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Dris Naidoo joins The Brand Alive GroupDris Naidoo - legendary in the advertising, marketing and branding industry in South Africa for the past 25 years - has joined The Brand Alive Group as Business Development Director. Based in the Johannesburg office in South Africa, Dris will lead business development for the group in all its operational territories, as well as looking at growth into new markets. 6 Mar 2018 Read more >>

Loyalty, advocacy and forgivenessI had a few meals last weekend at an outstanding little bistro-style restaurant called 'Rambling Rose' in St Francis Bay on the Eastern Cape Coast in South Africa. And something happened that made me realise that there is more to the results of keeping the promise of a great brand than simply loyalty and advocacy. And that is forgiveness. Allow me a few moments to explain. 6 Feb 2018 Read more >>

You've got six seconds. Make it count.In an age of increasingly limited attention spans and massive overcrowding of digital communication, the need to communicate quickly, with relevant and targeted messaging, is more important than ever before. So now we have the six-second YouTube "Bumper" ad... and it's a pretty tricky thing to get right! 5 Dec 2017 Read more >>

Brand Alive Group creates and launches new Imperial Logistics brandThe Brand Alive Group have relaunched the Imperial Logistics brand internationally, with an updated, contemporary new look, positioning statement and with all associated expression elements from comprehensive website through film, literature, signage, vehicle livery, etc. 28 Nov 2017 Read more >>

A vital messageIn South Africa, 250,000 children do not go to school. At all. 2.3 million go to bed with no meal, and 1/4 of toddlers are nutritionally stunted - severely compromising brain development - and 1/4 of our schools do not offer maths or science. 19 Oct 2017 Read more >>

An Uber bad reputationUnderestimating the impact of your corporate culture on your brand's market performance can be a deadly move, as Uber has proven. The recent ruling by Transport For London (TFL) that Uber be effectively banned in the city represents a very strange time in our world that is hell-bent on innovation and improvement. Another city is shutting down one of the most innovative, effective and demanded transportation services. Why has it gone so terribly wrong? 5 Oct 2017 Read more >>

For whom the Bell Pottinger tollsIt tolls for thee. 6 Sep 2017 Read more >>

Who gives a s#!t about EVP?Well, most people - young and old - it seems. Whilst the term Employment Value Proposition (EVP) might not be widely understood amongst people outside of the HR and talent attraction departments, and not even widely acknowledged as ‘a thing' amongst employees and prospective talent, global research shows that the fundamentals that make it up are at the forefront of all of their minds. 5 Sep 2017 Read more >>

Pharmed brand comes to lifeBringing the brand out of the pages of a strategy document and turning it into something that is understood, believed in and lived by staff, and felt to be meaningful and positive differentiation by customers, is one of the greatest (and most misunderstood) challenges facing business leadership. And that's because it is actually about creatively managing human psychology. 24 Aug 2017 Read more >>

With or Without Sugar - Brand trends for 2017In the first episode of With or Without Sugar for 2017, four leading professionals in brand strategy, design and communication collect at a trendy gin bar in Johannesburg to talk about the upcoming trends that all brand professionals should be considering for the coming year - and beyond. 19 Jan 2017 Read more >>

The Brand Alive Group appointed to rebrand top global energy traderLeading international brand strategy, design and expression group The Brand Alive Group has been appointed to conduct a comprehensive, ground-up rebrand of major global energy trading firm DufEnergy. 5 Jan 2017 Read more >>

Brand South Africa: persuading talent to come home in a crisis"Have a conversation with somebody that is not like you." In the latest episode of With or Without Sugar, Giles Shepherd of The Brand Alive Group hears from Angel Jones of Homecoming Revolution about what South Africans should be doing to help Brand South Africa to regain its lost equity. 6 Dec 2016 Read more >>

Social Media Sentiment Analysis - how to know what's really going onConventional media the world over were convinced of a Clinton win... but specialist social media analytics firm BrandsEye predicted a Trump win, just as they had correctly predicted Brexit. Giles Shepherd and Gabby Cowling of The Brand Alive Group chatted to Freddie Herbst, BrandsEye's Commercial Director, about their Social Media Sentiment Analysis model in the latest episode of With or Without Sugar. 23 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Gender diversity in brand leadershipA few months ago, Kevin Roberts, the Chair of Saatchi & Saatchi, was suspended and then resigned after his outrageous remarks about women in business. In our supposedly enlightened age, is this really a debate that needs to go on? 3 Nov 2016 Read more >>

