Five lessons on why diversity isn't black and white - it's goldMore diverse businesses perform better - it's a fact. But building a diverse workforce in Africa is not just about ticking the gender and ethnic boxes - it's about building synergy within diverse teams and cultivating diverse behaviour across the organisation. Fortunately, certified Top Employers are getting it right. 10 Apr 2017 Read more >>

Remember, your employees are not psychic!The best-laid organisational plans will come to nothing if the people in the organisation don't know about them. Successful companies pull out all the stops to make sure that top level strategy is properly cascaded and communicated. 13 Mar 2017 Read more >>

Transparency is a business imperative, as record number of Top Employers CertifiedSouth Africa can hold its head high, as a record number of organisations achieved the prestigious Top Employers Certification this year. Research has revealed one of the top factors contributing to driving HR best practice was effectively implementing a high level of transparency and open communication. 19 Oct 2016 Read more >>

Transparency is a business imperative, as record number of continental Top Employers certifiedAfrica can hold its head high, as a record number of organisations achieved the prestigious Top Employers Africa Certification this year. Research has revealed one of the top factors contributing to driving HR best practice was effectively implementing a high level of transparency and open communication. 18 Oct 2016 Read more >>

Best HR practice impacts business success, study revealsStandfirst: A new report by the Top Employers Institute and the HR Certification Institute shows that businesses with Best HR Practices have sustainable business results. In South Africa, the same trends are apparent. 19 Sep 2016 Read more >>

Leadership: There is no 'I' in 'development' eitherThe annual global HR Best Practices Survey conducted by the Top Employers Institute has identified a number of key trends in the way leaders are being defined. The era of the individual is over, with an increasing focus on collective leadership, influence rather than position, and leaders taking ownership of their own development. South African companies are no exception. 1 Aug 2016 Read more >>

Top Employers use on-boarding as a key driver of operational effectiveness - studyOn-boarding is not just a way to make new employees feel welcome. It's increasingly being viewed as a key strategic imperative to increase productivity and smooth processes as early as possible. It's hardly surprising, then, that top employers are driving major new trends in how it's done. 25 May 2016 Read more >>

New research links HR best practices with better business performanceTop Employers Institute and HR Certification Institute research suggests business impact of both certifying company-wide HR practices and individual HR professionals. 6 Apr 2016 Read more >>

SA's top employers offer employees more non-financial benefitsThe recent Compensation and Benefits Report, published by the Top Employers Institute, shows that top employers in South Africa are increasingly offering employees more benefits and non-financial rewards. 16 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Top employers reward African talent with expanded job packagesA new study by the Top Employers Institute shows that employees in Africa are increasingly being rewarded with non-financial benefits in addition to traditional salary packages. 15 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Top Employers reward African talent with expanded job packagesA new study by the Top Employers Institute shows that employees in Africa are increasingly being rewarded with non-financial benefits in addition to traditional salary packages. 24 Nov 2015 Read more >>

SA's Top Employers offer employees more non-financial benefitsThe recent Compensation and Benefits Report, published by the Top Employers Institute, shows that top employers in South Africa are increasingly offering employees more benefits and non-financial rewards. 18 Nov 2015 Read more >>

Africa's Top Employers for 2016 announcedGlobal HR certification organisation, The Top Employers Institute, has announced the list of Top Employers in Africa for 2016. 17 Nov 2015 Read more >>

Measuring HR pain or gain? Top Employers research fuels the debateThe Top Employers Institute has announced the results of the Top Employers South Africa 2016 Certification Programme, which shows that the quest to measure HR investment is a growing trend. 17 Nov 2015 Read more >>

Crucial first steps transitioning from student to professionalMore emphasis has been placed on the importance of guiding graduates through the transition from life on campus to a new working world. 16 Nov 2015 Read more >>

Variety, flexibility and transparency rule in succession management - studyCareer and succession management no longer simply implies linear movement up the career ladder, a recent study shows. In a much more competitive environment, how are HR managers and business leaders to approach talent management and retention? South African Top Employers are leading the way with 86% having formally defined their career and succession management process and steps. 16 Nov 2015 Read more >>

New HR study finds continuous appraisal more helpful than annual performance reviewsTop performing employers are shifting from traditional annual performance reviews in favour of a more agile and collaborative appraisal process. 22 Jun 2015 Read more >>

