A day with SA neuromarketing expertsLeading experts in the field of neuromarketing will share new findings, techniques, technologies and expertise at a one-day seminar to be hosted in Cape Town on 22 November. Enhance your customer experiences by gaining insight into how your customers really think. 9 Nov 2017 Read more >>

The massive business of stokvels and opportunities for brandsStokvels are huge business, but most companies are still not responding to this informal banking sector. Find out how your brand can be part of the Stokvel value. 17 Oct 2017 Read more >>

Marketing to Millennials - Mastering engagement with the largest and most influential generation of consumersThis must-attend seminar will give you practical tools to win the millennial consumer. You will understand how the mind of a millennial works and be able to develop strategies for communicating with this generation. 3 Oct 2017 Read more >>

How to be a breakthrough brand - Key lessons and insightsDiscover what it takes for your brand to truly break through in today's crowded market. Join forward-thinking brands and marketers at this innovative seminar on 10 October! 5 Sep 2017 Read more >>

Engage and grow with stokvelsGet the latest insight and trends around stokvels and explore the opportunities for brands and businesses to tap into this growing market. 7 Aug 2017 Read more >>

How to connect with low-income shoppers - get real insight and practical tips at this CPT seminarDoing business with the poor is complex. Here is your opportunity to get fresh perspective and real insights on how to reach and connect with SA's mass market and low-income consumers! 18 Jul 2017 Read more >>

Marketing to millennials - engage, earn trust, increase businessHow to engage with this digitally connected, diverse and demanding generation? Get fresh insight and answers at this must-attend seminar and learn how to deliver authentic, action-driven messages to the millennial consumer. 27 Jun 2017 Read more >>

Mental health and the labour lawHow should employers deal with employees struggling with mental health from an employment law perspective? Learn how to deal with these issues in a way that's effective, supportive and legally correct. 25 May 2017 Read more >>

The Future of AdvertisingIt's here... the marketing event you can't miss this year! Hear from exciting speakers as they provide fresh perspectives and solutions on how to thrive in the new era of advertising. 9 May 2017 Read more >>

Optimising your marketing analytics for greater ROITranslate your marketing analytics into tangible business earnings. Learn how marketing analytics can greatly improve your marketing campaigns, and highlight the impact of marketing on your organisation's bottom line. 31 Jan 2017 Read more >>

The Neuromarketing seminar is back by popular demand!Join us for a fascinating glimpse into the world of Neuromarketing and see how these insights can help you uncover the hidden triggers of consumer purchasing behaviour. 19 Jan 2017 Read more >>

Discovery Health wins the Learning and Development Team of the Year AwardKR and Wits Business School recognise excellence within the learning and development profession 25 Oct 2016 Read more >>

Marketing to Millennials - how to engage with these young, dynamic and demanding consumersThis must-attend seminar will take you into the world and mind of the Millennial consumer. Get fresh insight and solutions on how to engage with this ultra-connected generation. 15 Sep 2016 Read more >>

Neuromarketing - key insights to unlocking your customer's brain for instant salesWhat really drives your consumers to buy and how do they decide? Find out how Neuromarketing can help you uncover the hidden triggers and convert more prospects to customers. 17 Aug 2016 Read more >>

The changing learning and development landscapeDisruptive change is sweeping through corporate learning and development! Take your organisation to the next level by attending the event for learning leaders in Africa. Hear from world-class learning organisations like Samsung, GE, Starbucks, Accenture and more! 15 Jul 2016 Read more >>

Financial services disruption at the base of the pyramidMost financial services providers don't understand the real needs and aspirations of low-income customers. Find out how companies used a human-centred design approach to succeed at the BoP. 21 Jun 2016 Read more >>

How to connect with SA's mass market and low-income consumers - Durban and Cape Town seminarsDoing business with the poor is unavoidably complex. Here is your opportunity to get fresh perspective and real insights on how to reach, connect and serve SA's mass market and low-income consumers! 14 Jun 2016 Read more >>