Brand Alive Group launches With or Without SugarThe Brand Alive Group have launched a new vlog series called 'With or Without Sugar' - chatting to industry leaders around the world about interesting and important subjects that affect business and brands. 12 Sep 2016 Read more >>

Selling the 'why', not the 'what'The Brand Film Co., specialist division of The Brand Alive Group, has launched a new promotional brand film for Ontarget Interiors that exemplifies why selling a customer on 'why' the brand exists, is so important, rather than simply telling what they do. 10 Aug 2016 Read more >>

New brands for the UAEThe Brand Alive Group has conceptualised, named, designed and launched a full range of consumer product brands for Dubai-based client, IMS. 10 May 2016 Read more >>

A new identity for the Brand Alive GroupThe Brand Alive Group has rebranded, in line with its development over the past few years of a group structure, as well as its increasing global footprint. 3 Mar 2016 Read more >>

Simple, memorable, compellingMost brands are fighting a moment-by-moment battle for attention in a sea of similarity, complicated by a market of skeptical, mistrusting, demanding customers who have short attention spans and little tolerance for poor communication. Getting ideas across effectively - and compellingly - is a constantly moving feast. 7 Sep 2015 Read more >>

Brand Alive Group appoints Paul Phillips as UK Managing DirectorThe Brand Alive Group has appointed UK business and brand specialist, Paul Phillips, to head up its UK operations with immediate effect, covering the full spectrum of the company's offerings. 12 Aug 2015 Read more >>

Enabling The Love TrustLeading international brand development and expression consultancy, Brand Alive, has launched a groundbreaking new social investment initiative designed to create real and sustainable value for South African non-profit organisations where it counts most. 'Enable' - the new division of The Brand Alive Group - will do precisely this - enable the business success of deserving social initiatives through the application of world-class brand development and expression services and practices. 22 Jan 2015 Read more >>

Keeping it simplePublicity. We all want it. We've all got ideas. Some great. Some crap. Tell people. Just be quick. And meaningful. A million dollars an inch is an outdated idea. If you can say it in less, it's worth more. 3 Nov 2014 Read more >>

The Brand Film Co. creates a powerful set of films for the Imperial GroupSpecialist film-making division of The Brand Alive Group, The Brand Film Co., has created a series of highly innovative and effective films for several companies within the Imperial Group, each powerfully delivering on particular strategic objectives. 23 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Professional Employment Value Propositions workBrand Alive clients have topped their category lists in the Top Employer Institute Survey results announced this month, showing that a professionally developed Employment Value Proposition (EVP), powered by a committed Internal Brand Engagement programme does indeed deliver results. 18 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Brand protection before brand projection!In today's brand sophisticated world, one would imagine that even entrepreneurs would be aware of the basics of protecting intellectual property, and that big business had this 'down pat'. Not so. There are plenty of examples of large, listed companies that have found themselves unaware of, or confused about some critical aspects of brand law. 27 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Brand Alive launches new 'Resolve' brand for Imperial LogisticsOn Friday, 19 July, Brand Alive put on a 'launch spectacular' in Johannesburg to unveil a newly created brand within the Imperial Logistics Group. Dubbed "Resolve", the new operation merges group companies Volition and e-Logics and their associated businesses with some existing managed services capacity in the group. 23 Jul 2013 Read more >>

A real new brand for Real PeopleLeading international brand development consultancy Brand Alive has launched the completely rebranded financial services group, Real People, propelling it into a vibrant and exciting future. 9 May 2013 Read more >>

Brand Alive launches The Brand Film CompanyLeading international brand development and expression consultancy, Brand Alive, has launched its new specialist arm - The Brand Film Company. Arising from the increasing success of the company's work in this arena, and demand for its innovative solutions, it will now trade as an independently branded and accessible business unit. 23 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Brand Alive builds an energetic legend for VWBeginning in 2007, Brand Alive has been responsible for the comprehensive development and expression of the internal brand for Volkswagen Group South Africa - from the development of the Employment Value Proposition (EVP), through comprehensive internal communication planning, to naming, structuring and design of critical internal brand initiatives. 12 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Underestimating the employment brand"I knew it was time to leave when I realised I could no longer look students in the eye and tell them what a great place this was to work." In his blatant, public berating of Goldman Sachs, Greg Smith has provided the most concise and eloquent description of what happens when a brand fails to deliver on its employment value proposition. 16 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Brand Alive wins double Gold for NedbankBrand Alive's Employment Brand Campaign for top South African bank, Nedbank, was awarded Gold in two of the three categories of the 2011 South African Graduate Recruitment Awards. The awards were for Best Print Campaign and Best Integrated Campaign, and were made at the annual SAGRA gala banquet, held in Pretoria on Tuesday, 29 November. 1 Dec 2011 Read more >>

