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HDI Youth Consultancy works to create value for brands while relentlessly looking out for young people's interests in all three youth markets: tweens, teens and young adults.
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Comic Con Africa is a marker for a thundering shiftIf you've been paying any attention to how quickly the world is evolving, you'll know that young people are no longer happy to be second-class citizens. What that means for brands and businesses alike is that adaptation is inevitable...or become relics of the past like the KODAK and TDK. 18 Sep 2018 Read more

A new CI to match HDI's extended offeringYouth consultancy HDI reveals a new CI, new vision and new name for the future of youth marketing. 4 Sep 2018 Read more

HDI Africa ConferenceAfrica your time is now! This bold statement is turning into a revolution symbolising the strengths and potential that the African continent has. 16 Jul 2018 Read more

Keeping children entertained during school holidaysWith the winter school holidays underway, moms and dads need exciting activities to keep the children entertained. Most parents seek a balance of indoor and outdoor activities. These need to be varied, affordable and readily accessible to keep the young ones busy throughout the holidays. This is a great opportunity for youth brands to come to the party and meet the youth in various spaces, by contributing to holiday entertainment. 6 Jul 2018 Read more

HDI Youth Marketeers spearhead Zimbabwe youth marketingResearch has shown that by 2025, Africa will have the youngest global population. The rise of youth in Africa is unstoppable; currently 51% of its population is under 23 years of age. These statistics are important for every African marketer to understand, and Zimbabwe is no exception. HDI Youth Marketeers, currently present in South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya, helps brands and organisations to make meaningful, magical and memorable differences in the lives and fortunes of youth and families. 9 May 2018 Read more

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