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10 smart ways to cut commuter costsThe recent petrol hike has many commuters worried about the rising cost of transport. The good news? These clever hacks might help contain those increasing expenses. 16 Oct 2018 Read more++
The 37th Southern African Transport ConferenceSouth Africa's longest running transport conference, the Southern Africa Transport Conference (SATC), will be taking place from Monday, 9 July, to Thursday, 12 July 2018, at the CSIR International Convention Centre in Tshwane. This year the conference will also incorporate the 4th International Conference on Transport Infrastructure on 9 and 10 July 2018. 22 May 2018 Read more++
Lack of resources is no excuse for poor performanceHard work has finally paid off for 18-year-old Nthako Molupe, who passed with flying colours from Beacon Secondary School. Coming from a rural area with many under-resourced schools did not damper Molupe's spirits. Molupe will be pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science at the University of Cape Town. 25 Jan 2018 Read more++
Kagiso Trust's legacy of excellence in Free State schoolsTo inculcate a culture of excellence in education, Kagiso Trust has been working with schools in the Free State for the past 10 years. Kagiso Trust has implemented its District Whole School Development Programme (DWSDP) model in partnership with the Free State Department of Education as well as through Kagiso Shanduka Trust (KST), a partnership with the Cyril Ramaphosa Foundation. 24 Jan 2018 Read more++
Five ways municipalities can enhance service delivery through data optimisationDelivery of free basic services to indigent people remains an ongoing challenge for South African municipalities. According to Paul Smith, Local Government Support at Kagiso Trust, this may be attributed to poor data management, which impacts on all aspects of functioning, from customer management to revenue collection. Here, Smith outlines how data optimisation can help improve service delivery to the country's poorest households. 23 Nov 2017 Read more++
Problem gambling on the rise amongst womenChances are that you consider problem gambling to be a “man's issue”. But the reality is that as many as 51% of all South African women gamble; what's more, female problem gamblers are likely to be more severely affected by the condition. 15 Aug 2017 Read more++
All South African schools to be online by 2018Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Enver Surty, says every South African school will be digitally connected by 2018. 14 Aug 2017 Read more++
Fear inhibiting passenger train use in South AfricaMany people are scared to use Metrorail, even though they have never used it. 13 Jul 2017 Read more++
Kagiso Trust appoints Kaelo Engage to implement its 30th anniversary celebrationSandton-based content development agency, Kaelo Engage, has been appointed by the Kagiso Trust to roll out its 30-year anniversary celebrations across South Africa. 15 May 2015 Read more++
Kaelo does #RAKThe Kaelo Engage team spread some kindness as part of the Random Act of Kindness (RAK) campaign when they visited Dimphonyana Tsa Lapeng, a refuge for orphaned and vulnerable children in Olivenhoutbosch, Centurion, on Friday. 27 Mar 2015 Read more++
Effective community engagement is vital for CSI successThere is no doubt that South African companies have embraced corporate social responsibility and investment as an imperative to create a sustainable, prosperous nation. 12 Aug 2014 Read more++
Seven tips on how to maximise Mandela DayWhat are the seven things you need to know to have a successful Mandela Day? #MandelaDay #67MinutesForMandela 18 Jul 2014 Read more++
Kaelo Engage evolvesPublic relations and communications agency, Kaelo Engage, is taking a new direction as the agency repositions itself as a content creation agency in line with growing client requirements, global marketing trends and its core business offering. 17 Sep 2013 Read more++
Kaelo Stories of Hope reaches over one million viewersSocial development content platform, Kaelo Stories of Hope, has consistently reached over one million viewers since its first broadcast of its eighth series on 6 August 2013. Showing on e.tv every Tuesday at 5.30pm the television series tells inspiring stories of local people and communities whose lives have been changed by corporate social investment and social development initiatives. 9 Sep 2013 Read more++