How to attract and engage with customers in a world filled with distractions!Competition is fierce in today's crowded marketplace and your competitors are only a click away! Caring for your customers has never been more important! 5 May 2016 Read more >>

E-learning that delivers results!The event for e-learning professionals takes place on 24-26 May 2016 in Johannesburg. Register to attend the Online and E-learning Conference and Workshops. 19 Apr 2016 Read more >>

Selling to the poor - how to reach, engage and serve consumers in the low-income marketDoing business with the poor is complex. Here is a unique platform to get fresh perspective, real insight and direct answers on how to do successful business at the bottom of the pyramid. 16 Feb 2016 Read more >>

Marketers, don't eat your words - food labelling, copyright and compliance with the ASADo you know which legally compliant food labelling factors to keep in mind when developing and conceptualising trademarks, brand names and related content on packaging for foodstuffs? 9 Feb 2016 Read more >>

The must-attend event for B2B marketing professionals and free e-bookDiscover real solutions and cutting-edge ideas that will help to INCREASE sales, GENERATE more leads and TRANSFORM your customer experience! 8 Oct 2015 Read more >>

The ultimate tips for marketers to increase leads and revenue - free e-bookDiscover the 30 greatest B2B lead generation tips, tricks and ideas - your complimentary guide by Incite! 15 Sep 2015 Read more >>

The keys to B2B marketing success, increasing sales and transforming your customer experienceAre you a B2B marketer looking for cutting-edge information and tactics to ensure better business performance and results for your company? Then this is the marketing event you can't miss! 30 Jul 2015 Read more >>

How to reach and engage with poor consumers, also referred to as the Bottom of the PyramidIncreasingly companies are trying to tap into the Low-Income market, but finding it extremely challenging. Discover some of the secrets, tactics and innovation required to succeed at the BoP! 22 Jul 2015 Read more >>

The 2015 Customer Engagement Marketing Conference - only two weeks to go!Time is running out to book for this important conference, taking place on 3-4 June 2015! Get the latest insight, practical tools and strategic guidance to help you form meaningful, ongoing relationships and experiences with your customers! 20 May 2015 Read more >>

Don't let your brand fade away - embrace the new rules of customer engagement!Customer engagement is no longer about isolated experiences - it's all about meaningful and ongoing dialogues. Brands that embrace the new approach will thrive, while those that don't will soon fade away! 23 Apr 2015 Read more >>

Does your brand have what it takes to be a hero at the bottom of the pyramid?Africa is an exciting and unpredictable place to be doing business. Many companies are alert to the opportunities that exist in our dynamic developing markets, but building stable brands within this volatile climate is not for sissies. 23 Mar 2015 Read more >>

The death of SEO and the rise of OptimisationThe SEO services we all understand and offer are evolving radically and will not leave us unscathed. The true measurement of success in 2015 is Optimisation. 25 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Building winning brands in a mobile worldTo win in the mobile world, we need a new way of brand-building. It's what we've called Mobi-Ready Branding - a multi-dimensional viewpoint on what makes brands successful in a new digital world. 12 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Marketing in the Digital EraEveryone is talking about the Digital Era and how marketers have to adopt new strategies and tactics in order to stay ahead and engage with today's consumers. Where is your company on its digital marketing journey? 9 Feb 2015 Read more >>

Marketing & Business Forecast 2015Attend this exciting event and get a headstart when planning your 2015 marketing strategy! Speakers will share crucial insights on the economic and socio-political landscapes that will impact on business, as well as important marketing trends. 6 Nov 2014 Read more >>

Internal communication seminar - Engage employees with breakthrough tactics that deliver resultsAttend this one-day event, taking place on Wednesday, 30 October 2014, and get solutions to your greatest internal communications challenges as well as the skills to improve your internal communication strategy. 6 Oct 2014 Read more >>

Five critical factors to consider when expanding into AfricaBefore your organisation embarks on expanding into Africa, you have to consider some critical factors such as marketing barriers, government policies on foreign investment, legislation and most importantly human capital developments. 9 Sep 2014 Read more >>

