. This innovative methodology will allow media planners and marketers to, for the first time, set correct media weighting and budgets to their online campaigns so that they can achieve the best possible return on their investments in the digital channel. 28 Oct 2009 read more

For the uninitiated, investing in online media can be a vague stab in the dark. Options such as ad sizes and types as well as which media environment to advertise in, can quite literally make or break your campaign. Bearing that in mind you need powerful insight into the market to make the right choices. 7 Aug 2009 read more

Acceleration Media has worked closely with the Red & Yellow School, a Cape Town-based school of advertising, communications and marketing, as well as with other players in the digital marketing landscape, to equip students at the institution with practical knowledge about online marketing and advertising. 1 Jul 2009 read more

South African companies must re-evaluate their search marketing strategies now that Google has changed its policies around trademarked keywords bidding to allow companies to bid for trademarks and brand keywords that they do not own. 12 Jun 2009 read more

The online advertising market is enjoying growth and progress across South Africa and the rest of the world, in spite of deepening gloom about the state of the global economy. We can expect to see even more growth, as marketers start to use online more aggressively as part of their marketing mix. 2 Mar 2009 read more

Marketers that have not yet allocated budget towards online advertising for the festive season still have time to acquire good placement opportunities ahead of the December rush. 12 Nov 2008 read more

Choosing the right environment to place your ads is perhaps the most important success factor for your online advertising campaign. You need to make sure that you are able to reach the right people with your message, in a format that will grab their attention, and at a cost that is appropriate for the benefits you receive. 20 May 2008 read more

Five steps to social networking successSocial networking has set the online world on fire over the past two years, with the likes of Facebook, MySpace and YouTube enjoying explosive growth in revenues and users. South African Internet users have embraced social networking with the same enthusiasm as the rest of the online world. 14 Nov 2007 read more

The growing popularity of social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook among South African Web users is creating a wealth of new marketing opportunities for online advertisers. That's according to Diane Charton, general manager of Acceleration Media. 16 Aug 2007 read more

South African companies are starting to look at ways of combining once discrete online marketing tools into integrated strategies as their understanding of the online landscape grows. That's according to Diane Charton, general manager at Acceleration Media. 18 May 2007 read more

Companies that want to maximise their returns from their online marketing spend should look at ways that they can use geo-targeting and other forms of targeting to reach the users that fall in their target markets while reducing the waste associated with serving ads to those who don't. 4 Apr 2007 read more

SA users flock to social networking sites - advertisers should followSouth African Web users are flocking to social networking sites such as MySpace and YouTube in their droves, which means that these Web sites offer local marketers a host of exciting new advertising opportunities.  31 Oct 2006 read more

South African marketers are earmarking an increasing proportion of their online advertising budgets to rich media formats in recognition of the excellent returns rich media produces when used wisely.  11 Oct 2006 read more

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