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Unlocking the power of variables in marketingCreating a marketing plan isn't simple. You have to research and understand the interests of your target customers, tap into current marketing trends and come up with a clever and captivating pitch to sell your products. 3 Aug 2017 READ MORE

How intelligent digital platforms are transforming marketing and customer serviceImagine if a brand really listened to what we have to say instead of pushing what they want us to hear? Sounds like a far-fetched idea, doesn't it? With hundreds of thousands of customers, or prospective customers, how could a large company possibly find the time or resources to truly listen to each and every one of us? And if they did listen would they actually change anything to make our customer experience better? And how would they do so? 29 Jun 2017 READ MORE

If you're only looking at credit risk you're not being marketing-savvyWe all have that one friend or family member who we'd be a little hesitant to lend some money. On the other hand, there are those family members or friends who we'd give a loan in a heartbeat. 15 May 2017 READ MORE

Strategic marketing can help CEOs increase revenueIf you were to Google, “how to increase revenue” one of the first search results outlines four simple methods. Increase number of customers. Increase transaction size. Increase the frequency of transactions per customer. And, perhaps most obviously, increase price. 7 Apr 2017 READ MORE

Know thy customer with AMO from Effective IntelligenceWith so many tools, platforms and communication channels, modern business executives would be forgiven for feeling a little intimidated when planning their next advertising or marketing campaign. 31 Mar 2017 READ MORE

All you want for Xmas... is more customersThis festive season, Effective Intelligence (EI) - South Africa's leading direct marketing solutions provider - offers you the gift of more customers. With a crystal clear view of South Africa's most intelligent and responsive database, we have gift-wrapped customer profiles to help you tightly define your target audiences to qualified buyers to drive your customer acquisition strategies and dramatically improve your direct marketing ROI. 6 Dec 2016 READ MORE

How to engage Gen YDigital isn't about innovation strategies or disruption any longer. Digital is here. Digital is now and if you don't have a digital footprint - you will lose your competitive advantage. Technology accelerates exponentially so companies need to be focused on the immediate implications of their customer data. This means that traditional approaches to planning and execution will be less effective over time; we can no longer predict the future because it's already happening - right now. 14 Nov 2016 READ MORE

Unparallelled power of predictive analytics to grow profitsEver been in that uncomfortable situation at the end of the quarter when sales is banging on the door for more qualified prospects? The CMO is pushing to not let marketing's reputation die yet again on meeting its promises and the sales and marketing duo is on edge. In the past, the response to this type of situation is to spend on an expensive radio or TV ad, schedule a last minute press release or worse still.... Buy a list of leads. 18 Oct 2016 READ MORE

The journey toward greater customer-centricityAccurate customer information is the lifeblood of the customer experience - and your customer knows this. They have exchanged valuable personal information with your organisation so they expect a flawless service across channels with your company. So isn't it a waste that because of legacy systems, siloes and inaccurate or poor quality data - there are some customers that "exist" on your system, but you will never get to "see" them, let alone interact with them. 14 Sep 2016 READ MORE

The customer journey is on the moveSo the latest business phrase trending at the moment is "customer journeys". Companies want to know how to create an environment in the organisation that drives outstanding customer experiences throughout their journey with the brand, so they can become "omni-channel" and ultimately - "customer-centric". Sounds commendable and I salute you! 10 Aug 2016 READ MORE

#CX: The new business frontierWhy customer experience? Why now? Because we have entered an age when focusing on customers is more important than any other strategic imperative. Every executive knows that customers matter. But most companies don't approach their customer interactions in a disciplined way. 12 Jul 2016 READ MORE

Actionable insights into omni-channel journey executionIX Real-Time, powered by Kitewheel, provider of the leading Customer Journey Hub for agencies and their brand clients, has released the "State of the Consumer Journey 2016 Report. The study of over one billion real-time, cross-sector brand and customer interactions captured by the orchestration platform reveals that brands are increasingly adopting and investing in a diverse set of customer journeys across a broader range of touch points than ever before. 24 May 2016 READ MORE

Thinking that you know, then you don't #TheStruggleisRealSimone Ardagh, Effective Intelligence Customer Engagement Connoisseur and Evangelist, says that a new era of marketing has arrived - out with personalised, in with individualised. She shares her tips on how to truly understand individual customer insights for increased retention. 12 May 2016 READ MORE