Global Top Employers survey shows leadership development a top priority for South AfricaThe rapidly changing face of leadership has seen the growth of a collective - rather than individual - approach to leadership and the empowerment of employees to strive for leadership roles regardless of current position. 30 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Top Employers Institute awards first Global CertificationsSince 1991, the Top Employers Institute certifies excellence in the conditions that international companies create for their people. The introduction of a Top Employers Global Certification programme is a logical next step in view of the global trend in harmonisation of employee conditions. The first five Global Certifications have been awarded to Valeo, Technip, Dimension Data, JT International and DHL Express. 23 Mar 2015 Read more >>

Global Human Resources certifier announces Unilever as Africa's number one Top Employer for 2015Africa's 10 Top Employers have been announced by the Top Employers Institute in recognition of the world-class growth and development conditions they create for employees. 15 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Ten of the best: SA's Top Employers announcedThe Top Employers Institute has identified the ten top companies in South Africa that are going the extra mile for their people. 15 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Absenteeism costs SA employers R12bn annuallyCompanies are increasingly offering employees more than traditional medical aid benefits in an effort to keep their workforce healthy, happy and productive 28 May 2014 Read more >>

The Top Employers in Africa named for 2014While challenges abound for any company extending its reach into Africa, The Top Employers Africa 2014 Certification Programme shows that HR plays a vital role in bridging gaps and ensuring that both business and employee needs are met. 26 Sep 2013 Read more >>

FMCG Co tops employer list for the first time in South Africa!The country's Top Employers prove that sound HR makes solid business sense. 25 Sep 2013 Read more >>

CRF Institute transitions to global certification company: Top Employers InstituteCRF Institute, the international organisation that runs the Top Employers programme world-wide, has rebranded to the Top Employers Institute. This move comes as little surprise as the development of people becomes an increasingly important lever for employers the world over. 23 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Three key principles Top Employers live byTop employers win top talent through the implementation of a few simple principles 20 Sep 2013 Read more >>

HR steps up as ad spend goes downAdvertising spend is in decline, and employees are stepping into the gap as brand ambassadors for their companies - making HR investment all the more important, says a leading corporate researcher. 19 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Top employers in SA show trend towards green thinkingBy adjusting company policies to reduce travel and keep buildings greener, business can play a significant role in reducing South Africa's concerning carbon footprint. 18 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Social media is becoming more and more pervasive and has already been entrenched as a tool for external marketing. But what about internal communication? New research shows it might be groundbreaking there as well. 16 May 2013 Read more >>

Graduates are making mistakes that can be prevented and that could be stopping them from landing their dream job. 15 May 2013 Read more >>

Corporates step up to supplement basic education 14 May 2013 Read more >>

Businesses can achieve better branding power by investing in HR as brand custodians, says the CRF Institute's South Africa manager, Samantha Crous. 13 May 2013 Read more >>

Win some cash, get introduced to some of the country's top potential employers - what's for a graduate not to like? 16 Oct 2012 Read more >>

It's official, Old Mutual, Microsoft SA and MTN are the best employers in South Africa, according to the CRF Institute's annual Best Employers Certification Index for 2012/13. 5 Sep 2012 Read more >>

The Top Employers in Africa index is another way the best of the African talent pool and top businesses are being brought closer together. 4 Sep 2012 Read more >>

"Graduates about to enter the workforce today have a real curiosity about what top employers are offering new talent, what these companies view as ethically important and how this matches with their own life view," says Samantha Crous of SA's premier graduate career guide, Careers SA. 2 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Business is booming on the African continent, which means an increased need for talent management. In recognition of this, the popular Best Employers research is being extended to include the best HR performers on the continent. 27 Jul 2012 Read more >>

More and more companies are investing in total reward packages and mutually beneficial relationships with their staff, in the hope of increasing loyalty and productivity, and decreasing staff turnover. But, research shows, many of these investments are failing for one simple reason. 22 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Substantial, long-term relationships are the key to career success, and 'slow' is the new 'fast fix', say advisors. 30 May 2012 Read more >>

Successful companies know that they are only as good as their employees. Yet despite this, investing in policies to keep employees is still seen by many as an optional extra, not a critical factor influencing their bottom line - though research indicates it shouldn't be that way. 23 May 2012 Read more >>