Sharing is caring with Build-A-Bear!Build-A-Bear South Africa officially handed a cheque to the value of R8,000 to Els for Autism Foundation in Braamfontien. 23 Aug 2013 Read more++
Kaelo Engage lefties celebrate their right to be left-handedLeft-hand control means creativity, emotional expression and holistic thinking with thanks to the right hemisphere of the brain. 16 Aug 2013 Read more++
Let's get them some shoes!The Kaelo Engage team take on the cold weather with no shoes on to raise awareness about the #GetThemSomeShoes campaign by Build-A-Bear Workshop South Africa, Zando, Bizcommunity, Courier IT and Adopt-a-School Foundation that aims to donate as many shoes as possible to underprivileged children in South Africa. 6 Jun 2013 Read more++
Sara ButchartOh how I love my PVR! After years of being in the advertising and communications business, my husband and I delight in zapping the rubbish ads and moving on to what we really want to watch - the programme! It's a global trend which is resulting in more and more interest being placed on AFP's (Advertiser Funded Programmes) with some really interesting results. 18 May 2013 Read more++
As with all the best things in life, the hallmarks of a great staff volunteer programme has everything to do with passion and commitment. Addressing the CSI Dialogues this week, Kaelo Engage managing director Sarah Campbell highlighted that whilst it is important to initially inspire and motivate staff to get involved, gaining longer-term commitment requires strategic support. 7 Dec 2012 Read more++
Farming for lifeMany South Africans dream of owning land and making a living from it yet it is extremely challenging. Welcome to De Deur in Southern Gauteng, where three women are shining examples of a farming programme which has empowered smallholder farmers to overcome agricultural hardships and create viable, sustainable farming businesses. 30 Aug 2012 Read more++
Skateboarding in a Zulu villageThe very last place you would expect to find a skateboarder's camp is in the middle of a rural village in the hills of Kwa-Zulu Natal but when you arrive at Indigo Skate Camp you know almost immediately that this is exactly where it should be. 29 Aug 2012 Read more++
Some grandmothers have the carefree luxury of being the ones who simply dish out the sweets and tell bedtime stories, but Violette Ngubane knows no such luxury. As a sole provider and the only parent her grandchildren have, Ngubane wondered if she'd ever be able to fulfil her dream of living in a proper house and providing a safe and comfortable shelter for her children and grandchildren. Until now. As an employee volunteer initiative, the Telkom Foundation, together with a small army of Telkom volunteers, united with Habitat for Humanity to build the Ngubane family their first real home. 28 Aug 2012 Read more++
Kaelo - Stories of Hope is a multimedia platform that enables participants to promote their corporate social responsibility (CSI) projects to their communities and stakeholders. The seventh season of the television show kicks off on 3 July 2012 at 17h30 on e.tv. It is supported by various digital, face-to-face and print media, including an annual book, profiling featured CSI stories. This year, BHP Billiton and the Telkom Foundation have taken headline sponsorship of this meaningful show. 2 Jul 2012 Read more++
Kaelo - Stories of Hope is back on our screens!The nation's favourite CSI TV platform, Kaelo - Stories of Hope, returns to our screens next week Tuesday, 3 July 2012, on e.tv. Beautifully told and inspiring, the stories encourage ordinary South African's to stand up and take action while highlighting the incredible work being done in communities by the private, public and civil society. 27 Jun 2012 Read more++
This Youth Day, the prestigious education-focused NGO, Kagiso Trust, is rallying support for its enterprising Bold Step campaign that aims to empower South African youth through access to better education. 14 Jun 2012 Read more++
The plight of many children in South Africa is a tragic tale of violence and abuse. This week is Child Protection Week, and the government has called on all South Africans to take a stand against child abuse, and provide a safe and secure environment for all children. 5 Jun 2012 Read more++
Celebrating South African success stories with Kaelo - Stories of Hope season 7Join Kaelo - Stories of Hope every Tuesday from 3 July at 17h30 as it takes you on an inspiring journey highlighting social change in South Africa and how companies, communities and the public sector are working together for a brighter future. 25 May 2012 Read more++