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Mpact shines in Gold Pack 2017 awardsWith seven nominations in various categories, five Gold Pack awards and the IPSA Gold Pack trophy for the Best Product Overall, Mpact has once again proven itself as an industry stalwart. 27 Nov 2017 read more

Mpact Versapak states the polystyrene factsMpact Versapak has engaged with the Polystyrene Association of South Africa to develop a campaign that will eliminate the many myths about polystyrene as a packaging medium and bring the facts to the forefront. 23 Nov 2017 read more

Mpact Versapak proves H'eataway technologyWith over 200 local and international exhibitors displaying their most recent products, equipment and services across the larger packaging and food industry, Mpact Versapak entered the show with a fresh treat in mind. 10 Nov 2017 read more

Packaging for a new generationAt Mpact Plastics Pinetown, in-mould labelled (IML) containers are a speciality. These versatile jars are being used in a number of industries and have become the container of choice within the personal care industry. The jars are produced for leading customers and have become part of iconic products within their ranges of brands. 31 Oct 2017 read more

Mpact Plastics Pinetown goes greenerMpact Plastics Pinetown has turned their focus to paper recycling for the good of the communities in which they operate. Whilst another plastics plants has placed their paper recycling bank at the manufacturing facility in September, South Africa's annual clean-up and recycling month, the Mpact Pinetown plant has now followed in their footsteps and are highlighting the need for everyone to protect the environment and recycle their waste. 10 Oct 2017 read more

Mpact takes their factories onlineFollowing the successful launch of a series of online production DVDs in 2013, Mpact Plastics has developed the second generation of DVDs to help educate a vast target audience. 4 Oct 2017 read more

Dual Mpact for Wadeville PlantWith September heralding the onset of spring, the spotlight is firmly focused on the environment. Not only does nature begin to renew itself in September but it is also South Africa's annual clean-up and recycling month, which highlights the need for everyone to protect the environment and recycle their waste. 20 Sep 2017 read more

Mpact sheds excess weightMpact Plastics Wadeville purchased manufacturing equipment to produce a new generation closure, known in the industry as a CSD8 closure, which is a substitute for the heavier CSD5 closure. The Sacmi equipment and tooling used to produce this closure places Mpact Plastics Wadeville at the forefront of producing closures in the South African market. 20 Sep 2017 read more

An impactful solutionInnovation and value-based product development is the forefront for most companies, but few consider how this type of development should be focused on a wider industry challenge, in order to become part of an industry solution. The plastics converting sector is no exception to this consideration. For the plastics converting sector, the solution lays in no single participant, but through collaboration, with a number of stakeholders, viz. the decision-makers, typically the brand owners, the influencers, typically the consumers, and the facilitators, typically the convertors such as Mpact Plastics. 31 Jul 2017 read more

A new generation for Ultrazorb meat traysFollowing the launch of the Ultrazorb® meat tray in 2012, the Mpact Versapak team further improved on this revolutionary retail product by launching the next generation Ultrazorb®. Keeping close to the market, the Mpact Versapak team identified further features to benefit their customers and the end user. Convenience in this market is at the forefront of product development. 16 May 2017 read more

Value-based product development in the ever-evolving retail marketNew consumer trends are emerging continuously and the retail market is changing fast. These dynamics lead to product and service providers having to incessantly consider their offering and strive for product development and innovation. However, very few organisations execute on product development successfully. One needs to understand that product development for the consumer is based on the product or user experience, whilst product development for the brand owner is based on beneficial changes to the product itself, its processes or services. 19 Apr 2017 read more

A national PET footprintMpact's plastic division comprises business clusters serving various markets through the use of diverse technologies and raw materials. One such material is PET (Polyethylene terephthalate). PET is converted by means of either a single- or two-stage ISBM process (injection stretch blow moulding). To see how we produce products using single- and two-stage blow moulding technologies, kindly visit Mpact Plastics website on www.mpact.co.za or click here. 7 Apr 2017 read more

Mpact does its rounds for the medical industryMpact Plastics is well positioned to supply PVC and PET medical round bottles together with accompanying childproof and tamper-evident closures. 24 Mar 2017 read more

Mpact Polymers: Producing recycled PET, SavukaMpact Polymers is a revolutionary state-of-the-art plant equipped to produce recycled PET, Savuka (Zulu for “revival”), for food and beverage packaging. Mpact Polymers enjoys the highest internationally recognised standards. It is the first plant in Africa to meet The Coca-Cola Company's full certification for PET bottles to package the company's soft drinks, while the recycling process complies with European Union (EU) Food Safety Authority specifications. 14 Feb 2017 read more

Preserving wine the PET wayA number of brand owners have switched their wine packaging from glass to PET. 1 Feb 2017 read more

Mpact Plastic Containers, a subsidiary of Mpact and new NAACAM memberMpact Plastic Containers has operations in the Western Cape and North West and is a leading manufacturer of plastic containers in the South African market, specialising in returnable transit packaging (RTP)... 30 Nov 2016 read more

A PET revivalWhile polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a sophisticated plastic used to manufacture bottled water and cool drink packaging, it is also a product that can be recycled into many new and useful products. 12 Oct 2016 read more

Changing with the timesThe rigid plastic packaging sector is showing consistent growth and development. Brand owners are set to reap the rewards of industry's renewed focus on quality with an emphasis on innovative decoration services. 1 Apr 2016 read more

Mpact Plastics FMCG division is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging in southern AfricaThis multifaceted business, which ranks among the top players in South Africa's multi-billion-rand plastics packaging sector and serves a multitude of blue-chip customers, manufactures a range of packaging products for the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural and retail markets, primarily in South Africa. 4 Feb 2016 read more


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