Better working environments can reduce absenteeism, saving the economy billions per year 26 Apr 2012 Read more >>

Investing in working moms has spectacular returnsResearch shows that top companies give mothers better benefits 13 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Opening the gate to opportunitiesTwo organisations working at opposite ends of the employment spectrum in South Africa are giving young people a greater chance of finding a job and gaining the skills and dignity they need to live more purposeful lives. 14 Dec 2011 Read more >>

Twenty years ago this year CRF Institute launched its first Top Employers project. Since then, thousands of evaluations have taken place, documenting the inner working of some of the world's most successful companies. But what is this telling us about the future of the HR profession? CRF founder Sierk Baalbergen and CEO Steven Veenendaal discuss what they've seen and where they think HR is going. 18 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Telecommunications giant, MTN South Africa, has been named the Best Empowered Employer in South Africa in the latest national Best Employers campaign. 26 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Microsoft rated as SA's Best Employer for 2011Software giant, Microsoft SA (Pty) Ltd, has been rated as the Best Employer in South Africa for 2011/12 by the CRF Institute in its annual Best Employers Certification Index. 31 Aug 2011 Read more >>

The war for talent is heating up but it is not just between companies, it is between the 'old school' and the 'new school'. According to Samantha Crous, country manager of the CRF Institute, employers have to get with it if they want to hang onto talent. They need to start tapping into the demands of a new generation of employees with a brand new work ethic 16 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Changing business for the better starts with a personal journeyThe need to challenge taken-for-granted assumptions and practices in business, and cultivate curious, conscious, mindful and creative leadership that puts people first is becoming more and more significant, particularly in a world in which many of the old business structures and ways of thinking are breaking down. 12 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Inaugural meeting of the HR Vision Society tackles thorny question of the slow pace of transformation in corporate South Africa. 29 Jun 2011 Read more >>

New research by the CRF Institute South Africa, the employer brand research and marketing organisation, has revealed that 95% of the South African companies participating in the 2011/2012 Best Employers campaign have identified talent management as their key strategic priority. 17 Jun 2011 Read more >>

The CRF Institute believes it is time to take both HR and employer branding to a next level. 27 May 2011 Read more >>

According to the latest skills survey from the Institute of Directors (IoD), the growth of nearly 60% of businesses is being held back by a lack of skills in the wider workforce and among existing employees. 24 May 2011 Read more >>

Job seekers in today's market are much more conscious of global issues and are increasingly expressing a preference for working in sustainable and responsible organisations. 5 May 2011 Read more >>

South African corporate governance practices are considered relatively mature compared to emerging market peers, but they remain underdeveloped by international market standards. This is according to a report recently published by global credit rating company, Fitch Ratings. 4 Apr 2011 Read more >>

There is no shortage of research concerning the effects that post-holiday blues has on the workplace globally. A study done in the UK found that 46% of workers get such a bad case of post-holiday blues that they look for new employment immediately, while 56% admit they feel unsettled on their return to work. 26 Jan 2011 Read more >>

Being a good employer translates to higher market value. 23 Nov 2010 Read more >>

The world's largest beverage company, Coca-Cola, has been named the Best Empowered Employer in South Africa in the latest national Best Employers campaign. 15 Nov 2010 Read more >>

Showcasing the Top Employers certification seal improves the image as an attractive employer. 11 Nov 2010 Read more >>

During the launch of the Best Employers 2010/2011 promotion campaign recently, participating companies were also told about an innovative widget tool, which is set to greatly benefit both with the promotion of certified companies and assist talented graduates and professionals to find their best company to work for. 4 Oct 2010 Read more >>

A survey released recently by social recruitment software company Jobvite in the US revealed that a large majority of companies are moving away from traditional job advertising and toward social media as their primary recruiting tool. 4 Oct 2010 Read more >>

The world's leading provider of business management software, SAP, has been rated as the Best Employer in South Africa for 2010/11 by the CRF Institute in its annual Best Employers ranking. 30 Aug 2010 Read more >>

New research released this month by The Student Room, the UK's largest student community, shows that Generation Y graduates are thinking about their careers in the long-term when they enter the job market - according to the survey they are mature, goal-oriented and ambitious in their career thinking. 5 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Employee confidence in the future of their companies globally has dropped in 2010 and leadership that inspires confidence has emerged as the key driver of employee engagement to help businesses rebound in 2010 - this is according to the findings of a new global HR survey this May. 5 Aug 2010 Read more >>

