Leftfield was recently commissioned by OLX to conceptualise and produce an impactful TV and radio advertising campaign that would appeal to, and connect with, Nigerians who were likely to use the Internet to sell their unwanted goods. 2 Sep 2013 Read more >>

Thirty-seven-year-old Jason Cumming has been appointed the managing director of Leftfield. From the heart of Cape Town's CBD this boutique full-service advertising and marketing agency has quietly established a name for itself by successfully helping brands establish a foothold in Africa, notably Nigeria. 27 Jun 2012 Read more >>

The continued financial trouble for Europe demonstrates that the recession is very far from over, and could possibly last another five to eight years. Since SA lags behind these markets, finding an agency that understands how to get your brand to grow, not just survive a long recession, is critical. 19 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Boutique hot-shop Leftfield have established themselves in three short years as a full service agency capable of handling the total business for Dutch dairy giant, Friesland Campina. In this time the agency have grown the core brand, Peak milk, by well over 50% and serviced it long distance from Cape Town. This phenomenal success has gained Leftfield three more brands in the stable - Three Crowns milk, Friso infant nutrition, and project work for the Middle-East region on the Rainbow milk brand. 25 May 2005 Read more >>