Business-to-business marketing - key insights to successHere is an event specifically designed for B2B marketing leaders and professionals. Get the latest insights and solutions to enhance your B2B brand and customer experience and drive better business performance for your organisation! 25 Aug 2014 Read more >>

Marketing to kids, tweens and teens seminarKey insights on growing your brand to the kid, tween and teen market 9 Jul 2014 Read more >>

Marketing to Low-Income Consumers - the ground-breaking seminar coming to Cape TownFollowing the huge success of the 'Marketing to Low-Income Consumers Conference' held in Johannesburg, Knowledge Resources is excited to bring this unique event to Cape Town on 13 August 2014. 8 Jul 2014 Read more >>

Engage with stokvels - How to market and build your brand to this growing marketGet the latest facts and trends around stokvels by attending this half-day event on Wednesday, 25 June 2014. You will understand how stokvels operate, what their challenges are, how to connect and communicate with them, and explore opportunities for your brand to tap into this growing market. 30 May 2014 Read more >>

Building meaningful customer engagement that drives revenueThe rise of the social web and digital landscape allows for greater engagement with brands, but these interactions must be meaningful and valuable to the customer in order to form ongoing relationships that actually drive profit and action. 21 May 2014 Read more >>

Low-income consumers - key insights for marketersDo you want to grow your market share by tapping into the market potential of low-income consumers, but finding it extremely challenging? Then attend this unique event and get the latest insights on how to succeed at the BoP. 24 Mar 2014 Read more >>

Reinventing your business model to succeed at the Bottom of the PyramidMost companies underestimate the innovation required to operate successfully in low-income markets. Attend this groundbreaking event that will expose you to the best practices and help you develop successful strategies for this unique market. 17 Mar 2014 Read more >>

How to succeed in low-income marketsIncreasingly companies are looking at tapping into the low-income market to grow their market share, but finding it extremely challenging. What are the secrets to success? 25 Feb 2014 Read more >>

The resurrection of direct mail?Data from the Direct Marketing Association benchmarks say that direct mail still reigns supreme, offering response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% versus 0.03% for email, 0.04% for internet display ads and 0.22% for paid search. While the global strategic consulting firm Winterberry Group predicts that direct mail spending will increase 1.1% in 2014. 24 Feb 2014 Read more >>

The new competencies for direct marketers in 2014Staying relevant in today's changing world of marketing requires you to constantly reinvent your skills and marketing approaches. Just over a decade ago, many direct marketers were forced to move beyond direct mail to creating basic websites, using email marketing and more. But now a decade later, reinventing direct marketing core competencies requires understanding and using even more tools. 20 Feb 2014 Read more >>

Do you know what's really working when it comes to marketing in 2014?Today's consumers are more connected and demanding than ever before, and expect highly personalised experiences and marketing communication. Marketers need to understand the complex world of big data, and tap into real-time conversations and interactions in order to build engaging and profitable relationships with their customers through multiple channels. 3 Feb 2014 Read more >>

A map for marketing in 2014...Learn about the latest in immersive marketing, social strategy and neuro-marketing, content marketing, cross-channel strategies, real-time automated marketing, mobile and more! 17 Dec 2013 Read more >>

Marketing Directors and CMOs Conference 2013 - endorsed by the IMM Graduate School of MarketingHosted by Knowledge Resources, this groundbreaking event, exclusively designed for Marketing Directors, CMOs and Group Marketing and Sales Executives, will focus on high-level strategic issues and help Marketing Executives prepare for the present and future challenges of marketing and business. 28 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Surviving Big-Bang Disruption - what every CMO, CEO and business executive needs to knowA new kind of technology-driven innovation is changing the rules of business and devastating companies and industries seemingly overnight. It is called Big-Bang Disruption. To survive, companies must learn the new rules of strategy and competition. 12 Aug 2013 Read more >>