Listen. Your customers want to love youWith so much emphasis placed on finding customers today, businesses often lose sight of keeping the ones they do have. Thanks to social media and our digital culture, customers are in constant dialogue with us. It gives us an opportunity to change or transform our influence and experience. We have an opportunity to learn how they want to interact with brands. The vulnerability of course, is that word of mouth is amplified in our social-digital world - especially when they complain, and they do complain. 5 Apr 2016 READ MORE

Effective targeting, anyone?Understanding the differences and similarities about your customers help you to sell more. The more you know about them and their needs, the easier it is to identify opportunities to sell them new products and target them with appropriate offers. But you know this already. 16 Mar 2016 READ MORE

POPI is near!"POPI", the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013, is nearing its long-awaited implementation. It looks like POPI is back on track and Parliament is proceeding to appoint the Information Regulator who should be in place by July 2016. Regulations and dates of actual implementation will have to then be published. 18 Feb 2016 READ MORE

Start paying attention to your individual customersCompanies have more data than they know what to do with. But very few leverage the information to improve customer experience and customer service. At South Africa's leading consumer marketing analytical solutions provider, Effective Intelligence, we share our experience on how you can use customer data to delight your customers. 8 Sep 2015 READ MORE

Bridging the divide between customer intelligence and business intelligenceThe popular phrase "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours" characterises the relationship between a brand and a consumer. The more time and energy brands invest into understanding their customers, the more customers will feel valued and "give back" to the brands they love. 4 Aug 2015 READ MORE

It's not about single-, cross-, multi- or omni-channel bull-doodle anymore"Omni-channel marketing" is the latest buzzword. Just look at job ads being posted "searching for omni-cannel marketing specialist" or looking for "superior cross-channel engagement officer". Every meeting you go to, every "informed exec", every marketing media source or blog or Twitter feed... and you stumble upon numerous opinions and views about the importance of "omni-channel marketing", as well as its distinction from "cross- and multi-channel". 1 Jul 2015 READ MORE

Why analytics is key for your omni-channel success"Did you know, the 2015 Rugby Tournament is scheduled to be 8th Rugby World Cup, the quadrennial Rugby union world championship?" This was the opening sentence that started a flurry of conversation and heated debate in office about whether or not we will party like it's 2000? Being a proudly South African company and a strong supporter of all South African sports, we've delved into the passionate, enthusiastic and sincere conversation surrounding the predictions of who will win the 2015 tournament. Now being an organisation that specialises in data analytics and predictive modelling (amongst many other cool core disciplines), we have gathered the data, segmented it, extrapolated and deep mined the information to its core - but one has to be realistic about our chances of actually winning. 3 Jun 2015 READ MORE

Say Big Data one more time..."Alice came to a fork in the road. 'Which road do I take?' she asked. 'Where do you want to go?' responded the Cheshire Cat. 'I don't know,' Alice answered. 'Then,' said the Cat, 'it doesn't matter.'" 7 May 2015 READ MORE

Data, analytics and actionAre you a data-driven marketer? Can you confidently say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, which components are bringing you the greatest return along the specific stages of your customer journey? Are you in complete control of personalising the delivery of messages to a tailored audience, across multiple channels? 9 Apr 2015 READ MORE

Do you suffer from dysfunctional analytics?An informed decision is a better decision. By using the right analytics you can put intelligence into action, helping you increase profitability, enhance productivity and deliver a superior return on your marketing investment. 6 Mar 2015 READ MORE

The CMO's biggest pain points - and how to get relief in 2015If you're a marketer and you want to focus on one key goal for 2015 (that your boss will love you for), strongly consider the "integration of marketing" efforts in an increasingly digital age. So how would you integrate marketing, business and IT objectives in one cohesive vision AND have the right partner to help you achieve that vision in a reasonable timeframe? 21 Jan 2015 READ MORE

A letter to company X this ChristmasDear CMO at Company X,

You don't know me personally (I can tell from your generic marketing communications), but I thought I'd take the time to write you a short letter and tell you what I'd really like to see from your company. It seems very wasteful, and frankly, ineffectual, for you to keep sending me communications that don't work for you or me, so I hope the following information helps.
 18 Dec 2014 READ MORE

Key success factors for implementing marketing analytics in 2015Analytics is not a tactic; it's a strategy. As a leading marketing solutions and analytics data provider in South Africa, Effective Intelligence is often confronted by senior level executives asking: "I know we need to do a better job of leveraging our data assets, but how do we put something sustainable in place?" 4 Dec 2014 READ MORE

The power of partnership analyticsWith the growing imperative for enterprises to get closer to their customers and the advent of data-driven business strategies in recent years, the debate continues within many organisations: do we bring data analysis in-house or do we outsource it? 2 Dec 2014 READ MORE


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