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Rise and shine!Your invite to the Breakfast Club at FESPA with Gawk Visual Engineers! 2 Aug 2017 Read more

GAWK revamps Liquor City logoLiquor City's branding has been synonymous among the South African public for more than 20 years. The decision for a rejuvenated brand was made to keep up with changing market trends as well as to carry the brand to its full potential. GAWK Visual Engineers was bestowed the honours and took on the job with great gusto. 14 Jul 2017 Read more

The logo's lot: Is it to last or of the past?Much debate has recently been going on in design and branding circles around whether “the logo is dead,” as British designer and brand consultant, Simon Manchipp, publicly claimed. But before we write our eulogies for this superstar of branding, let's first see if it is not worthy to be placed on life support. 13 Jul 2017 Read more

Shopper marketing: Creating an in-store shopper experience to push that saleProduct and price are by no means the only players when it comes to pushing sales in-store - presentation plays a most pivotal part! 25 May 2017 Read more

Entertainment marketing: the value of business meeting pleasureOne of the most mainstream modern-day marketing mantras goes like this: Let us entertain you! 2 May 2017 Read more

Flaunt it! Get your display priorities straight in 2017Humans are visual creatures. In fact, vision trumps all our other senses in our perception of the world. When we see something good-looking or interesting, our brains react to it. We are physiologically hardwired to feel rewarded by beauty and motivated by novelty in our field of sight. 15 Mar 2017 Read more

Compete cleverly: Don't outrun – outwit!Any typical contender has to deal with intimidation when faced by a significant and strong opponent. Power is persuasive, and we often believe that the big boys are inevitably set to take the victories. However, knowledge – converted into smart strategies – can trump power. And that is why the underdog is very much in the game – also with regards to business. 20 Feb 2017 Read more

The low-down on how to get intimate with your customerMarketing is powered by the need to connect, inform and persuade. Much of it is about what we want to tell people and what we'd like them to do once we've told them. But sometimes results fall short of what we desire; clever ads have flopped, brilliant campaigns have failed. At times we are left shaking their heads, wondering where we went wrong. 13 Jan 2017 Read more

Upscale marketing, downscale costs: go bold in bad timesWhen times are tough economically, marketers will look for ways to keep their brand alive and vibrant while reducing costs at the same time. One mistake made by many is to cut down on the outlay involved in display stands at trade fairs, expos or marketing events. 28 Nov 2016 Read more

Revolutionary brand activations and great coffee with Gawk at Fespa 2016Nothing kicks things off like a cup of hot brewed coffee. From bean to cup, the magic that is released through the brewing process should always be enjoyed amongst great company. 2 Sep 2016 Read more

The art of pretence: marketing in tough timesThey say there's no sentiment in business but in fact it's sentiment that drives everything in business. Part of the problem in difficult economic times is that people expect things to be difficult. A downturn can be no more than negative reaction to an event that is unexpected or perceived to have merely the potential to be threatening. Shares are hurriedly sold, sales drop, companies downsize. And a ripple effect runs through the market. 21 Jul 2016 Read more

Digital printing: Limits beyond imaginationDigital printing is not new but it takes strides in innovation and ever more adventurous applications every day. Printing from a digital-based image - files such as a PDF - directly to a variety of media, has opened up infinite possibilities for design, colour, surface options and impact. 15 Jun 2016 Read more

Design, functionality and aesthetics: The psychology of purchaseDisplay stands at expos, events and conventions have become works of artful engineering that present powerful opportunities for engagement and purchase. Canny design and versatile solutions have created extraordinary new avenues for marketing and branding that have only recently realised the remarkable potential of visual innovation. 10 May 2016 Read more

The ink revolution: the subtle merge of brands and printToday's inseparable marketing duo, brands and print, sees equal partnership in the drive for powerful connection with consumers across multiple media. It seems obvious at first glance that one doesn't exist without the other - but there's been a quiet revolution in design strategy with regard to branding and what has become the new imperative of print. 16 Mar 2016 Read more

Podd Display and FSD to merge 1 MarchA merger between two major players in the South African branding, exhibitions and display industries, Podd and FSD, is set to take place on 1 March 2016. 1 Mar 2016 Read more

The value and impact of innovative trends in brand displayBrands, both physically and emotionally, are designed to be on display - to be seen, to be experienced, bold enough to be impressive and individual enough to be influential. Brands are a combination of visual input and perception. They provide creativity, colour, intriguing design - and very often just the comfort of what is enduring and familiar. 23 Jun 2015 Read more

FSD and Edge 2 Edge surpassed expectations at OSSA 2015FSD and Edge 2 Edge collaborated to build an amazing design for Genop Health this year at The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) conference that took place during mid-March. The two masterminds behind the custom-made creation were Genevieve Momberg and Tabitha Robinson from Edge 2 Edge and were driven by a creative and very specific look and feel they wanted to achieve. 8 Apr 2015 Read more

2015 international exhibition design trends that we should take note ofEvery year, excitement abounds at FSD when we get to see what the international industry leaders are saying about the latest exhibition design trends. Following are some predicted trends by world leaders in exhibitions: 9 Feb 2015 Read more