The circle in the square pegYou've gone through three gruelling interviews. You think you've hit it off with your future manager and have finally received that much-awaited phonecall from HR to tell you that you've got the job. 5 Oct 2017 Read more >>

Navigating the online jungleThere it is again - another pop-up. And all you were doing was trying to help your dear beloved grandmother search for the nearest dentist who can help fix her false teeth. Now your Facebook newsfeed is populated with ad after ad after ad for partial, upper and snap-in dentures! Yes... this is how advertising has progressed from the days of “Mad Men”. 18 Aug 2017 Read more >>

Entrepreneur/go-getter - slasher. Are you one?Meet John, a 35-year-old husband and father of two. Like most, John wakes up every morning to go to his 8-to-5 desk job where he's a data processor; unlike most, who look forward to a relaxing evening of unwinding after a hard day's work, John has opted for a long night of bartending at the local pub. John is what is known as a “slasher”. 3 Aug 2017 Read more >>

Ad Talent reloadedBrenda Bensted-Smith, CEO of Ad Talent, JHB and CT said, “It is time." 3 May 2017 Read more >>

Should you work your notice?Employees leave jobs for many reasons, but increasingly employees who resign don't want to work their notice or disappear as soon as they are paid. (Many are also producing spurious sick notes). Is this the right thing to do? 14 Mar 2017 Read more >>

What you need to know about UIFOn 19 January 2017 the president assented to an amendment to the Unemployment Insurance Act that significantly improves the benefits that can be received from UIF and even better takes away some of the obstacles that existed in claiming these benefits. There are essentially five benefits that can be claimed from UIF and over the next few weeks we will explain these benefits and the changes that this amendment to the act introduces. 6 Feb 2017 Read more >>

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Going graciouslyResigning can be stressful and emotional. Whether you've been retrenched, or there has been a restructure and the company is downsizing or whether you leave on your own accord, ensure you leave graciously. 15 Jun 2015 Read more >>

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Money Matters - Ad Talent Salary Survey 2013This survey was compiled using figures of actual placements made by Ad Talent and figures from salary information obtained from all candidates interviewed by Ad Talent from January 2013 to December 2013. 16 Jan 2014 Read more >>

Ad Talent celebrates their 40th birthdayWhat started as a small agency providing freelance creatives to the ad industry has blossomed into the largest recruitment agency servicing the communications industry in South Africa. We are proud of having played our part in making a contribution to the advertising, marketing, media and public relations industries. Thank you to those who have trusted us with their careers and to those companies that have given us the opportunity to place top talent. 22 Nov 2013 Read more >>

Ad Talent Salary Survey 2013This survey was compiled using figures of actual placements made by Ad Talent, as well as salary information obtained from all candidates interviewed by Ad Talent's consultants from January 2012 to December 2012. These are cost to company (CTC) figures. 10 Jan 2013 Read more >>

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It's coming up for the 'Silly Season' and we all tend to do 'silly' things at this time of the year. If you are starting a new job in the new year and are planning to resign over this period, you would do well not to be 'silly' about it. Resigning can be stressful and emotional at the best of times, so be thoughtful about how you go about this process. 31 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Ad Talent Salary Survey 2011As we recover from the recent global financial crisis feeling stronger and more determined than ever, albeit a tad bruised, we had a few questions about how the market was feeling. Thanks to LinkedIn we were able to create a few online polls to gauge the market. The results are interesting. 14 Jan 2011 Read more >>

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"Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I'm not there, I go to work." ~ Robert Orben. I suspect that if you are reading this newsletter, you, too, like Robert Orben, have to go to work every day, so check out our 2009 salary survey. 12 Jan 2009 Read more >>

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Do you remember the days when Chappies cost half a cent? When a cent could be split in two? And a Wilson's toffee filled your mouth and took forever to chew? Petrol has gone up and interest rates are on the increase. Do these daily expenses never cease? So while you are counting your pennies for 2008 have a look below and see if you are being paid the right rate. 4 Jan 2008 Read more >>

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Resigning from your job can be stressful and emotional. Regardless of your reasons for leaving a job, you should do it in a professional manner and go graciously.  9 Oct 2006 Read more >>

Many of you are quite confused about your salary structures. When asked how much you earn, almost all of you can tell us what you take home, but very few of you know the difference between Total cost to company, Gross, Basic or Cash package.  14 Sep 2006 Read more >>

Top Teazers strippers earn R80 000 per month. Lolly Jackson, owner of the adult education chain, swears that this is just for dancing, according to an article in the January issue of Femina. 12 Jan 2006 Read more >>

The Absa Group has donated blankets and food to the Leratong School, Joy for One Foundation, in Alexandra, Johannesburg. This is a joint initiative between Absa and Ad Talent, a recruitment agency for advertising, marketing, public relations and media sales, who "adopted" the Leratong School as their social responsibility project. 26 May 2005 Read more >>