Brand Alive appointed to Servest Groupbrandalive®, the brand relationship company, has been appointed to handle internal brand engagement and communication for the Servest Group, encompassing its six divisional companies, including Servest Cleaning, Servest Hygiene, Servest Office Plants, Servest Landscaping, Servest Security and Servest Turf. 29 Sep 2011 Read more >>

Managing the illusionAs branding professionals we are often asked to give an easy-to-understand definition of a brand and the discipline of 'branding'. There are many well-worn statements and phrases that are thrown around, but all-too-often they are esoteric and fail to land a proper understanding with people who are not immersed in our world and our terminology. So how do we take the mystique out of the word, and at the same time create the realisation that brands and branding is about bottom line results in every business? 17 Jun 2011 Read more >>

Brand Alive appointed to Southey Holdingsbrandalive®, the brand relationship company, has been appointed to the Southey Holdings brand, encompassing its eleven divisional companies throughout Africa and the Middle East, including Southey Contracting, Dormac, Concord, Isolite, Rudnev, GasCon, Parkhome, Kwenza, Eventscaff, Okapi and Tate & Nicholson. 9 Jun 2011 Read more >>

Most organisations today have prominent, customer facing brands - or at the very least brand projections that the ordinary consumer is exposed to and aware of. The 'promise' made by these brands (the 'Customer Value Proposition' or CVP) is intentionally articulated and designed to evoke certain attitudes, feelings and reactions that are specifically targeted towards purchase decisions and loyalty in that space. The job of the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) is also to evoke attitudes, feelings and reactions, but rather than purchase decisions and loyalty, the hope is to drive a decision by prospective talent (students, young professionals, professionals, etc) to join the company, and once there to remain engaged and loyal. It's two sides of the same coin. 7 Jun 2011 Read more >>

Innovative brand film for BSGbrandalive® the brand relationship company, has created an innovative brand film for Technology company BSG, using animation to deliver the message in a highly engaging and entertaining manner. 28 Jan 2011 Read more >>

Gabby Cowling appointed MD at Brand Alive JohannesburgGabby Cowling has taken the reins as Managing Director of the Johannesburg office of leading international brand development specialist, brandalive®. Gabby joined the company in early 2009 as Brand Relationship Director, responsible for senior account management and operations. Giles Shepherd becomes Chief Executive. 15 Nov 2010 Read more >>

Back to the future"If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there." This Lewis Carroll truism is as valid today as ever. But as vital as the future is, it's equally important to know what happened on the journey here, where we find ourselves currently, as well as the surroundings, hazards and opportunities the road ahead presents. In the context of brands, this is the space of the Brand Review - a comprehensive analysis of where the brand has been, where it finds itself and where it wants to go, so that the future can be designed rather than happened upon. 12 Nov 2010 Read more >>

Mind the GapI love it when a big, international brand ignores the fundamental principles of brand development and creates an epic fail. Not simply because it provides entertainment, but more because it helps our industry get the point across - this branding business is not some silly marketing bull, but is by contrast the very foundation of a business. 22 Oct 2010 Read more >>

Brand Alive launches a string of client websitesbrandalive® the brand relationship company, has developed a series of comprehensive new websites for client brands. Each website forms part of an overall development and implementation project, arising from a comprehensive analysis and establishment of the brand. 14 Sep 2010 Read more >>

Brand Alive launches BrandfootprintIn recent years more and more brands have been ‘going green'. Green logo's, green speak - and even some isolated green behaviour. But as much as these brands shout about how environmentally responsible they are, what about the other critical pillars of good brand behaviour? What about their impacts on societies, communities and economies? Carbon footprint is but one aspect - brandfootprint™ is the whole dimension. 4 May 2010 Read more >>