Marketing directors and CMOs - Preparing for present and future challenges of marketing and businessToday's successful CMO is more intertwined with business and provides strategic leadership, innovative strategies and contributes to the financial performance and value creation of the organisation. However, in today's complex environment, this is no easy task... 23 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Glenn GillisThe idea that children learn through play, whether with toys or games, formalised or spontaneous, is a widely accepted notion. We learn social, emotional, cognitive, and even language skills through experimentation, imagination, and interaction. Playing is clearly a powerful human process. 3 Jul 2013 Read more >>

Marketing and advertising legislation - understanding the latest legal developmentsAs a marketer, you have to adhere to certain legal and governance responsibilities in order to protect your brand's reputation and minimise the risk to your organisation. Update yourself with the latest legal developments affecting your industry! 26 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Taking place on 11-13 June 2013 in Sandton, this ground-breaking event will inspire you with new thinking to grow your brand! Get the latest on brand strategy and positioning, social media, integrated marketing, ROI, consumer engagement, innovation and more. 4 Jun 2013 Read more >>

Branding for Growth - Inspiring and dynamic insights from McDonald's, MTN, P&G and moreWant to feel inspired and challenged with new thinking to manage and grow your brand for the future? Attend the ground-breaking Branding for Growth Conference - Engaging with today's consumers and growing your brand! 13 May 2013 Read more >>

Grow your brand and consumer engagement in today's competitive environmentConsumers are more connected and demanding than ever before and expect highly personalised experiences. Brands need to spend more time to listen and understand their consumers in order to build engaging and profitable relationships with them through multiple channels. 30 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Tap into the low-income market - key considerations and insightsIn order to successfully tap into the low-income market, companies must be innovative in their approach and customise the existing business models to the realities of these consumers. Attend this one-day seminar, taking place next week, 18 April 2013 in Johannesburg and learn the latest insights! 10 Apr 2013 Read more >>

Tribal marketing - a new way of segmentation and consumer engagementLet's face it, the adman was very close to the weatherman in the popularity ranking in the past, with advertising messages mostly benefiting the brand rather than the consumer. During the past couple of years, however, there has been a significant shift in consumer behaviour and it is no secret that the consumer is holding all the chips. 11 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Understanding insights about customers (current and prospective) is essential for developing products and services that offer value to the customer and generate profit for your organisation. Join Matshepo Majola, General Manager: Insights & Marketing Data Analytics from Absa as she explains how this can be a key differentiator that provides a competitive edge for any organisation. 4 Feb 2013 Read more >>

Today's consumers are more connected and demanding than ever before, and expect highly personalised experiences and marketing communication. Marketers need to understand the complex world of big data, and tap into real-time conversations and interactions in order to build engaging and profitable relationships with their customers through multiple channels. 21 Jan 2013 Read more >>

It's time to tap into the power of mobile to grow your brand, increase sales and engage with your customers through the most personal of all communication mediums. Integrating mobile marketing into your overall marketing mix can't be ignored any longer. 8 Oct 2012 Read more >>

Building a brand on the inside of the organisation is a critical part of delivering against the external brand promise made by the business, yet so often this essential part of brand building is forgotten. In an intensive one-day workshop format the concept of internal branding will be unpacked and examined in detail, exploring theoretical principles and practical application, with reference to both product and services sectors. 10 Sep 2012 Read more >>

The CMO Conference, taking place on 11-12 September 2012 is a high-level, strategic event, specifically designed for CMOs, marketing directors and group brand executives. The programme will look at the crucial role the CMO plays in guiding corporate strategy and will deliver real-world solutions for today's challenges and strategic guidance to prepare for the future business of marketing. 17 Aug 2012 Read more >>

The seminar and workshop on Marketing to Kids, Tweens and Teens is around the corner, taking place on 21-22 August 2012 in Johannesburg. Gain key insight into this unique youth market; find out what makes them tick and how to successfully introduce your brand to them and their gatekeepers! 10 Aug 2012 Read more >>

Much has been written about brands operating in increasingly volatile socio-economic environments. However, acknowledging the uncertainty has always been easier than managing a brand through it. In this article, Patrick will introduce one strategic option to deal with the new business environment, known as rapid adaptive strategy which links the benefits of scenario planning to organisational operation. 9 Jul 2012 Read more >>