The very best of South Africa's management talent is being sought after by SA's Leading Managers, the top annual multimedia campaign that communicates leadership and organisational achievements. 5 Aug 2010 Read more >>

According to recent research from PricewaterhouseCoopers, 53% of working males and one in five females (21%) in South Africa intend to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup matches scheduled to take place during office hours as they happen. 12 May 2010 Read more >>

After a tough 2009 for job seekers, new research has shown that South African employers anticipate a more buoyant employment market in 2010. The Grant Thornton International Business Report (IBR) revealed businesses in 29 of the 36 economies surveyed expect to increase staff numbers in 2010. 24 Mar 2010 Read more >>

Clicks Group retains #1 ranking in SA's Leading Managers 2009/10The Clicks Group is, for the second year running, awarded the #1 Publisher's Choice ranking in CRF South Africa's leadership research project: SA's Leading Managers. The CRF Institute together with the panel of moderating judges consisting of industry, academic and business luminaries identified the Publisher's Choice Top 10. 23 Nov 2009 Read more >>

Careers SA audited by the ABCCareers SA has become South Africa's only ABC audited graduate career guide while has reached 80,000 page impressions per month. 14 Sep 2009 Read more >>

Based on their talent management tradition and best practice, Accenture scooped the overall BEST Employer™ in South Africa title for 2009/10 at MonteCasino last night. Accenture, after a rigorous research process, have been ranked as the Number 1 employer of professional talent in the country by international research and media group: CRF South Africa. 19 Aug 2009 Read more >>

“The poor availability of talent is constraining the execution of business strategy,” say South African HR practitioners. 4 Jun 2009 Read more >>

CRF in partnership with Sunday Times is running the Leading Managers campaign once again. This is an annual business-to-business corporate showcase that reveals the country's high-performing companies and their leading managing executives to key stakeholder audiences. The publishers (CRF) of BEST Employers™ and Careers SA conduct credible research on critical performance areas such as Human Resources, Leadership and Strategy. 25 May 2009 Read more >>

Careers SA 2009/10 hits SA universities!The distribution of Careers SA 2009/10 magazine has started in SA universities including UNISA. The publication is free of charge to the target market, which are third-year students and postgraduates. 4 May 2009 Read more >>

Branded “Joburg's biggest career drive”, CRF showcased 50 BEST Employers™ for 2008/9 to the visitors who attended the expo from the 20-22 March 2009 at the Coca-Cola dome. 25 Mar 2009 Read more >>

CRF SA launches the BEST Employers online network for HR leadersThemed CONNECT. ENGAGE. INSPIRE., the objective of this network is to bridge the gap between human resources (HR) and marketing through inspiring conversations, best practice understanding and knowledge sharing, which promotes and develops the communities of HR best practice. 24 Mar 2009 Read more >>

A significant number of SA employers are committed to bring conversion within their companies in the next three years. According to the BEST Employers™ survey 2008/9, the country's average of female executive management staff is 25%, with an aim to increase it to 33% in the coming years. 25 Feb 2009 Read more >>

CRF's annual project, ‘South Africa's Leading Managers 2008/09', has been an exceptional experience for all involved this year. CRF introduced the research component: The Leadership Benchmark™ survey in 2007 and further developed it with Jonathan Cook, Senior Lecturer: Leadership at The Gordon Institute of Business Science. 8 Dec 2008 Read more >>

Microsoft takes the honours in BEST Employers 2008/09 survey of top companies to work forMicrosoft is the country's BEST Employer™ for 2008/09 according to the now well-established HR best practice benchmark BEST Employers™ South Africa, run by CRF South Africa. 14 Aug 2008 Read more >>

Uncertainty is rampant. Trust is the central theme in business today. 20 Jun 2008 Read more >>

Careers SA - the ‘by business, for graduates' career guide - hits SA campuses!Careers SA 2008 is out! Published by CRF South Africa and partnered by industry giants PetroSA (Energy), AngloPlatinum (Mining) and Microsoft (ICTe), the 2008 edition bigger and better, filled with even more of the information graduates need to make informed career decisions when entering the job market. 23 Apr 2008 Read more >>

