"A new R650,000 car? No, thanks." Experiential! Part 3Experiential. We talk about talking to the heart, the feels, and the goose bumps of consumers gathered. So let's do that - realistically. Nthabiseng from the North West or Engela from Ermelo - both LSM 3 - might love a brand-new R650,000 car - but it's not a requisite that's on either one's everyday radar. So? What does an off-brand promo like that do for either of these examples? 29 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Brand Power? Experiential! Part 2The needs, wants and desires of emerging markets are wholly and quite obviously different to higher LSM income earners, so the ways in which routes to persuasion are designed - for each market - should be too. Real, effective and relevant ways that amplify the brand for the consumer is the challenge faced by experiential marketers - a delivery that Experiential Marketing agency Mo-Tseleng is expedient at. 19 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Brand power isn't magical - it's experientialBringing a nutritious, quality product to market is task one. Strategising, creating, producing, implementing and effecting the story of your offering - and how it compares with the range of choice in that category - comprises tasks two through 99. Developing communications that break through the mass of clutter already in the market is a piece of the pie that experiential marketing is growing - and with good reason. 18 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Experiential - the target-market triumphWhen the top-level mandate is to build a relationship between the consumer and the brand, not every experiential agency can reflect penetration and awareness through close on a million samples. It takes a tangible strategy that comes to life in relevant ways for the consumer. The importance of a well-oiled machine cannot be overstated - cue experiential marketing leaders, Mo-Tseleng. 5 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Companies are defined by what they are selling. Products come off shelves, cars get driven off lots, SMSs get sent and social media is accessed from the edgy new phones people upgrade to... What is it about the brand you picked off the shelf, signed vehicle finance for or the network you subscribe to that defined your choice? The experience. Your experience. How you felt planning your purchase and how you feel about that decision after you'd done it because of what you had taken home. 22 May 2013 Read more >>

Perdix set the challenge to Mo-Tseleng to increase their market share of frozen products across informal traders, vendors and distributors in Mozambique and Angola respectively. 15 Apr 2013 Read more >>

African businesses chomp at the bit when it comes to mobile marketing. Statistics show that this medium is exploding at the seams, and the opportunities for reach are diminishing anything that has gone before it. Smartphone penetration in Africa is reported to be at between 17% and 19% - with higher numbers owning simpler devices but still capable of interacting through SMS/USSD channels. 15 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Garnier is a brand that aspirants identify with. People who are looking for products that add value to their look and that promote an overall feeling of wellness from the inside out. Mo-Tseleng Experiential Marketing was tasked with the job of driving volume through mall activations. The campaign was designed to make Garnier top-of-mind across national touchpoints in all major regions for shoppers, thus prompting awareness, driving trial and conversion and therefore extending the brand's footprint nationwide. 12 Mar 2013 Read more >>

Mo-Tseleng launches SA's 12th language with TUKS UniversityThe TUKS University Spring Day razzle saw 6 000 revellers speaking South Africa's 12th language - "party". With a good excuse to welcome some sun after the hefty winter, experiential crafters Mo-Tseleng moved in with SAB and gave these intellectuals a celebration they won't soon forget! 28 Sep 2010 Read more >>

The old exhibition model died with bad perms and blue eye shadowBrands now clamour for that window of opportunity to offer their consumers an unforgettable experience. So it was no small feat to win Gold for Most Interactive Exhibitor at this year's Soweto Baba Indaba that welcomed 26 600 feet through the door. 20 Sep 2010 Read more >>

Joburg Day: Mo-Tseleng puts the "P" into Practise for Powerplay!How do you use the already-massive draw card of Joburg Day to add leverage to your brand and put it in the hands of the right people? You do what Powerplay Energy Drink did and call experiential marketing specialists, Mo-Tseleng. 13 Sep 2010 Read more >>

Experiential marketing that's better than a baker's dozenBetter than five-star tastes that can be devoured in quaint and artful settings - be they savoury or be they sweet - are five-star tastings from a baker that brings the aromas of a busy oven into your very own home. Experiential Marketing engineers, Mo-Tseleng, took the sensory experience of this very idea into the intimate setting of the consumer's home for fundamental baking partner, Golden Cloud. Taste good? Sure did! 2 Aug 2010 Read more >>

"Move Howeva" with Always Sapphire and Mo-Tseleng!Every product has an audience. How you talk to that audience is about the time and place you choose to do so in, so that whatever it is you're promoting, resonates in the right way to achieve the ultimate objectives set. This is something Experiential Marketing agency Mo-Tseleng knows about - no matter what the product, no matter who the audience. The product; New Always Sapphire with 4x Wings with protection that lets you move "Howeva"! The results? Keep reading. 7 Jul 2010 Read more >>

Amen for Mo-Tseleng Experiential Marketing!Word of mouth marketing is about passion, and, what better place to find passion than in a Church congregation? Aware that these congregations are about more than just the spirituality that people go there to find, Experiential Marketing stalwarts Mo-Tseleng took to this captive audience to uniquely communicate the 10 Vitamins, Zinc and Iron benefits of food-sustenance giant, ACE. 30 Jun 2010 Read more >>