Positioning a brand, or a portfolio of brands, in today's constantly evolving marketplace is crucial to a successful brand strategy. This hands-on workshop will focus on introducing delegates to the new management thinking and tools required to successfully position and manage brands today and tomorrow. 19 Jun 2012 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources is running a highly interactive and practical one-day pre-conference workshop facilitated by International author and consultant Michael Rose (UK) on 19 June 2012 at the Radisson Blu Gautrain Hotel in Sandton. 12 Jun 2012 Read more >>

The 2012 Branding Conference will cover exciting topics such as the Vodacom Rebrand case study, Brand Engagement, Co-creation for Brand Innovation, Integrated Marketing, Digital trends, Brand Integrity, Internal Branding - Exxaro case study, Developing great Consumer Experiences, Online Brand Protection and many more. 10 May 2012 Read more >>

Learn about the growing trend of content marketing and how your blog, your social media channels and your organisation's content all fit into your go-to-market strategy. Also learn everything necessary to complete your social media strategy and begin engaging with your customers in social media immediately. 8 May 2012 Read more >>

Low-income consumers may not have the largest disposable income, but their combined purchasing power and brand loyalty makes them extremely important consumers to understand. Marketers will be missing out if they do not step up their skills in getting to know and understand the realities of this market and how they make their purchasing decisions. 12 Mar 2012 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources is hosting their annual Coaching and Mentoring Conference on 27-28 March 2012 with two pre-conference workshops facilitated by leading international coaching experts on 26 March 2012. 29 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Twitter best practices - learn from StarbucksTwitter can help your business get closer to its customers, create better word of mouth, greater brand advocacy and generate great ideas from engaged fans. How? Start by learning from the best practices used by companies that have been successful with Twitter. Start by learning from Starbucks. 16 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Call centres are continuing to evolve and add new contact centre channels of communications as well as technologies. 3 Feb 2012 Read more >>

Money is tight, but people will spend if they see value. To succeed, marketers must learn the new expectations of consumers for personalised and relevant social and multichannel marketing. Attend this one-day workshop in CAPE TOWN on Friday, 2 March 2012 and learn from international expert and award-winning author, Ernan Roman, the pioneer who literally wrote the book on preference-driven multichannel marketing. 2 Feb 2012 Read more >>

The 2012 Direct Marketing Conference & Workshop is taking place on 28 February - 1 March. International expert, Ernan Roman will participate in the event and top speakers will discuss topics such as integrated marketing, social and multichannel marketing, CRM, database analytics, mobile marketing, creativity in direct marketing, Voice of Customer marketing strategies and much more. 30 Jan 2012 Read more >>

Customers are a precious resource and should never be squandered, especially in these tough economic times. To improve customer retention, marketing innovators are increasingly using Voice of Customer-driven strategies to achieve deeper, stronger relationships with customers. 28 Nov 2011 Read more >>

Digital strategy has firmly established itself as a key component of brand strategy. However, many digital strategies are flawed because they either position themselves as independent of the overall brand strategy or succumb to trying to adapt strategy to digital technology rather than the other way around. 11 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Positioning a brand, or a portfolio of brands, in today's turbulent and constantly evolving marketplace is crucial to a successful brand strategy. Join Knowledge Resources and Patrick Collings from Sagacite for an exciting workshop on this important aspect. 10 Oct 2011 Read more >>

Traditionally brand strategy, like other business strategies, has been viewed as a means to an end: a set of specific actions that when implemented successfully will deliver a forecast outcome. This is the realm of five-year business plans and certain foresight. 23 Sep 2011 Read more >>

The Knowledge Resources Corporate Health and Wellness Conference as well as a pre-conference workshop will be taking place 6-8 September 2011. 10 Aug 2011 Read more >>

Keeping your brand relevant in the kid and teen market!If you want to understand the world of kids and teens and reach then with your marketing efforts, you need to attend this event. 29 Jul 2011 Read more >>

