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OLSPS Analytics specialises in the supply of IBM SPSS Software and the design and deployment of predictive analytics and machine learning solutions.
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Tech trends for 2018 and the skills shortage for data scientistsIBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020 according to Forbes. OLSPS Analytics hopes to help meet these demands with their specialised training courses in software, predictive analytics and machine learning. 1 Jan 2018 Read more

Does your insurance claims processing system work for you?In the fast growing digital world, technologies are becoming a part of many aspects of our lives - often replacing laborious activities with advanced technologies.The insurance industry is no exception. Insurance companies who implement more advanced technologies are leading the market. These days technology can speed up the insurance claims processing time substantially. 13 Dec 2017 Read more

Statistical analysis software: SPSS vs ExcelLets have a look at SPSS vs Excel from 5 different perspectives. When it comes to Statistical Analysis/Data Analysis it is so easy to get lost. This is why we want to share our experience with you and look at all the pros and cons. 7 Dec 2017 Read more

How to automate your analysis with SPSS Statistics SyntaxHave you ever thought how amazing it would be to automate your statistical analysis? Well it is possible to Automate your analysis with SPSS Statistics Syntax. 7 Sep 2017 Read more

IBM SPSS is the number one choice for universities in AfricaIBM SPSS Statistics is the number one choice for Universities in Africa. 'Why," you may ask? In the world of user-friendly, yet powerful statistical software there is fierce competition to win the hearts of the intellects. In the race to satisfy not only statisticians, but data scientists also, in both academia and industry, a number of statistical programs have been born, and their growth is staggering. IBM SPSS Statistics, a long-time favourite, has won the peoples vote followed in hot pursuit by SAS and R. 6 Apr 2017 Read more

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