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R-Squared Digital offers a 360° full house digital consultancy service specializing in Influencer Marketing solutions. Additionally, they also offer brand strategy and market research services.
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Influencer selection: The obvious choice is not always the bestIt's finally here: a campaign celebrating the launch of your new fashion brand. You've spent what feels like an eternity working on it, and you're excited to partner with the right influencers who match your energy. Which influencer should you select? A fashion influencer, obviously. Right? Well, the obvious is not always the best and here's why. 7 Sep 2018 Read more

The power of a dedicated influencer marketing strategyInfluencer marketing campaigns that do not incorporate dedicated strategies too often produce disappointing ROIs. Let's explore why. 30 Aug 2018 Read more

Kickass influencer marketingMy transition from a traditional marketing background to an influencer marketing agency was challenging. Having focused on corporate messaging, I could draft technical articles and press releases easily. However, I soon realised that there was an enormous difference in the type of content creation required for both environments. But why? 21 Aug 2018 Read more

Build and use your digital influenceRecently, Stephane Rogovsky, CEO of R-Squared Digital, a leading influencer marketing agency, presented at a Future Females "Build & Use Your Influence" conference. 22 Jan 2018 Read more

Change your perceptionsWe often see exactly what we expect to see, yet profound experiences can change the way we see the world. Perceptions tend to depend upon an individual's assumptions. We construct our own reality on a daily basis. 13 Dec 2017 Read more

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