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Ladysmith Spar uses Pricer electronic labels to support perpetual stocktakingBjorn Rencken, co-owner of the family-run Ladysmith Spar, says he has implemented Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) to support perpetual stocktaking and a view to centralised pricing, consistently correct prices and updates, stock management, and shrinkage control for all nine of his family's stores. 6 Sep 2017 Read more ++

Pick n Pay Coachmans Crossing gets Pricer electronic labels to feed just-in-time stockingPick n Pay Coachmans Crossing has deployed more than 11,000 refurbished Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) from XON Retail. 3 Aug 2017 Read more ++

Midstream Superspar gives customers reliable pricing with Pricer from XON RetailMidstream Superspar is using Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) for synchronised pricing between shelves and tills, rock-steady merchandising control, and rapid, automated price updates. 18 Apr 2016 Read more ++

Pricer installations gain traction at BP forecourt Pick n Pay Express storesFourteen Pick n Pay Express stores at BP petrol stations have installed Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) since September 2015. 15 Apr 2016 Read more ++

Pricer unlocks growth prospects for Toy AdventuresToy Adventures at Byls Bridge in Centurion has implemented Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) from XON Retail Solutions to improve supply chain management, improve sales and marketing in the store, and both empower and reduce the burden on employees. 26 May 2015 Read more ++

Smart stores unite online and offline for omni-channel successThe growing prominence of smart stores in support of omni-channel retail is due to changing behaviours of shoppers. Technology has progressed in the past 25 years and has changed the way consumers interact with brands and products. In the past 25 years traditional scenarios included limited consumer exposure to brands and products, typically localised to in-store experiences with a higher likelihood of a consumer purchase. Consumers were influenced by TV advertising and in-store marketing that resulted in fierce brand loyalty or lengthy - and expensive - campaigns to change consumer preferences. 15 Apr 2015 Read more ++

Monument SuperSPAR gains 4% gross profit growth on sales floor following Pricer ESL rolloutMonument SuperSPAR has increased its monthly gross profit (GP) margin consistently by 4% since implementing Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) by XON Retail Solutions, which has exclusive Pricer distribution rights in southern Africa. 25 Mar 2015 Read more ++

Simple yet clever new electronic shelf label tech is solving top retail issuesThe simple electronic shelf label (ESL) has been improved and several South African retailers are already investigating its new-found potential. 18 Mar 2015 Read more ++

ESL product innovations focus on retailer ROIPricer has created an intelligent store platform based on its electronic shelf label (ESL) system that enables retailers to deal with issues such as shelf space optimisation, planogram compliance, customers' in-store experiences, omni-channel efficiencies, order preparation and click and collect. 10 Mar 2015 Read more ++

West Pack Lifestyle the first retailer in SA to use graphic electronic shelf labels throughout storesWest Pack Lifestyle in Vanderbijlpark is the first South African retailer to employ Pricer graphic electronic shelf labels (ESL) throughout its store. 4 Mar 2015 Read more ++

ABI report finds retailers increasingly seek ESL benefitsElectronic shelf labels (ESLs) will, in the next five years, grow beyond retail markets in legislated countries and revenues will increase six-fold to nearly $2bn by 2019, according to an ABI research report: Next Gen Retail: Electronic Shelf Labels. 2 Oct 2014 Read more ++

OK Value Laudium implements Pricer ESLThe OK Value Laudium grocery and food retailer has implemented Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) from the sole authorised African distributor, XON Retail Solutions, throughout the store. 30 Sep 2014 Read more ++

Eksteen's DIY Superstore implements Pricer electronic shelf labelsEksteen's DIY Superstore in Bloemfontein has implemented Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) from XON, the sole authorised African distributor. 4 Sep 2014 Read more ++

XON Retail Solutions launches Dynamic Motion Ads digital media solution for retailersXON Retail Solutions has launched its Dynamic Motion Ads (DMA) product, a digital moving display that turns any HDMI TV into a smart TV and allows retailers to showcase products to customers in their stores while reducing the cost of traditional, printed displays. 26 Aug 2014 Read more ++

Retailer spend on technology for efficiency and customer satisfaction is upXON Retail Solutions has enjoyed phenomenal success in the past financial year by gaining a 25% revenue growth over the previous year, which demonstrates robust commitment from retailers to improve operational efficiencies and seek improved customer satisfaction. 18 Aug 2014 Read more ++

Georgiou's and Kwanto Superspar and Tops stores install ESLs for customer confidenceGeorge Georgiou, owner of Georgiou's Spar and Tops and Kwanto Superspar and Tops in Fort Beaufort and the nearby town of Alice in the Eastern Cape, has installed Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) from XON Retail Solutions, a division of pan-African ICT group, XON. 17 Mar 2014 Read more ++

XON Retail Solutions brings popular ESLs to Retail World Africa 2014XON Retail Solutions will be exhibiting its electronic shelf label (ESL) and in-store display systems on stand 56 at the Retail World Africa 2014 exhibition from March 18 to March 19 at the Sandton Convention Centre. 28 Feb 2014 Read more ++