The World Cup can become a branding hat trick for South AfricaTony Leidenkrantz, top international branding expert and Managing Director of Brand Alive Sweden, based in Gothenburg, has an interesting and unique European perspective on the potential upsides and downsides of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on Brand South Africa. 15 Apr 2010 Read more >>

If any of us were the owners of the brand ANC, surely we would quickly dispense with a person - no matter how senior - that was constantly bringing the brand into disrepute? Observing the ridiculous shenanigans going on at the moment, one has to ask the question - who actually does own the ANC brand? And who has the power to control how it is used? 9 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Brand Alive appointed to Gravure Cylindersbrandalive®, the brand relationship company, has been appointed to handle the brand development and expressions for leading industrial manufacturing firm, Gravure Cylinders. brandalive® has already conducted a comprehensive Brand Analysis - unearthing the essence of the brand - and will now be developing its core brand assets. 1 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Structuring an ingenious brandbrandalive®, the brand relationship company, has launched the freshly positioned Group Five brand, with its new positioning statement ‘Structured Ingenuity', a brand launch film and a comprehensive new brand architecture and visual identity guidelines system. 29 Mar 2010 Read more >>

RMB and Foschini Group scoop top honours at SAGRA AwardsThe 2009 South African Graduate Recruitment Awards were held in African splendour at Misty Hills Country estate on 27 January. RMB and Foschini Group took away the Gold Awards, with RMB also scooping the Overall Winner Award for excellence in graduate recruitment communication and activities. 10 Feb 2010 Read more >>

Brand Alive opens Swedish officebrandalive®, the brand relationship company, has opened an office in Gothenburg, Sweden. Headed up by top international branding expert, Tony Leidenkrantz, the office propels the company formally onto the European stage. 5 Feb 2010 Read more >>

Will Brand Airlink survive?It was two years ago to the month that, as trust was pouring out of a gaping hole in the Nationwide brand after the grounding of its fleet following safety concerns, I published an article entitled 'Bye bye brand?'. I asked the crucial question: “Would the ‘All Clear' be good enough to rescue that airline from a crash and burn?”. It wasn't. What now for Airlink? 22 Jan 2010 Read more >>

Gabby Cowling joins Brand AliveGabby Cowling has joined the brandalive® team as Brand Relationship Director, as from 1 May 2009. Gabby is one of the most seasoned brand and marketing professionals in the country, having most recently led the Standard Bank business for TBWA Hunt Lascaris. 10 Jun 2009 Read more >>

brandalive®, the brand relationship company, has been appointed to handle the executive brand leadership and brand champion programmes for top international building, infrastructure and engineering firm, Group Five. The programme is designed to explore, reveal and entrench the unique brand ethos of the firm, leading to a co-created approach and tactics for delivering and expressing the brand. 6 Apr 2009 Read more >>

Giles Shepherd elected President of the ABFGiles Shepherd, managing director of brandalive®, was inaugurated as President of the ABF at its 40th annual AGM at the Inanda Club in Sandton on 18 March. 27 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Brand Alive gets a people business readyWhen Requisite Business Solutions - South Africa's foremost specialist in operational readiness solutions for the mining industry, approached brandalive® for a brand analysis and recommendations on its development and expression, a few things soon became apparent. 25 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Brand Alive revolutionises Merensky brandIn late 2007 brandalive® embarked on the first phase of its bespoke brand development programme - an analysis of the HM Timber brand, intended to unearth and then progressively build on the powerful equity of South Africa's foremost forestry and sawmilling group. 19 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Standard Bank CIB was the biggest winner at the 2nd annual South African Graduate Recruiters Awards ceremony, held at Kievits Kroon, Pretoria, on 27 November 2008. The company took Gold in the Best Graduate Recruitment Website category, another Gold in the Best Integrated Campaign category, and Silver in the Best Printed Material category. The Integrated Campaign category was introduced for the first time this year. 11 Dec 2008 Read more >>

It's been a few decades now since the word ‘brand' began to slowly creep out of its product box and assert itself in the corporate world. ‘Branding' was once well understood to simply mean applying a logo to something, and a brand was something you picked off a shelf. Those halcyon days when it was all so easy to understand are long gone, and the brand is the new corporate currency. It's also firmly rooted itself in countries, governments, political parties and individuals. 3 Sep 2008 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has been awarded the comprehensive brand development and enhancement project for Requisite Business Solutions (RBS). 21 Aug 2008 Read more >>