Simon Barrow of People in Business in the UK, states that tomorrow's CEOs will spend more time on their organisation's reputation as an employer, than with the investment community, and fund managers will worry if they don't. 10 Apr 2008 Read more >>

The concept of employee engagement has gained widespread recognition and credibility in management practice in the last few years, according to Phuti Tsukudu, former chairperson of the South African Post Office and executive director of Tsukudu Associates, a management and Human Resources Consultancy based in Cape Town. 19 Mar 2008 Read more >>

A cursory look at the job supplements of any reputable newspaper or magazine reveals there are thousands upon thousands of openings in the higher end of the employment market, be it in private or public sectors. 10 Mar 2008 Read more >>

Pervading local macro-economic issues, such as higher interest rates, fuel price hikes, inflation, political uncertainty and crime, will affect organisational staff attraction and retention in 2008 and beyond. 20 Feb 2008 Read more >>

Ian Cockerill, CEO of Gold Fields Ltd, was named South Africa's 2007 Leading Manager by international research-based publisher CRF South Africa, at an intimate leadership excellence awards dinner held at Moyo Zoo Lake on 29 November 2007. 29 Nov 2007 Read more >>

Shell (1), Absa (2), Exxaro Resources (3), Microsoft SA (4), Vodacom (5), Edcon (6), BHP Billiton (7), Pfizer (8), Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs (9), Beyond Outsourcing (10), Ernst & Young (10), Industrial Development Corporation (10) and Netcare (10) were named South Africa's Top 10 BEST Employers™ for 2007 at a high-energy company awards ceremony held at Emperors Palace last night by international research-based publishing company CRF (Corporate Research Foundation). 31 Aug 2007 Read more >>

South African business leaders today are undoubtedly among some of the finest in the world, and with ever-increasing competition, commoditisation and fragmentation, leaders should utilise every opportunity to differentiate the brands they represent by espousing their values, organisational integrity and vision. 9 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Who are South Africa's true business leaders? Submit your nomination today and be part of the exciting annual project to identify the top percentile of the country's business leaders and ultimately name SA's 2007 Leading Manager. 28 Jun 2007 Read more >>

“And now, thanks to our brand strategy, our coordinated recognition of the best companies in the world means CRF has identified a global pool of top performers – all researched and ranked across virtually the same set of criteria; and all easily identified using the simple quality seal.” – Berndt de Wit, International Brand Manager, CRF International 25 Jun 2007 Read more >>

More and more South African companies are taking the lead in acknowledging their human capital assets through internal reward and commitment to HR best practice. But these forward-thinking companies know this is not enough; they know that trumpeting this commitment and the successes thereof facilitates loyalty, trust and improved performance among their staff, staff who feels part of a great company to work for: A BEST Employer™. 4 May 2007 Read more >>

As a South African organisation, are you proactively implementing strategies and conducting the necessary research to retain your talent? If not, perhaps research from The South African Graduate Recruitment Association (SAGRA) will provide the impetus for some action. 24 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Eighty percent of employees are either actively job hunting or open to better offers from elsewhere, according to a survey conducted by (Fortune, How Admired Companies Find the Best Talent). In a global – ageing - labour market characterised by skills scarcity and increased mobility, where money is not the primary motivator, finding and keeping talent is top of leadership’s to do list. 20 Apr 2007 Read more >>

While companies emphasise the attraction and retention of a skilled workforce and improving workforce performance as part of their strategic priorities, few understand the impact these strategies have on their business as key profit-drivers according to independent research-based publishing company – CRF International (CRF). 3 Apr 2007 Read more >>

In line with CRF International’s global corporate strategy, CRF South Africa has made three strategic management appointments. 2 Apr 2007 Read more >>

CRF International’s Best EmployersTM South Africa project is in full swing. Will Ernst & Young, ‘Best Company to Work For 2006 (7th Edition)’, take the prestigious Number 1 spot once again? Perhaps we’ll see one of the top 10 companies – SABMiller, Edgars, Standard Bank, Bidvest, BHP Billiton, Netcare, Microsoft, Sanlam, Coronation Fund Managers – muscle forward into pole position. Or will the coveted title of Best Employer 2007 be awarded to a new participating company? 29 Mar 2007 Read more >>