Our predictions on the future of SEOThe upheavals in SEO over the last few years have been quite dramatic and, it seems, this trend is set to continue into the future. 7 Jul 2016 Read more++

Now there's more to like and love about Facebook's new reactionsFacebook recently launched their new 'Reactions' feature. In a nutshell, 'Reactions' are basically an extension of the 'Like' button. 29 Jun 2016 Read more++

Get your Facebook social media game onHaving a web and social media presence is one thing. Syncing and integrating them to reach your customers is another thing altogether. 11 Apr 2016 Read more++

Instagram: A snapshot of the latest social media-advertising platformWhen someone says "Instagram", you no doubt think of food pictures, beach shots, and Throwback Thursday images of your best friend's overseas trip. 17 Mar 2016 Read more++

Five ways to keep ahead of your competitionStaying a step ahead of the competition might not always be the easiest task, but with some planning, resilience and foresight getting and keeping that critical edge comes a few steps closer. In fact, playing catch-up is tougher, so here are some tips to keep your business moving forward in front of the competition. Keeping your offering fresh means you need to continually innovate and in so doing, sustain your company's success and long-term growth. 7 Mar 2016 Read more++

Web design predictions for 2016Thanks to the ever-evolving world around us, the primary objective of digital designers is not only to design fluid experiences but also to allow visual consistency to flow into multiple device interfaces. Sounds pretty straightforward right? 29 Jan 2016 Read more++

Make your business fly on InstagramIs your business finally on Instagram? Terrific! Now the fun begins as you start to build and connect with your target audience. 13 Nov 2015 Read more++

How to get your business noticed on LinkedInLinkedIn is often overlooked as a network for marketing purposes. 28 Oct 2015 Read more++

Want to understand your audience better? Here's how...Speaking to your audience in a relevant and impactful way is one of the biggest challenges every company faces on a daily basis. 16 Sep 2015 Read more++

10 tips to get your emails opened and read by your marketYou send out a mail about your business to a potential or existing customer, but how do you ensure that they'll even open it, let alone read it? 8 Sep 2015 Read more++

Web design and development - How two different disciplines work togetherMany people often lump web design and web development together as if they were the same thing. 31 Jul 2015 Read more++

Our predictions on the future of SEOThe upheavals in SEO over the last few years have been quite dramatic and, it seems, this trend is set to continue into the future. 27 Jul 2015 Read more++

Download these budget-saving appsSave money, budget for upcoming expenses and manage your cashflow like a pro. 13 Jul 2015 Read more++

A couple of years ago some clever chaps wanted to show off some new car's reverse-assist benefit. They decided on radio because they had this great idea to record the audio phonetically and in reverse, so that when you played it backwards it would be perfectly audible and understandable. It would be a world first and would really drive home the point that driving backwards is now as easy as driving forwards. Pretty solid, clever idea, right? 11 Jun 2014 Read more++

Advertising is a fun industry. It's filled with interesting people with crazy hairstyles and wild opinions, and having done this for a while I can honestly say it surpasses even the music industry for the sheer amount of wannabe rockstars in attendance. 6 May 2014 Read more++

Marketing strategy - to have or not to have - that is the question. Particularly when company budgets are under pressure and the CEO believes he can make do without advertising for a while or a while longer. Perhaps he even delegates the advertising role to his secretary to ensure that an existing print ad appears from time to time to keep some of the sales force happy. She has expressed an interest in designing the new company business cards, after all. 2 May 2014 Read more++

Google has been buying companies left right and centre in the past decade. At first glance one might think that Google, much like most companies, just wants to expand and make more money. This might be true but Google isn't any ordinary company. 29 Apr 2014 Read more++

Britta DahmsImages have become more important when it comes to generating traffic to websites. Image search engines and social media platform like Google Images, Pinterest, Tapiture, Twitter and Facebook all use images. By optimising images for these sites, the amount of traffic leading to your website will increase along with the brand awareness. When searching for keywords, images are now displayed on the search engine result pages. 24 Apr 2014 Read more++

Britta DahmsWith the continuing growth of social media and the impact it can have on your business it is no longer just a nice-to-have add on to your growing business. It has become a must have as it creates a platform for you to communicate with existing and potential clients, create awareness of services and products that you offer and create a personalised experience unique to every client. 22 Apr 2014 Read more++

'Tis the season that all online retailers look forward to every year, the influx of online holiday shoppers, but what happens when the shopping is done, and all you are left with is a declining blue line in your analytics? 15 Dec 2013 Read more++

360eight's new TV campaign for Yellow Pages (see link) started flighting this past week in South Africa on DStv, SABC 2 and SABC 3. Since opening the doors for business in April 2013, the agency has been focused on the development of a new strategy that repositions the Yellow Pages brand making it more appealing for today's tech savvy consumers and entrepreneurs. "Not only have we been entrusted with all of Yellow Pages communications but we're also playing an important role in the innovation of their products," said Olaf Brinkmann, 360eight's Managing Director. 15 Aug 2013 Read more++

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