Volkswagen South Africa, South African Breweries and New Clicks have all chosen brandalive™, the brand relationship company, to develop and express their employment brands. brandalive™ completed and delivered the VW and SAB projects during May 2008, and will be finalising the Clicks project during June 2008. 29 May 2008 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has been appointed to handle the internal brand engagement and expressions for top South African law firm, Deneys Reitz. 6 Mar 2008 Read more >>

This is a national emergency. Forget soft words like ‘crisis', or even ‘disgrace'. What is currently (if you'll pardon the pun) taking place in South Africa stands not only to do us serious immediate harm, but long-term damage that may be irreparable. Whatever the reasons behind our energy crisis, brand Eskom is in very serious trouble, and brand South Africa is going into a tailspin. And if our powers that be (there are plenty of puns available) cannot create a solution immediately, we may never recover. 22 Jan 2008 Read more >>

Bye bye brand?When it was announced that the CEO of Northern Rock Bank in the UK had not only resigned, had stated that he would be leaving with immediate effect, but indeed had already vacated his post, those who understand the basic principles of brands were quietly acknowledging this obvious and inevitable step in the process of a brand decline. And the same people will be slapping money down on the table as to when – not if – the brand Nationwide says ‘cheerio'. They are not psychics or prophets of doom, but can simply see the obvious consequences of a human, not just a business, reality. 8 Jan 2008 Read more >>

Safmarine Maersk Line became the biggest winner at the inaugural South African Graduate Recruiters Awards ceremony, held at Kievits Kroon, Pretoria, on 29 November 2007. The company took Gold in the Best Graduate Recruitment Website (under 30 recruits) category, as well as the Grand Prix award for the Web category, and also took home the Bronze award for the Best Printed Material (under 30 recruits) category. 13 Dec 2007 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has designed and managed the inaugural South African Graduate Recruitment Awards programme and ceremony, being held at Klevits Kroon, Pretoria on 29th November 2007. Giles Shepherd, Managing Director of brandalive™, was also a judge at this year's awards. 28 Nov 2007 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has led HM Timber Limited to the Gold Award for the best brand expression at the international Green Building Conference and Exhibition, held at the CSIR in Pretoria from 8th to 10th November. The award was presented in recognition of the innovative and exciting presentation of the HM Timber brand in the expo centre. 15 Nov 2007 Read more >>

Brand Alive launches new identity for Shepherd Consultingbrandalive™, the brand relationship company, has launched a new visual identity for structural engineering firm Shepherd Consulting. The identity is the result of a brand development programme conducted during July and August 2007. 31 Aug 2007 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has been appointed as the brand development and enhancement consultancy to The South African Graduate Recruiters Association (SAGRA). 14 Aug 2007 Read more >>

brandalive™, the brand relationship company, has been awarded the comprehensive brand development and enhancement project for Hans Merensky Timber Limited. The project begins with immediate effect, and will take Hans Merensky on a journey of identifying, harnessing and ultimately expressing the power of its brand through a unique series of engagements with its stakeholders. 30 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Brand Alive™, the specialist brand relationship company, has sold 30% to Zweli Nkosi and Zam Nkosi in a deal that represents a powerful empowerment and business development move. 20 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Gaffe of the centuryMany years ago I read in ‘Life's Little Instruction Book' by Adam Jackson Brown that there was an address you could write to if you wanted to have your name removed from mailing lists. I puzzled over this idea, wondering how such a central database-name-removal system would work. 18 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Brand AliveTM, the specialist brand relationship company, has been appointed by media innovation firm, Dynasource Holdings and its specialist interactive division IOInteractive, to handle its brand development project. 13 Jul 2007 Read more >>

Brand AliveTM, the specialist employment branding, talent branding and brand engagement consultancy, has announced a call for specialist consultants to apply to become part of its service provider network. 26 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Buffett on employment brandingEven Warren Buffett has publicly declared that ensuring his organisation's development as an employment brand of choice is absolutely key to its future success, writes Giles Shepherd, MD of Brand Alive. 2 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Brand AliveTM, the specialist employment branding, talent branding and brand engagement consultancy, has relaunched with an all-new look, location, and ‘raison d’etre’. This follows the re-acquisition of 100% of Brand AliveTM by Giles Shepherd, co-founder of the company. 23 Mar 2007 Read more >>