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Start-up and team up in ParisThis has been a story in the making for the past 18 months. The objective was to design an enterprise cloud-based solution for the publishing industry, with a focus on complementing existing advert, analytical, content management and subscription systems already in use by publishers. 1 Jul 2013 Read More >>
"Mobile strategy is not a race anymore"Interview with Global Editors Network team and Afrozaar's Rich Cheary ahead of this year's summit in Paris June 2013 - you can see original here. 21 May 2013 Read More >>
Afrozaar's Baobab team spreading the word for sustainable app ecosystemsFollowing the launch of their Baobab Suite (MBaaS) digital content distribution platform and app development framework for newspapers wanting to go digital, the team has not stopped promoting the need for a focus on mobile app sustainability. 10 Dec 2012 Read More >>
Baobab is a specialised content redistribution and mobile app platform for large newspaper and magazine publishing houses. The Afrozaar team have collaborated with a leading global newspaper's editorial and digital teams for almost a year, designing and developing a publishing suite of products that span all major mobile app platforms. The product addresses the publishing industry's need to dynamically distribute curated content to a subscription base via custom or licensed mobile, social or web apps. 1 Nov 2012 Read More >>
Cape Town start-up, Afrozaar, has just celebrated its second birthday, and is fast becoming the leading digital media mobile app distribution company, and can already boast an impressive client list, including the likes of Media24, Old Mutual, Deloitte SA, Hummba, Afrikan Dust Media Group, Liberty Properties, and most recently a leading international newspaper publisher. 18 May 2012 Read More >>