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R.O.I Media's Allen Jaffe and Chris Captivate travelled to London, England to attend the Searchlove conference on the 28th and 29th of October 2013. 13 Nov 2013 Read More >>
R.O.I. Media's Allen Jaffe appeared on Business Day TV to chat to Candy Guvi and Allon Raiz about search engine optimisation and how it can affect your business. 15 Oct 2013 Read More >>
After nine years of continual research and development, R.O.I. Media has carefully repositioned themselves in the digital market. 10 Aug 2012 Read More >>
Circling the wagons of your digital spend to plan effectively and economically for the year ahead. 11 Feb 2011 Read More >>
Determining the right online marketing channels to get the most cost effective returns. 28 Oct 2010 Read More >>
Optimise your Google Adwords Campaign and increase profits with a calculator that enables you to maximise returns on your online budget, helping you get the most from your online campaigns. 21 Oct 2010 Read More >>
New York Times best-selling authors Bryan Eisenberg and Jeffrey Eisenberg are joining forces with leading internet marketing company R.O.I. Media to advise on conversion strategies and to take already powerful results even further. With a focus on SEO and increasing online conversion, R.O.I. Media understands the value of online success, and the highly important role that conversion plays towards increasing website sales. Now that R.O.I. is officially endorsed by the leading conversion expert and co-authors of titles such as ‘Call to Action', ‘Waiting For Your Cat to Bark?' and ‘Always Be Testing', clients can expect added-value from their conversion campaigns. 14 Dec 2009 Read More >>
South Africa's first live online car auction website, Online Car Bid, has teamed up with the country's leading online media agency, R.O.I. Media, to take their already successful website to even greater heights. 7 Dec 2009 Read More >>
The Mother City has relaunched its number one tourism booking website - a comprehensive travelling portal of Cape Town accommodation, transport and activities that is set to knock a few socks off while simultaneously making Cape Town holiday and event planning a whole lot easier. The team behind Book Cape Town has spent months building a bigger, better and faster website that now lists more accommodation venues and activity providers than ever before. The renovated Book Cape Town site has been designed with the user in mind and each part of the booking procedure has been streamlined to ensure maximum efficiency. 9 Oct 2009 Read More >>
A few weeks ago, Google released a remarkable snippet of information - on average 20% of web browsers click on Pay Per Click adverts (those ads on the right-hand side of Google's results page) while the other 80% of the online nation hit the organic listings (the primary results situated on the left-hand side). 11 Mar 2009 Read More >>
It is estimated that over 90% of new websites fail within the first year of existence. Interestingly enough, the same can be said for the restaurant industry, as only one out of each ten new restaurants experience success. 4 Jun 2008 Read More >>