Marketing to kids, tweens, teens and the family - conference and workshopThe Knowledge Resources Annual Kid and Teen Republic Conference! 7 Jul 2011 Read more >>

The two-day Branding Conference 2011 is taking place 8-9 June 2011 in Sandton Johannesburg. Time is running out so book your seat today! The conference features a great line-up of speakers and topics including: 16 May 2011 Read more >>

The Knowledge Resources Branding 2011 conference and pre-conference workshop will be taking place 7-9 June, 2011 in Sandton! 13 Apr 2011 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources is proud to present this one-day practical workshop on 13 April 2011. Developed and facilitated by Jason Stewart from HaveYouHeard, this workshop will provide both a theoretical and practical view of how you can become a Word-of-Mouth Marketing expert. 22 Mar 2011 Read more >>

Marketing to low-income consumersThe low-income market is a viable and highly untapped market. Their combined purchasing power and brand loyalty make them extremely important consumers, but understanding their specific and unique needs is crucial. Marketers need to take the time to understand the realities of this market in order to offer more than just a product or brand. 16 Mar 2011 Read more >>

Taking place on 6 - 7 April 2011 this 'by invitation only event' is designed exclusively for Marketing Directors, Chief Brand Officers, Heads of Marketing, CEO's and Chief Strategy Officers. The programwill address high-level, strategic topics focusing on the best and latest thinking in brand development and management. 3 Mar 2011 Read more >>

The annual Direct Marketing Conference is taking place on 16-17 March 2011. Speakers will discuss important topics such as optimising and creating effective direct mail campaigns, database analytics and segmentation, implementing and measuring a multi-channel marketing campaign, effective direct marketing to the Bottom of Pyramid, digital trends, mobile marketing, MOBI and much more. 18 Feb 2011 Read more >>

One of the strongest panels of global branding leaders to ever assemble in South Africa will speak at an exclusive conference in Johannesburg. The Executive Summit on Branding (6-7 April 2011) is aimed at C-level executives and will address high-level strategic topics, focusing on the latest thinking in brand development and management. 9 Feb 2011 Read more >>

The South African call centre environment is changing rapidly making it imperative for call centre professionals to adapt to these changes in order to run highly successful and quality driven call centres. 3 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Positioning a brand, or a portfolio of brands, in today's turbulent and constantly evolving marketplace is crucial to a successful brand strategy. Join Knowledge Resources and Patrick Collings from Sagacite for an exciting workshop on this import aspect. 2 Feb 2011 Read more >>

Leading organisations know that employee engagement is a force that drives performance outcomes. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, safer and less likely to leave - innovators who embrace change. These organisations understand that employee engagement is no longer just a human resources initiative; it is a strategic foundation for the way they do business and an employee engagement improvement strategy linked to the achievement of corporate goals will ensure sustainable organisational success and significance. 29 Sep 2010 Read more >>

Word-of-Mouth has always been the best form of advertising, even before brands existed. Attend this one-day workshop on 21 September 2010 and learn how to use this powerful marketing force to benefit your brand! 2 Sep 2010 Read more >>

In order to implement successful internal communication strategies and campaigns, it is essential to get buy-in from top executives and line managers to support and drive effective communication in your organisation. Attend the one-day seminar on Internal Communication to learn more. 30 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Marketing to Kids and Teens Conference - time is running out to register!The Annual Kid and Teen Republic Conference is taking place next week 24 and 25 August 2010 in Sandton, Johannesburg. With less than one week to go, you cannot afford to miss out - register today! 18 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Nick Tselentis will be one of the presenters at the Annual Kid and Teen Republic Conference (hosted by Knowledge Resources) taking place 24 and 25 August 2010. This is an exciting and interactive event focusing on marketing to kids, teens and the family! Other companies participating at this event include Simba, Coca-Cola, Disney, Strika Entertainment, HDI, Youth Dynamix and more. At the conference Nick will be discussing the Future Trends in Marketing to Children. 12 Aug 2010 Read more >>

