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Udumo Group is a non-profit company based in the Western Cape. We aim to empower communities through crafts and design.
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The trends in TV set designWhether the requirement is for a traditional space or an ultra-modern one, TV set designs offer infinite scope for designing ingenuity - gone are the days when they looked like what they were: a TV studio. Especially the plethora of talk shows necessitates that designers are abreast with trends the world over when creating a set that most effectively represents the character of the host and creates the mood conducive to sitting down for a good chat. Set design is all about establishing a suitable visual concept in unique and creative ways to support the specific nature of the talk show. 19 Feb 2018 Read more

Spreading the good cheer: Udumo is more than designChristmas is everybody's favourite time of the year: purses begin to open, smiles begin to appear on unexpected faces and total strangers are inclined to greet you. For, after all, this is considered a time to celebrate abundance and plenty, a time to eat, drink and be merry. Yet the true meaning of abundance and plenty is so distorted by the mindless Christmas shopping fever that gets everybody rushing to the shopping malls. Udumo Group restores the wider and deeper meaning of good cheer by aiming for prosperity in its most profound sense: the uplifting empowerment of those who need and deserve it most. Udumo gives the gift of dignified lives. 11 Dec 2017 Read more

Making memories: How to arrange a photo feature wallYour precious photographs do not belong in the dark, hidden recesses of a computer. Create your own photo gallery to bring them to light and reflect the artist in you! This can seem daunting, but with some practical and creative advice on how, you should be able to find the result that suits your taste and skills. 5 Dec 2017 Read more

Our homes: an extension of our personalitiesThe word “home” is multi-layered: for most of us it envelopes every important and treasured memory reaching right back to our childhood. Home evokes comforting images and emotions related to family and loved ones, to where we've come from, and what we've since become. It is the place to which we always want and need to return, because it is where we feel we belong. It is where we can truly be ourselves and forget about the image others have of us. Simply put: home is an extension of our personalities. 5 Oct 2017 Read more

For the first time ever the public can participate in Christmas Decorations at Tyger Valley Centre this season by being and angel to a child in need. 14 Nov 2016 Read more

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