Homecoming - Creative director, Adrian Duffin, rejoins BBCCreative director, Adrian Duffin, has rejoined the BBC team 15 years after starting his career there back in January 2001. He spent a seminal five years working closely with Creative Partner Angelo Beck, before moving on to then Brand Activation at Ogilvy, Brand Union and subsequently co-partner at The District. 27 Jul 2016 Read more ++

BBC restructuresCreative partner, Angelo Beck, reflects. 18 Jul 2016 Read more ++

Context. The difference between cutting through and getting lostIt's not brain surgery. A great idea is only as good as its execution. Or reception. Right place, right time is always going to be a determining factor. But sometimes lobotomies do happen. Sometimes downright crises take over, like when Nike and Accenture had to unravel their sponsorships of a psychotic Oscar Pistorius and a philandering Tiger Woods. 24 Feb 2016 Read more ++

Leaders vs bosses!Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on the difference between the two. 28 Jan 2016 Read more ++

Chris MidgleyChris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on the importance of paying attention to the small things. 14 Jan 2016 Read more ++

Chris MidgleyChris Midgley, strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on what brands have to do to connect emotionally in the never-ending busy-ness. 25 Nov 2015 Read more ++

A seriously funny manChris Primos, Director at Blast Brand Catalysts, chats with Celebrity MasterChef SA winner and entertainer, Chris Forrest. 16 Oct 2015 Read more ++

Tiles that make a fashion statementBlast Brand Catalysts finds just the outfit to sell Italtile's Marvel tile range 2 Sep 2015 Read more ++

Skills shortage - Here is what you can do about itThere are many articles that have been written, and continue to be, around the concept of a "skills gap" or "skills shortage". More and more South Africans are matriculating and getting their tertiary qualifications, yet struggle to find a job in the workplace. There are a large percentage of graduates who are taking (often unpaid) internships simply to get a foot in the door. 7 Aug 2015 Read more ++

Your biggest expense, or your biggest asset?Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on what is the real cost of investing (or not) in employees. 10 Jun 2015 Read more ++

The funny thing about Trevor NoahFor the world, which in The Daily Show terms is mostly America, it felt like a grand entrance out of obscurity. It might even have been a joke in itself. Trevor who? For middle South Africa, it set the mind abuzz once again with possibility. In a time of national power cuts, a depleted rand and rampant incompetence with serial indifference, Trevor's news puts a bit more lekker back into local. With the dust now settled around an archive of tweets that ought to have offended fat, Jewish women everywhere, there appears to be a resignation that Trevor Noah is, indeed, to be the next Jon Stewart. Or is he? 22 Apr 2015 Read more ++

The perfect team - integrated or collaborative?Collaboration is the new way of working. Niche experts come together in a bespoke arrangement to fit the mission critical requirements of the project. That's the best practice theory, anyway. 8 Apr 2015 Read more ++

Chris MidgleyChris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, on what is really different in the new digital age. 27 Feb 2015 Read more ++

Chris MidgleyThere are a number of issues visible when we scratch below the surface and scrutinise what it means to "cut costs". As clients continue to brief agencies to "cut costs and work within smaller budgets" (often coupled with greater demands in terms of return on investment), it's not necessarily because clients want value for their money, or agencies to explore alternatives, but rather simply interchanging channels and believing this cost-cutting alternative will be as effective as the initial option the agency presented. By making the advertising and media work into simply a "commodity" there is potential to have the effectiveness reduced as well. 28 Jan 2015 Read more ++

Get to know the man behind the Sorbet brandChris Primos, Managing Partner of Blast Brand Catalysts, meets the serial entrepreneur in Ian Fuhr 11 Dec 2014 Read more ++

What makes a great client service person?Chris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, considers the characteristics that make a great client service person and what traits should be considered when hiring. 25 Nov 2014 Read more ++

So why should we trust you?Chris Midgley, strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, examines what brands and businesses can do to build trust with stakeholders. 12 Nov 2014 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts takes CTM into overdriveCTM might be South Africa's market leader, but there's no taking that for granted. Known and trusted for everyday value on tiles, taps, toilets, basins, baths, accessories and d├ęcor, CTM is upping the ante with prolific promotional activity throughout the trading year. 31 Oct 2014 Read more ++

Doing good should also be good for businessChris Midgley, Strategist with Blast Brand Catalysts, ponders strategic CSI initiatives. 17 Oct 2014 Read more ++

A bank is a bank is a bank. And then there's Bidvest Bank.When meeting a banking brand for the first time, chances are that it will be online. Your first impression of the brand is open to interpretation on this portal, which is why websites are often a repository of absolutely everything the brand could possibly offer. 9 Oct 2014 Read more ++

