Avstage trips the light fantasticThe clever and creative use of lighting is often the unsung hero at many events and functions. An invaluable contribution is made by skillful lighting to the ultimate success of any occasion. Lighting is often required to change over the course of an event, providing a functional work friendly environment during the day and then transforming the same space into a party venue at night with a band, dancing and all the lights that go with an entertainment element. 22 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Avstage triumphs at Robert Bosch ConventionIn a highly competitive industry such as Audiovisual Technology and Eventing it is extremely rare to come across a company with the unique and uncanny ability to find a creative, seamless and ultra professional solution to all and any challenges it encounters. 21 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Tom Peters knocked out by AVSTAGETop Peters, arguably the world's leading management authority presented a full day program called REINVENTING EXCELLENCE developed and executed by Business Results Group. Attended by over 600 senior executives, REINVENTING EXCELLENCE took place at Vodaworld in November 2011. When asked if their expectations had been met, the event scored a resounding 97% thumbs up from the attendees. "I chose not to box my expectations prior and was well pleased with the event" Brian Hattingh, President, Cycan. Technical and audio visual supplier on the day Avstage was rated 88% "Perfect" by the Delegate Evaluation Report. 16 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Avstage introduces special truck to enhance every eventThe latest addition to the team of audiovisual event group, Avstage, is a fully branded and specially mechanised truck, used for loading, transportation and delivery of equipment. 11 Mar 2009 Read more >>

Avstage takes Bosch centre stageWhen Bosch SA were planning their 100 year South African anniversary, an ambitious series of events were expected to take place. Parent company Robert Bosch Gmbh, based in Germany, had throughout 2006 held similar celebrations across the world. 9 May 2007 Read more >>