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Charlie StewartThink your current SEO tactics are enough to get you organic search traffic? With voice search gaining traction, the game is about to change. 12 Sep 2017 Read More >>
How to create a content-driven websiteThanks to the internet and social media, the world is now content-driven. We consume various amounts of articles, videos, and music on a daily basis. And printed news outlets, such as newspapers and magazines, are not what they once were. Online news and content sites are now the go-to source for information. But starting one may not be as easy as you think. 4 Aug 2017 Read More >>
Why startups should head straight to networking eventsStartups are brave. Startups also need a lot of support in varying forms. Most are looking for both investment funding as well as skilled individuals to assist them. There is no better place for a startup company than a conference or networking event. These events provide startups with the opportunity to meet those people who can offer them indispensable advice, opportunities and insight. 1 Aug 2017 Read More >>
Why journalists make the best marketersThere's an interesting trend where many journalists eventually gravitate towards the marketing sector. While not all news writers are making the move, there are a great many of them writing copy - even if just on a freelance basis. Why? The answer is simple: journalists make the best marketers. 21 Jul 2017 Read More >>
How your business can avoid a social media crisisHaving a social media presence for your company is a fantastic idea, whether it's selling products or services to B2B or B2C markets. There's a lot more to social media marketing than posting a few pictures once or twice a week. As many companies have shown, it's easy to fail your social media presence, and your customers will never forget. 18 Jul 2017 Read More >>
Three ways to be a better team memberChances are good you work in a team. Unless you run a department of one (you being the one), your daily life probably includes dealing with other people. People doing a similar job to yours. People who rely on you to get your part done. Or simply people you need to work in conjunction with so everything doesn't fall apart. Whether you're in a team of 20 or a team of five, you need to work well together. 23 May 2017 Read More >>
Rogerwilco shortlisted for prestigious Digiday Content Marketing AwardsCape Town-based performance marketing agency Rogerwilco has garnered a major accolade, having been shortlisted for the prestigious international Digiday Content Marketing Awards. The company is one of five nominees up for Best Content Marketing Tech Platform, a category reserved for technology platforms which assist brands in connecting with their audience, be it through the use of data, analytics, mobile or visual storytelling. 12 Apr 2017 Read More >>
Six ways to boost office morale when your staff need it mostThe year is officially in full swing. The holidays are long gone and, finally, people have stopped talking about their New Year resolutions. Long gone are the beach days, morning hikes and afternoon beers. The stress of the New Year is starting to hit and your staff are probably feeling it right now. Which is why the time has come to boost office morale. Throwing the best possible year end function will only get you so far. You have to keep that feeling going, just maybe without an open bar. 21 Feb 2017 Read More >>
Rogerwilco gears for growth as digital gains local and international tractionNew COO, MD, Joburg office and product development kickstarts agency's expansion 4 Apr 2016 Read More >>
Rogerwilco signs Red Bull, wins three Assegai AwardsRogerwilco, the digital marketing agency previously known as 2Stroke, has been appointed to conduct search engine optimisation work for Red Bull South Africa. 11 Nov 2014 Read More >>
Rogerwilco shortlisted for three Assegai AwardsRogerwilco, the digital marketing agency previously known as 2Stroke, has been shortlisted for three Assegai Awards in the SEO category of the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa's annual awards. 17 Oct 2014 Read More >>
2Stroke rebrands to Rogerwilco, appoints Chris Vermeulen as Chief Innovation Officer2Stroke, the digital marketing agency, is changing its name to Rogerwilco. 2 Oct 2014 Read More >>
Rogerwilco Geere's up for growthRogerwilco, the integrated digital marketing agency, is delighted to announce the appointment of Michele Geere as Client Services Director, effective 1 September 2014. 3 Sep 2014 Read More >>
Drupal came of age in 2012 according to Rogerwilco, South Africa's largest Drupal developers. 3 Dec 2012 Read More >>
The past 12 months have delivered awards, certifications, new faces and solid growth at Rogerwilco Interactive, one of South Africa's leading full service digital marketing companies. 1 Dec 2012 Read More >>