The importance of being an amateurProfessionalism is a key perception we like to project in our world of selling. And, for that matter, in any other profession, be it medical, legal, accounting. One of my favourite lines in the fantastical reality of American Beauty is Annette Bening's OCD Carolyn, the estate agent's emphatic assurance that "To be successful, one must project the image of success at all times." Indeed. Success sells. 15 Aug 2014 Read more ++

Being creative in advertisingAngelo Beck, Creative Director and founding partner of Blast Brand Catalysts, ponders the business of being creative. 12 Aug 2014 Read more ++

Leading Questions: Natasha Sideris, founder of Tashas, talks to Chris PrimosChris Primos, Managing Partner at Blast Brand Catalysts, grabs a bite with Tashas impresario, Natasha Sideris. 19 Jun 2014 Read more ++

What is the real value of your Facebook Likes?As we're now all well aware, Facebook Likes don't equate to sales. So what is their real value? Is it catastrophic for a brand or company not to be Liked? Indeed, is it a sin not to have any Facebook marketing strategy at all? 24 Apr 2014 Read more ++

Kilimanjaro Tiles: from commodity to leading tile brandBack in 1998, South Africa's leading tile, tap and ceramicware retailer, CTM, introduced the new Kilimanjaro tiles to be sold exclusively in CTM stores. There would be nothing unusual about that, except that the product was introduced not as a commodity - the standard perception of a tile - but as an integral branded offering with careful thought behind its brand strategy. 12 Mar 2014 Read more ++

To connect strategically with its market, Italtile didn't place an adInterior design magazines seem to be evading the tough economic reality of the print magazine industry. While motor vehicle, sporting, hobbyist and even fashion titles are under pressure to lure smaller and cheaper advertisers, editorial publications about beautiful living spaces are holding their own. 27 Feb 2014 Read more ++

Angelo Beck reveals the new identity for Blast Brand CatalystsWhen coming up with a new brand identity, it's vital to explore what the individuals within that company represent, as well as the company's collective consciousness. Another important aspect to reflect is not only the present state of the brand, but also how the company may change and adapt in the years to come. All of this was taken into account when designing the new identity for Blast Brand Catalysts. 1 Nov 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts uses new sales strategy to empower the Italtile customerItaltile stocks trendy ceramic tiles and bathroomware from a range of leading designers. In 2010, this premium retailer embarked on a revolutionary brand strategy, with the aim of broadening their market while still sustaining their exclusive appeal. From the outset, Blast Brand Catalysts identified the showroom as the primary communication medium for the revamped Italtile identity. 22 Oct 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts puts some green into CTMSome of us care about the earth. Others wouldn't know what on earth you're on about. 31 Jul 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts designs a new world for Bidvest Bank.Foreign exchange specialists, Bidvest Bank, continue to see significant interest and growth in proprietary product, the World Currency Card™. The growing popularity of the World Currency Card™ amongst business as well as leisure travellers, together with the intention of rolling it out in 18 major currencies by end July 2013, necessitated a fresh look at the design appeal of the card. 11 Jun 2013 Read more ++

Does 'going viral' impact the bottom line?Viral is magical. Viral spells supersonic awareness. One minute you're a brand, and the next, you're an über brand with universal appeal. You've achieved the ultimate: a self-perpetuating marketing campaign. But does this ultimately translate into higher sales? 30 May 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts on the money for Bidvest BankIn 1998, the Bidvest group acquired Rennies Foreign Exchange. Two years later, the business received a full banking license. By 2007, Rennies Bank Ltd had changed its name to Bidvest Bank. A new marketing campaign set about profiling the bank's core business in Deposits and Investments, Travel Foreign Exchange, International Business Payments, as well as Fleet and Asset Finance. 23 May 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts creates a fresh new look for ItaltileA brand that has been around for over 40 years will follow a responsible transition in its evolution. Italtile embarked on a bold transformation. 16 May 2013 Read more ++

Blast Brand Catalysts bolsters NSPCA campaign against trade in exotic animalsThe National Council of SPCAs was founded in 1955 to bring uniformity to animal welfare legislation and establish national standards. Today it is the oldest and probably the largest animal welfare movement in the southern hemisphere. Typically, the SPCA movement has been associated with the welfare of domestic, suburban pets. The scope of operation goes way beyond this. It includes monitoring the treatment, as well as protecting, of farm animals, working animals, wildlife, as well as managing special outreach projects. 9 May 2013 Read more ++

Getting behind the wheel of consumer behaviourConsumer behaviour. We like to predict it, and attempt to control it. Both, however, are notoriously difficult to do. 2 May 2013 Read more ++