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Inside story - Mark Gieljoumie Jewelvest gemologistMeet Mark Gieljoumie, one of Cape Town's leading certified gemologists. 22 Mar 2017 Read more

The Diamond Works showcases an interactive showroomThis supplementary instore feature; interactive screen educates visitors on the process a diamond undergoes from the mine to the showcase. Current diamond, jewellery and investment news are just a touch-away. A hands-on experience – visually transporting the visitor into the world of diamonds. 10 Mar 2016 Read more

The Diamond Works, Victoria, Mahe celebrates the history of cultures connected, and discovery of precious collections.The Diamond Works Institute showcases the world's premium diamonds and tanzanite, handcrafted gold and platinum jewellery, and internationally renowned luxury watch brands such as Breitling, Hublot, Longines and Omega. 6 Jan 2016 Read more

The Diamond Works opens a concept store at OR TamboThe Diamond Works launches a unique retail experience at the international departures terminal, OR Tambo. 5 Jan 2016 Read more

The Diamond Works to open a new destination storeThe Diamond Works celebrated the countdown announcement of their new store opening in the Seychelles, Mahe, Victoria. 2 Nov 2015 Read more

Rewarding tourism partnerships“It's time for all of us to stand together, to renew partnerships and to forge new ones. It's time to understand each other's needs and aspirations thoroughly, to articulate our respective mandates frankly, and to create solutions that work for all of us” - Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom, 27/08/15 27 Aug 2015 Read more

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