If you manage people, you need to keep your management skills relevant and updated!The reality is that managers today are expected to perform well in a number of functions, whether it is coaching an employee, leading high-performance teams, or simply managing their own time. Being a manager is a tough job! The Second Annual Management conference will give managers the opportunity to develop themselves further and update their management skills! 10 Aug 2010 Read more >>

Annual Kid and Teen Republic Conference in Johannesburg!The ultimate event focusing on marketing to kids, tweens, teens and the family 16 Jul 2010 Read more >>

Communication practitioners begin to recognise the strategic importance of employee engagement and ensuring that messages communicated to staff are aligned to business objectives. Attend a one-day seminar on Employee Engagement hosted by Knowledge Resources. 25 Jun 2010 Read more >>

Burning issues in innovationThe role of innovation in facilitating growth and sustainability. Two-day Innovation Conference, 21-22 July, hosted by Knowledge Resources, partnering with Da Vinci and Mindstir. 2 Jun 2010 Read more >>

Leading organisations know that employee engagement is a force that drives performance outcomes. 28 May 2010 Read more >>

The annual Branding Conference is around the corner, taking place on 26-27 May 2010 in Johannesburg! The programme features great speakers from top companies such as Procter & Gamble, Pick n Pay, Telkom, MTN, HKLM, Interbrand Sampson Inside, The Fearless Executive, VWV Group, Spoor & Fisher and many more. 3 May 2010 Read more >>

The annual Branding Conference, hosted by Knowledge Resources is scheduled to take place on 26-27 May 2010 in Johannesburg. For the first time, the event will also include two exciting pre-conference workshops, taking place on 25 May 2010. 15 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources is hosting their Second Annual Management Conference 19-20 May 2010 in Johannesburg. 9 Apr 2010 Read more >>

Get into the mind of the township consumerKnowledge Resources is hosting a one-day seminar focusing on marketing and advertising in the townships, taking place on 20 April 2010 in Johannesburg. 31 Mar 2010 Read more >>

You may have heard that the Your Child Kids Expo has been cancelled, but please note that the Kid Republic Conference is still going ahead in Cape Town on Thursday, 25 March 2010! Knowledge Resources are independent from Egg Marketing, so therefore the cancelled expo doesn't affect our company or the conference. 15 Mar 2010 Read more >>

Brands have evolved from being a marketing function to an integral part of the overall business strategy and operation - come hear Patrick Collings at the Integrated Brand Strategy workshop, hosted by Knowledge Resources. 16 Feb 2010 Read more >>

Local and international coaching and mentoring experts to present at the Knowledge Resources 9th Annual Coaching and Mentoring Conference, 16-18 March 2010 in Johannesburg. 11 Feb 2010 Read more >>

Leading direct marketing experts have been confirmed for the event and will discuss important topics such as database management and analytics, data privacy, creativity in direct marketing, utilising direct mail, multi-channel marketing, social and mobile media, email marketing, measuring online advertising and much more. 20 Jan 2010 Read more >>

Join industry experts at a one-day seminar focused on the latest trends and new developments in Branded Entertainment, hosted by Knowledge Resources on 24 March 2010, in Johannesburg. 18 Jan 2010 Read more >>

Internal communication is a vital component in the success of any organisation, especially in difficult economic times. Providing employees with effective communication that is clear, concise and honest will build trust, increase productivity and give employees a sense of engagement with the company. 4 Sep 2009 Read more >>

Managers are under severe pressure and are having to lead in an ever-changing and uncertain environment. Knowledge Resources has developed a two-day conference focused on addressing the key challenges facing the manager of today. 28 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Attend a two-day workshop on Integrated Brand Strategy hosted by Knowledge Resources and facilitated by Patrick Collings of Sagacite Brand Agency. Brands are no longer afterthoughts left exclusively to marketing departments and advertising agencies employed. They are central to the organisation and require an increasing array of integrated skills and experience to successfully manage them. 27 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources has put together this one-day seminar focusing on destination marketing which will feature a range of industry experts, to be held on the 16th of September 2009 at Maropeng - Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng. 20 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Marketing to kids and teens - how to introduce your brand to them and their gatekeepersThere is only one week left to register for the Kid & Teen Republic Conference, the ULTIMATE marketing event focusing on kids, tweens, teens and the family! This exciting event is taking place on 26-27 August 2009 in Johannesburg. 19 Aug 2009 Read more >>

