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Five things consumers are looking for from your brand in 2018With 2018 now upon us, we look at five higher order things consumers are expecting from brands in 2018 and beyond. 17 Jan 2018 Read more

The importance of visual storytellingIt's one thing to see consumer quotes or pictures to help land an insight or piece of work, but nothing beats the moving image and the use of visual storytelling. 14 Dec 2017 Read more

Don't forget where we came from: Four ways to appeal to consumers that can cut through modern 'brand fluff'The first brands were marks on goods so people knew they could trust what they were buying. We're seeing a return to this 'Branding 101' and consumer mistrust of unfounded brand promises. 22 Nov 2017 Read more

Introducing: The Millennial DivideAt Instant Grass International, we believe you can make more sense of millennials by dividing them into 'old' and 'young'; resulting in a smarter segmentation of a lucrative future market. Our latest talk, The Millennial Divide unpacks these two groups and is currently available for companies and brands. 31 Oct 2017 Read more

Who really owns a brand?As we move further into the post-modern marketing landscape, it is becoming increasingly clear that brands are not owned by the companies from which they originate, but rather with the people who buy them and give them life on a day-to-day basis. 19 Sep 2017 Read more

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