Pick n Pay Northmead boosts sales 4.5% with Pricer ESLPick n Pay Northmead has deployed Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) and, due to its ability to draw customer attention to promotional prices better than outdated paper methods, has increased sales turnover of those items by up to 4.5%. 29 Jan 2014 Read more ++

Pricer electronic shelf labels gain traction at SPARs countrywidePricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs), exclusively supplied by XON in Africa, have gained significant traction with SPAR stores around the country because the system grants retailers numerous operational benefits and significant return on investment (ROI). 15 Oct 2013 Read more ++

No supermarket should be without electronic shelf labels, says Feathersquare KWIKSPAR ownerFeathersquare KWIKSPAR is one of the latest to use the Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs), which were installed from opening three months ago, to ensure no price discrepancies occur between shelf and till. 14 Oct 2013 Read more ++

Hendrik BredenkampSouth African consumers, like consumers around the globe, are price conscious. They want to know how much products cost before they arrive at the tills, they want to know that they're getting the advertised deal they read, watched or heard about in the broadsheets, on TV or on the radio. 30 Sep 2013 Read more ++

Hendrik BredenkampThe financial survival and wellness of pharmacies in South Africa relies on retail floors that sell fitness, health and beauty products alongside the traditional medicine dispensing counters of the pharmacists and chemists. 25 Sep 2013 Read more ++

Engen, Net Cafe, City Pets deploy Pricer electronic shelf labelsPricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) have experienced deeper and more diverse penetration into South African retail markets through deployment into Engen Quick Shop forecourt shops, City Pets and Net Café shops at Netcare hospitals. 13 Sep 2013 Read more ++

XON's new ESL product solves retailers' promotional problemsXON, through subsidiary Skydirect, has developed and brought to market Promo Clips, Out-of-stock Clips and Rail Inserts to complement the Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESLs) it supplies, implements and maintains. 21 May 2013 Read more ++

Pricer electronic shelf labels improve revenues at SuperSPAR and TOPS MalelaneLex Hollman, owner of SuperSPAR and TOPS Malelane, has deployed Pricer electronic shelf labels (ESL) throughout his two stores for a total of 17,000 labels. One of the major benefits has been a near eradication of price discrepancies between shelf and till and another the permanent visibility of prices, so that customers are assured of the price of an item. Because SuperSPAR Malelane honours the lowest price in any discrepancy the retailer is making enormous savings while simultaneously providing a better service to customers. 2 May 2013 Read more ++

Pricer, the global electronic shelf label (ESL) business, will perform one of the largest ever installations of graphic labels in a single store. 22 Apr 2013 Read more ++

Trade Centre first wholesaler to use electronic shelf labellingTrade Centre, the FMCG company owned by Metcash Africa, has become the first wholesaler to use electronic shelf labeling (ESL). It has reduced costs and gained a rapid and accurate ability to update prices since it rolled out a Pricer ESL system from XON group company Skydirect. 20 Aug 2009 Read more ++

Parklane SUPERSPAR adds 1% to GP with electronic shelf labellingParklane SUPERSPAR, one of Pietermaritzburg's busiest supermarkets, has reported a 1% boost in gross profits on groceries since installing the Pricer electronic shelf labelling (ESL) system, sold, implemented and maintained by XON company, Skydirect. 24 Jul 2009 Read more ++

Barriers to entry are lower in these tougher economy times making it essential for businesses to listen to their customers and act fast to counter any negative comments or feedback. Retailers are increasingly competing over markets - for example in the lower income bracket - and hence must focus on improving customer experience to build customer loyalty. 31 Mar 2009 Read more ++

SPAR South Africa is leading the way locally in the deployment of electronic shelf labelling. This is the report from Rick Wheeler, group retail systems manager at JSE-listed SPAR. In the last 18 months, 62 SPAR and Tops stores have deployed the Pricer electronic shelf labelling system, supplied by XON company Skydirect. This represents the highest rate of deployment in South Africa, says Wheeler. 16 Jan 2009 Read more ++

MCC Superspar reaps many benefits from electronic shelf labellingMCC SUPERSPAR, one of the leading supermarkets in Klerksdorp, has reported multiple benefits, including reduced costs, since the introduction of Pricer's electronic shelf labelling system, supplied and installed by XON company Skydirect in February this year. 16 Oct 2008 Read more ++

Electronic shelf labels ‘wow' customers and staff alike in Secunda!It won't be many years before we look back at stores using the current paper-based shelf labelling system in the same way that we now look at stores still using pricing guns - as outdated! That's Spar store owner Chris Christodoulou's firm opinion. He's partner with Thano Manitsas in three Spar stores; two in Secunda, one of which is a SuperSpar, and one in Standerton. 19 Jun 2008 Read more ++

Winning all the way with electronic shelf labelling!The success and potential of the Pricer electronic shelf label system was evident to Spar retailer Götz von Westernhagen of the VW Group the first time he and a few members of his team laid eyes on it when popping into a Carrefour store in Paris on the day of the Rugby World Cup Final - 20 October! 16 Feb 2008 Read more ++

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