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The timeline of autonomous vehiclesIt's not unusual for the words ‘autonomous car' to conjure up images of flying vehicles and futuristic cars that would not look out of place in a sci-fi movie. However, although autonomous vehicles may seem futuristic, the technology of self-driving vehicles has been in development since the 1920s. 31 Jul 2017 Read more

The junk status effect on small businessesThere are few things that strike fear into the heart of a small business owner quite as much as South Africa's downgrade to junk status. 29 Jun 2017 Read more

A motorcyclist's guide to gear - three essential itemsIf you've been riding for a long time, you'll know that having the right equipment is crucial for every ride. If you are not wearing the correct protective gear when riding, your chances of suffering serious injury are increased should you become involved in an accident. 24 May 2017 Read more

Here's to rolling on a budget...It's that time of the year when may you find yourself with more month at the end of your money... 24 Mar 2017 Read more

Defensive driving 101Some of the biggest accidents that occur on South African roads can be caused by drivers' mistakes. Without overlooking the honest mistakes motorists make, being reckless while driving can prove to be fatal if the driver is negligent. 17 Feb 2017 Read more

The history of the motor car industry in SAOver the years, the motor car industry has grown significantly with various car manufactures having different branches all over the globe. In the same breath, panel beaters, mechanics and car insurance providers have also been sharing in the spoils of the motor car industry. 18 Jan 2017 Read more

Don't chase the storm!The floods that swept through parts of Gauteng recently, have everybody in the country taking extra precaution with regards to safeguarding their personal property and loved ones. 25 Nov 2016 Read more

Seven ways to gear your property up to weather the stormWith the weather being extremely gloomy in recent weeks, everyone has been compelled to make a few readjustments to their homes, cars and personal valuables. 25 Oct 2016 Read more

Insurance matters: Why you need to review your insurance policy in the last quarterWhen it comes to owning a car, there are a few elements that you need to take into consideration - from finance to insurance. Not only do these elements ensure that you are able to afford, maintain and care for your vehicle, but they also offer up reassurance in the form of a safety net. 26 Sep 2016 Read more

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