Future Bride 2014 launch - Ananzi.co.zaFuture Bride 2014, 28th edition of this annual coffee-table publication is available free of charge and is distributed at NWJ Bridal Fair in Durban, at selected bridal exhibitions across KZN and South Africa, including The Wedding Expo at The Coca Cola Dome, all advertisers and selected distribution points e.g. bridal shops, etc. One of the major reasons for Future Bride's success lies in its content, with articles covering the latest bridal trends and etiquette, from creative catering and colourful receptions to bridal beauty and glamorous gowns, not to mention inspirational photographs of real brides, grooms and big-day celebrations. A winning combination of enduring quality, top-class content and visual appeal have made Future Bride an indispensable tool for brides-to-be, as well as the best platform for advertisers to reach their niche market. 10 Mar 2014 Read more >>

"Mr Ananzi" leaves Ananzi.co.za - Ananzi.co.zaMark Buwalda has resigned as Managing Director of Ananzi with immediate effect. Mark has served the brand for over 15 years and the current owners for over 11 years. 13 May 2013 Read more >>

Ananzi South Africa's largest search engine undergoes a makeover - Ananzi.co.zaAnanzi, South Africa's largest and fastest search engine, has undergone a revamp and rebrand. The website is now poised to become one of the top aggregator sites in the country with a potential 1.5 million classified ads searchable in categories ranging from cars, to property to jobs and entertainment. 8 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Ananzi announces no more irritating voice prompts! Brabys.com introduces mobile directory - Ananzi.co.zaThe most comprehensive business directory is now in the palm of your hand. Find services and products fast by using your mobile device and the new Brabys Mobile Business directory: www.brabys.mobi. 7 Dec 2009 Read more >>

Botswana Yellow Pages Directory now available online - Ananzi.co.zaA C Braby (Botswana) (Pty) Limited has announced the launch of the Botswana Yellow Pages Online Directory: www.yellowpages.bw. This brings the immediacy and searchability of an online directory to Botswana's digital community and will strengthen the online marketing channel for businesses and advertisers in Botswana. 23 Oct 2009 Read more >>

Ananzi has undertaken yet another individually targeted initiative in the South African special needs education sphere by teaming up with Dore to sponsor a child to take the Dore Programme. 26 Jun 2009 Read more >>

Ananzi, South Africa's leading search engine and web portal, has joined with Mustek in sponsoring and installing computers in the Little Leaps school for special needs children. 22 Jun 2009 Read more >>

The best of both - Ananzi.co.zaBrabys, a more than 100-year-old directories company, is the first company in Africa to enter into a strategic agreement with Google to become an Authorised Google™ AdWords Reseller. 22 Oct 2008 Read more >>

Brabys bring visual power to online business directory! - Ananzi.co.zaBrabys.com, already the largest and most popular Southern African online business directory — part of the same group as South Africa's most popular search engine, Ananzi — has further enhanced its usefulness by merging its directory with its other online facility, Brabys Maps. 26 Sep 2008 Read more >>

Fresh new look for Brabys.com - Ananzi.co.zaBrabys.com, the largest and most used online business directory for Southern Africa and the SADC region, has had a facelift. Brabys was one of the earliest Internet adopters over 12 years ago and has built up a comprehensive directory of over 330 000 business listings. New listings are captured daily, and all information is verified. 22 Apr 2008 Read more >>

Ananzi, South Africa's most popular web search engine, has worked with Google™ to bring local web users an international search service. This will allow Ananzi users to search locally on Ananzi, and the international web using Google, all in one convenient place. 15 Apr 2008 Read more >>

Ananzi eases into a new look - Ananzi.co.zaIn a successful endeavour to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the online market and trends, Ananzi.co.za, the prominent search engine and web information portal, have redesigned the look-and-feel of their site. 5 Sep 2007 Read more >>

This is an immediate announcement, 11 June 2007 to warn all Ananzi Mail users that there is a problem with this service. We are experiencing technical difficulties, the problem lies with two of the Ananzi servers which have broken down unexpectedly over the past weekend. 11 Jun 2007 Read more >>

The choice by a Future Bride lies online - Ananzi.co.zaFuture Bride, the online version of the Future Bride magazine, published by AC Braby (Pty) Ltd has undergone a complete redesign and content overhaul. The site now includes a contemporary, fresh design with a first-class directory and content offering. 8 May 2007 Read more >>

Ananzi's new platform for e-commerce makes online shopping more convenient and user friendly. 4 Apr 2007 Read more >>

Ananzi Maps has once again raised the bar in online mapping by providing visitors the option of switching between street map mode and aerial image viewing. This addition is the newest advancement to the online mapping system on Ananzi Maps. 28 Mar 2007 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's premier search engine and information portal, has added another product to the Ananzi range of services in the form of an automatic desktop news application. 14 Mar 2007 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's premier search engine and information portal, now boasts a fresher, less cluttered and more cutting-edge homepage. The new gray and white theme is in stark contrast to Ananzi's previous front-page identity, which consisted of yellow and black bars and headers. 6 Mar 2007 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's premier search engine and information portal, recently became one of the first online media owners in South Africa to make use of DoubleClick's DART For Publishers (DFP) system, thanks to global online technology service providers, Acceleration.  15 Jan 2007 Read more >>

If you thought games were just for kids - you were wrong. Ananzi Kids, the online kids site on Ananzi, South Africa's premier search engine and information portal, teamed up with Edcon's CNA to present a new look and feel site to gamers for the festive and back to school season - not just for kids, but for the tweenies and adults who also frequent the site.  9 Jan 2007 Read more >>

2006 was the year for job searching, home moving, furniture buying and internet chatting, according to Ananzi.co.za's top ten keyword search for last year.  8 Jan 2007 Read more >>

Since the official launch of Mango Airlines on the 1st of November 2006, the word "mango" has become one of South Africa's top searched keywords on Ananzi.co.za, SA's premier search engine and information portal.  29 Nov 2006 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's leading search engine and information portal, together with Jump.co.za, the country's first shopping search engine, have launched the new Ananzi Shopping site, which can be viewed at www.ananzishopping.co.za.  8 Nov 2006 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's leading search engine and information portal, has joined forces with Leader Academy, an internationally based leadership development company to provide an opportunity for executives to attend a briefing on the academy's world-renowned training programmes. 10 Oct 2006 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's largest search engine and information portal, has once again succeeded in its endeavour to bring the best the web has to offer to the South African internet user. Ananzi has recently upgraded its search software, Ultraseek, to the latest version offered by UK-based company Autonomy.  16 Jul 2006 Read more >>

Ananzi.co.za, South Africa's largest search engine, embarked on a complete rebranding exercise in September 2005, modifying their yellow logo to include a recognisable "spot on" red dot. The accompanying tagline was also changed from the more limited "Find it Fast" to "More than just search".  14 Mar 2006 Read more >>