Kid & Teen Republic - the ultimate marketing event focussing on kids, tweens, teens and the familyThe annual Kid & Teen Republic Conference will take place on 26-27 August 2009 in Johannesburg. This exciting marketing event will give you the opportunity to learn more about the world of kids, tweens and teens and how to introduce YOUR BRAND to them and their gatekeepers. You cannot afford to miss this! 3 Aug 2009 Read more >>

The Marketing Legislation Seminar is around the corner, taking place on the 29th July 2009 at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg. Knowledge Resources has invited top legal experts to discuss the latest legal and regulatory developments affecting marketing and advertising. 14 Jul 2009 Read more >>

As a marketer, brand manager or advertising agency you need to understand all the legal requirements and best practices affecting the environment in which you operate. If you do not comply with these requirements, you will not only damage your brand and company reputation, but will also harm the relationship with your customers. 19 Jun 2009 Read more >>

Branding 2009, the 3rd Annual Conference is around the corner, taking place on 10 - 11 June 2009 in Johannesburg! Knowledge Resources has invited leading brand experts to share their expertise, discuss hot topics, case studies and provide practical tools on how to grow and manage your brand during this challenging economic time. 1 Jun 2009 Read more >>

Branding 2009 - 3rd Annual Conference not to be missed!In the current economic climate, brand owners and marketing managers are starting to feel the pressure and have to find new and innovative ways to retain and attract customers. However, tough times also create opportunities, and companies should use this period to invest in their brand to ensure future success. 17 Apr 2009 Read more >>

Knowledge Resources is happy to announce that the programme for the Direct Marketing 2009 Conference has been finalised and that it includes cutting-edge topics, future trends, innovative ideas, research updates and great networking opportunities. Make sure you reserve your seat today. 25 Feb 2009 Read more >>

Communication professionals have the responsibility to sharpen their skills to communicate information with employees. A crisis whether it is financial, accidental, legal or otherwise can happen in an instant and failing to communicate effectively with your internal stakeholders can result in uncertainty and speculation. 2 Feb 2009 Read more >>

Marketing to children through momMarketing through a mother's toddlers, tweens and/or teens is an effective way to capture the buying power of the mom market. It is a successful marketing strategy because it can be used with any stage of mother. It plays to a mother's desire to make her children happy. 11 Aug 2008 Read more >>

Thebe Ikalafeng confirmed as chairperson for the 2nd Annual Branding ConferenceDon't miss the opportunity to be part of this insightful event and to engage with some of the most prominent experts in the industry. Come and hear about research updates, interesting case studies, future trends, innovative ideas and join the panel discussion about Brand South Africa with special guest speakers like Gidon Novick, Thebe Ikalafeng and more. 10 Jun 2008 Read more >>

The idiom of marketing betrays some of the implicit assumptions that it is founded on. We have been at war with our customers. They are a target that we plan campaigns around, bursting media over them or employing guerilla tactics. It's a war we simply can't win. 15 Oct 2007 Read more >>

First ever Kid Republic Conference taking place in Johannesburg!Johannesburg - Knowledge Resources, in partnership with Egg Marketing & Communications, is proud to present the first ever Kid Republic Conference taking place on 17 August 2007 in Johannesburg! Learn more about the world of kids & tweens and how to successfully introduce your brand to them and their gatekeepers! 24 Aug 2007 Read more >>

What kids buy and why - the psychology (and ethics) of marketing to kidsInternational guru and author on marketing to kids, Daniel Acuff will be in South Africa and presenting at the first ever Kid Republic Conference hosted by Knowledge Resources on the 17th August 2007 in Johannesburg. Daniel will explore what kids buy and why and look at the psychology and ethics of marketing to kids. 7 Aug 2007 Read more >>