How the all-women RSVP Agency team has stormed onto the events scene in three short yearsThe RSVP Agency has burst onto the events scene in the last three short years. Boasting an enviable client list, The RSVP Agency offers what no one else does: a world-class product and world-class service at an affordable price. 12 Oct 2015 Read more ++

Are your events ready for the big league?SA is fast becoming the corporate event destination. First-world infrastructure, a central location, as well as a favourable exchange rate combine to form an event destination that's extremely attractive to foreign companies. 6 May 2015 Read more ++

Seven traits marketing maestros have in commonEver wondered what the difference is between a great marketer, and one who's downright phenomenal? 11 Mar 2015 Read more ++

Top South African wine auction adopts latest event technologyThe RSVP Agency recently had the privilege of working with one of South Africa's top wine producers - Nederburg - at one of their world class events. The Nederburg Rare South African Wine Auction is recognised as one of the world's five major wine auctions, thus making the annual Nederburg Auction the premier wine event of the year. 2 Dec 2014 Read more ++

Terry SutherlandIt's the time of the year that fatigue starts to kick in, and dreams of lazing away the summer hours are (frustratingly) just out of reach. Silly season is nearly upon us, and for event planners, this means one thing and one thing only: corporate year-end functions. 1 Oct 2014 Read more ++

The RSVP Agency launches The Ultimate Guide to Event Décor 2014The last few years have seen corporate events evolve from drab, dull affairs into spectacular experiences. Guests now expect to be impressed the moment they walk through the door, right up until the event comes to an end. The corporate events that make a lasting impression on guests are those that use innovative, forward-thinking elements that continually surprise and delight. 27 Aug 2014 Read more ++

The RSVP Agency presents: Email Invitations Benchmarks ReportIn an age where budgets have shrunk, but expectations remain high, it's crucial that events are planned according to accurate data if you want to ensure that your events result in ROI. Events need to be well attended, by the right guests. We've compiled our annual Email Invitations Benchmarks Report - a curation of event planning statistics from our very own events. 16 Jul 2014 Read more ++

Terry SutherlandMost event managers are all too aware of the challenges faced when sending out an e-invite. Not only do you have to dodge spam folders, you have to make sure your invitation is as enticing as possible. Well, help is at hand. We've rounded up four e-invite statistics that will aid you in creating and sending out invitations that garner the best response rate possible. 30 Apr 2014 Read more ++

Terry SutherlandMost event managers have their preferred way of doing things, and some practices make more sense than others. We've rounded up a couple of the most misguided pieces of advice we've heard about the conference registration process. Read on to find out what not to do... 27 Mar 2014 Read more ++

Terry SutherlandManually managing a guest list - whether via Excel or with a pen and paper - can be the stuff of nightmares. Not only is it a massive waste of time, it's confusing too, and more often than not leaves event planners frazzled, which sets the tone for the rest of the event - something you definitely want to avoid. 26 Feb 2014 Read more ++

Event trends for 2014: Revamp your event registrationAs a corporate event organiser, getting people to actually come to your event is one of the biggest challenges that you will face. Here we take a look at how corporate events have evolved and highlight some of the most important trends going into 2014, thereby offering you everything you need to know to evaluate (and reconsider) your current approach to event registration. 23 Jan 2014 Read more ++

How to manage your event guest list correctlyManaging RSVPs for an event is more complicated than many people think. The most important thing when it comes to event planning is, of course, the guest list, and managing this list for a large and important event is key to a successful outcome. 14 Jan 2014 Read more ++

10 RSVP essentials you should consider for every eventWithout necessarily meaning to, guests can often make your job as RSVP coordinator very difficult. In light of this The RSVP Agency has compiled a list of 10 "Don'ts" that will guide you and help you to carry out the job admirably whatever situation arises. 3 Dec 2013 Read more ++

Events in a digital world: How technology is changing event planningJust as technology is always changing and developing, so too are the expectations of event attendees, and consequently the event coordinator has to choose to modernise or become outdated. 29 Oct 2013 Read more ++

Managing RSVPs for your Golf Day: Professional event management softwareManaging a corporate golf day needs a comprehensive RSVP solution. Whether you are an event organiser, in a marketing department, or are a professional involved in the running of golf days, it is vital to ensure that the right people attend the event; and to do that you need to make sure your RSVP process is well managed. 30 Sep 2013 Read more ++

A successful event needs the right guestsAs an Event Manager, you need to ensure you get maximum guest attendance to your event. It's one of the most important, yet often overlooked, parts of event management. The RSVP Agency shares some insight into how to ensure the right guests attend your event. 29 Aug 2013 Read more ++

Introducing A Practical Guide to Professional RSVPThe RSVP Agency is thrilled to launch an exciting new eBook, "A Practical Guide to Professional RSVP: Best Practices for Email Invitations, Online Registration, & RSVP for Corporate Events". 25 Jul 2013 Read more ++

5 reasons why you should be using an online invitation serviceSigned, sealed, delivered? Why go to so much effort? With the advent of online invitations via email, invitation services are changing the face of event coordination as we know it. There's no waiting for invitations to make their way through the postal system, or for RSVPs that get lost in the mail... 18 Apr 2013 Read more ++

Event Management made easyEvent management is a stressful game. A major stress for event planners is time management - it's hard to be cool and calm when you're working hard to maintain a strict schedule - and satisfying different people's demands. 18 Apr 2013 Read more ++

How the pros manage online event invitationsThese days, sending out email or online invitations for any event is way more common than posting print invitations. However, event planners are still not using email invitations, or e-vites as they're also known, to their full advantage. 18 Apr 2013 Read more ++

What is Professional RSVP Management?What makes a successful event? Is it champagne and sushi served on silver trays, goody bags, or an upmarket venue? 18 Apr 2013 Read more ++

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